Music Video: Hayley Warner: Hands Off

The sophomore music video of Australian Idol's biggest performer has been officialy released now! "Hands Off", was released today, July 30 on the iTunes store, though I couldn't find the link. This song is breathtaking, all I can say is WOW. Yes, it's a bit clichéd, all that rocker vibe, but her voice and performance skills are so terrific! Those shouts in between verses are unbelievable, is that Hayley or an amazing rock godess? She could be the biggest revelation of Australian Idol, and maybe the last, as the show is not coming back this year and I don't see very good sings it will on 2011. But wait!! Australia's talented still have a chance on the australian version of the X Factor which is returning this year!!

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Don't Stop Believing: Meet Third Live Show Contestants!

Sunday night will see the third live show of Five's new show DSB. As a preparation, here you can read the contestants biographies and also check the introductory videos of the show, titled "Don't Stop Believers". This seems as a hard week! Each of them seems so talented, of course we will not know till Sunday, when I'll cover the show!

All biographies taken from DSB site HERE.

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Original Talent

Original talent is a diverse group from all walks of life that celebrates raw talent, giving people the opportunity to perform who wouldn’t normally get the chance. Original Talent was set up by Amy, Danielle and Tom. Amy and Danielle met at their performing arts school, started off hating each other and then became close friends. Amy is now married to Danielle’s brother and as well as being the leaders, they both perform in the group. Danielle and Amy wanted to create something for people who could not afford performing arts school, so they ask every member to pay £2 when they arrive and then pay for the rest of it out of their own pocket, averaging £500 per month for rehearsal venue hire, transport to events and costumes. Amy works in a tanning salon, and has done since she was 17, Danielle is currently looking after her daughter full time, and Tom works at a radio station Arcus FM as a helpdesk manager. Amy says that the group manages to take up most of their time though and their jobs are sometimes sidelined. The group are gearing up for a show that was written by Amy and based on well known West End songs – it is being choreographed by Danielle and directed by the both of them. This show is the first real thing that the group are doing and Amy and Danielle do find it incredibly hard to finance. Amy says that she questions every day whether they can carry on with the group - they all find it really stressful as the money comes out of their pocket (they never do fundraising), and she just hopes that the shows will sell tickets. They have never performed in competitions before so Don’t Stop Believing is their first big challenge. Amy and Danielle met at the Romford College of Performing Arts, and then Danielle met Tom later at a local talent competition. Amy says, merging together with local dance group Kayzar Reloaded help give Original Talent the edge they needed and, combined, there’s no stopping them.

Love Soul Choir

Love Soul Choir is a group ran by the ambitious and musically talented duo of Steve Giles and 17 year old Jack White. Their motto is Sing it, Live it, Love it! Love Soul Choir was formed in Southampton a year ago by Steve and Jack, who both found that there was no creative outlet for people who just wanted to sing. They focus on working on people’s weaknesses to bring out the best in them. Despite being at such a tender age, Jack’s creative talent, devotion and ambition has earned him the respect and admiration from all members. They are a lively bunch made up of an eclectic mix of professions ranging from a dental nurse in the army, support worker, audio sales worker, nurses, a lawyer, students and veterinary nurses to name a few. They meet up once a week and perform regularly. Jack and Steve audition members to become part of the group and provided they fit the Love Soul Choir vibe, which some of the group describe as being slightly whacky, they are in. They have done quite a few charity gigs including releasing a single for the Haiti disaster and doing a tour of 20 Asda stores from Southampton to London, performing at each one, raising money for Children in Need. They have a “random act of kindness” ethos in that they would gladly perform for any charity which requested their help. They have a group mascot called George the teddy bear and each week he is given to the ‘member of the week’, which is decided by Jack and Steve. As a result, George has travelled the world and even has his own Facebook page.

Jacobs Street

Jacobs Street are the modern day von Trapp family. Jacobs Street are a musical family from London. They are made up of mum, dad, their two daughters and one son. They have been compared to the von Trapp family and love performing wherever they go. They can often be seen using their garden decking for impromptu performances. In 2002 four of the family moved to Canada with their mum’s job and to start a new life – all apart from Alex who stayed at home to finish university. The girls attended an arts school there. After a few years Avi moved back to England for University then Shira followed a few years later. The parents split up during that time but they are now happily back together. Jacobs Street know that it’s unusual to have a performing family in the competition but they feel that is what makes them unique. They want to get their talent out of the living room and into the wider world!


Swish is a young group, some of whom have had to tackle the bullies to let all their inhibitions go on stage. Swish of the Curtain Theatre School is based in the coastal town of Bournemouth and was set up in 1991 by Tina Smith. She taught singers privately in the area and decided to start up the school when her students wanted a proper school to attend. The school was named after the book ‘The Swish of The Curtain’ by Pamela Brown. They cater for all ages from 2 to 20 in all areas of the performing arts, employing specialist professional teachers to give children stage, exam and festival training in acting, singing and dancing. Over 1000 young performers from all over the area come to perform different classes at the theatre school. This group were involved with Bournemouth Choir of the Year in 2009 and decided to reform a group this year to enter the competition. They are all members of the Wednesday Evening Senior Performance Group who are ready to perfect their acting and singing technique in preparation for theatre schools and major shows. The majority of the group performed on Children in Need last year and they perform in an annual production as part of the theatre school and use their ticket sales to fund performances and better rehearsal facilities. Swish has been described as an ‘extended family’ by the members of the group. Many members have had a tough time at school or have been teased for being involved with singing and performing. By joining Swish, the members have had a place where they can be themselves, grow in confidence and make close friends for life. Together they have drawn inspiration from each other and grown as individuals. The group love to socialise together outside of Swish. They enjoy hanging out together at the beach or in the town centre. They love nothing better than hanging together and singing for hours at a time. Sometimes they sit in the band stand in the town centre and sing for hours and are listened to by passersby. Marcus Marriott is the MD of the group. All of the students look up to him and describe him as a ‘legend’ and a mad character. He knows how to have fun with the pupils at the same time as being strict and getting down to work.

Dale Diva

DaleDiva are a female Barbershop group with a twist. They want to bring barbershop into the 21st Century. Formed by Ally Law 2 years ago, this barbershop chorus from the Derbyshire Dales are going from strength to strength. They want to shake up barbershop and sing modern songs with lots of choreography. They also want to experiment with singing accompanied. DaleDiva are a diverse group of women ranging from members in their early 20’s to their oldest member Brenda (incidentally Ally’s mum) at 67. It is very much a family affair with Ally’s mother, aunt and cousin all part of the Divas. There are 4 other mother-daughter combos in the group. The diverse ages of the group mean they have had cataracts, births and bladder problems associated with the members in the last few months! Ally set up the group 2 years ago while she was a self employed plumber. In fact, she recruited some of the members whilst under their sinks! She wanted to create a group that loved choreography, glitz, glamour and false eyelashes. A lot of the ladies found the group on a whim and for most; the group has changed their lives. Ally lived in Bedfordshire and after having her daughter, and then moved to Cromford in 2007 to be close to her family. She felt isolated and didn’t know anyone in the area and knew this was her chance to pursue her dream of setting up a choir in order to make friends in the area. She spoke to her husband, decided on the name DaleDiva and decided she wanted to unite women together to find their ‘inner diva’. A friend set up a website and she advertised her group meeting on local radio and in local papers. The advert stated- ‘WANTED, WOMEN WHO SING’. 83 women turned up for the initial meeting and Ally took them through an audition process. They now have 56 members and most didn’t know anyone else before joining the group. Many of the group members, who would not normally socialise or just stayed at home with their own family, came together to meet new people. Ally says they have now become divas. Together they are well known in Derby. They are regularly bo oked to sing at weddings and small gigs and try to put on a charity concert once a year. DaleDiva have achieved recognition within competitions, recording their own CD, along with performing at Radio 3’s Choir of the Year, numerous summer fairs and concerts and workshops. Recording their ‘Definitely Diva’ CD was an achievement for them as a group. They will do anything to make themselves known as a good singing group and love sharing their experiences wherever they go. They love to sing anywhere and have been known to sing impromptu at train stations. DaleDiva is about teamwork, friendship and fun. When they come together they don’t spend too long learning their songs they want to perform them. They learn their songs in their own time so they come together and leave their worries at the door and can just sing. They all support each other through family problems making the group is so much more than a hobby; it is a network of friends and a support mechanism for all girls together. Ally says ‘when people hear barbershop they think it is old fashioned and it’s frowned upon. Women in the group say they would not have joined if it had been advertised as a barbershop group, but now they are all hooked as Ally has made it accessible to all with a contemporary repertoire.

Bridgwater Show Choir

Bridgwater Show Choir is an ultra competitive group who believe they are the UK’s original show choir. Bridgwater Show Choir believe they are the UK’s original show choir and were singing and dancing together long before the popularity of US glee choirs. The group say they have a demanding audition process to get in to the choir, with all 16 members having to go through a tough selection process to find the best singers and dancers to make up their ‘supergroup’. MD Kathryn Stevens takes auditionees through a days’ workshop of acting, singing and dancing in order to select her members. The group ages range from 16-19 years old. Dance Captain Claire is strict and puts the group through their paces expecting nothing less than a perfectly polished performance. The group are all talented individuals with 3 members going on to study at the Italia Conti School in September and member Ryan Lovett has won a place at AADA in New York. The group have performed in the US where they are linked with a show choir. They are not shy about performing and can be seen singing and dancing wherever they are. They could be seen by fellow travellers on their way to their audition in Bristol where they jumped off their bus singing and dancing and practiced in the car park of the service station. They are all very passionate about what they do and extremely dedicated. The boys in the group would like to encourage more boys to take up performing arts and inspire people to sing.


 Sharon Little was one glad surprise to me. I was enjoying a CSI NY episode when suddenly one hell of a singer popped up on my screen towards the end of the show. Her talent blew me away and I rushed quickly to my computer to search who was that godess. After a while, the name Sharon Little appeared, and I immediately bought her debut album, "Perfect Time for a Breakdown". Now there are some good news for we fans!!! A sophomore album will be released in early 2011, with two tracks of it released on fall 2010! The album title is "Paper Doll". Citing her site, the album is Sharon’s "manifesto that she be judged on what she offers through her music, and not by the outfits she wears or who she’s been dating". An excellent concept if you ask me. A live version of "Paper Doll" was made available for free on her site. Her vocals are so good on this one! Her voice feels more mature, deeper. Of course, it's perfectly written also!

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Download "Paper Doll" HERE.

"Cuckoo" is the third upcoming single set for release on August 30 of folk singer Lissie. An EP with it will be released, which features three songs, "Cuckoo", the brilliant cover of "Bad Romance" and new track "It's Not Me". The video premiered yesterday on YouTube and features a little Lissie, as well as herself, and they are really similar, the girl looks like her little sister. I wasn't really expecting this video at all, or this song being a single, but now it's here, and I love it! The part were they sing and play guitar together is brilliant, as all Lissie does! They look so cute! Though I don't get it why she was taken by the cops at the end, what had she done?

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Pre-order "Cuckoo EP" HERE.

Keeping up with the latest gossip, the new satrs to be apparently guest-starring on the second season are Javier Bardem and Paul McCartney, yes, you read it right! The legendary Beatle and the multiple award winning actor are fans of the show! According to Ryan Murphy, both, actor and singer,  approched him with the desire to be part of the hit show. Bardem is confirmed and Paul is in the works. The spanish will reportedly play a spanish Rock n' Roll singer in the second half of the season. Also back, Jonathan Groff and a possible return of Neil Patrick Harris.

And a bit more on the Britney episode. It will be called "Britney/Brittany" and will feature lots of Heather Morris, who claims she can sing. It will air in September. Murphy says they are doing it in a weird "hallucinogenic" way, very Brittany style!

Glee: Cheyenne Jackson New Cast Member!


Continuing with the Glee reports, Cheyenne Jackson from 30 Rock will be joining the cast in a major recurring role. He was seen singing in 30 Rock and was part of  the Broadway musical Xanadu, which made this the obvious next step. Cheyenne has also released a solo album, "The Power of Two" back in 2009. He will reportedly be joinging as the new coach of the rival glee club, Vocal Adrenaline. As Idina Menzal's character stepped down as it’s coach. However, she'll still appear this season. Others confirmed to appear are Kristin Chenoweth, Charice and John Stamos, who will portray Carl Howell, a dentist and potential love interest for Jayma May.
Folk newcomer, Illinois native, Lissie Maurus who has been signed by Columbia and Fat Possum some time ago, has just released the album of the year. "Catching a Tiger" was released on June 21 and has been climbing the charts since then, getting a decent #22 on the UK Album Charts.

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Buy "Catching a Tiger"  HERE.

She is clearly the revelation of 2010. The new face of folk. The next critically acclaimed artist. Lissie released her debut only a month ago and I've already played it almost 15 times, which supports my statement. She has been climbing my charts for the past month and currently is topping the list. With catchy and vocally impressive tunes, Lissie's been impressing every single listener with "Catching a Tiger". When I got the album, I didn't knew who she was, but the gorgeous cover did that part! Now I consider not knowing her a capital sin, sort of. "When I'm Alone" is the most known song of hers. And it obviously is!! It's the best of the album, and maybe even of my iPod. The lyrics are magnific and the bridge is so exciting, when it starts to heat up at the end ... orgasmic! Her voice is so perfect and beautiful! "Cuckoo" is my other favourite. Softer than the previous but as amazing as it. It's more country, more popish. The little snaps when it suddenly turns acoustic towards the end and then her voice raises suddenly is brilliant. It's a powerful song, and that's what describes Lissie. She has a powerful voice thus delivers powerful songs. She could be fit in any style she wants, but I'm glad she's going the folk route. I think it needs a little revamping, which Lissie has provided it and will surely continue to.

When I'm Alone:


You might be wondering why there are question marks where the name should be, that's because they don't have a name, yet! X Factor 2009 top 10 finalists, then Miss Frank, have now dumped one of their members and scrapped their name. The group are now Graziella, Shar and new member Cherelle, who has taken Shaniece spot. She made it to Bootcamp too back in 2009, where she met the girls.  About their name, they are calling fans to select a name for them, a good move! I wonder why Shaniece left, they seemed so good together and they had already been in studio for a while, releasing "Caught Up" some time ago. Saying that, I must admit that I love their new look, it seems a really smooth indie/RnB vibe, similar to VV Brown's one. 

You can  give ideas for their new name HERE.

Music Video: Alex Lambert: I Didn't Know

Finally! Alex's new and first music video is out! AI S9 finalist, who currently resides in the IICD House, flew to NYC to film his song "I Didn't Know". This amazing video premiered today on Hulu and features Alex singing and playing in different pianos in NY. It's so great! LOVED IT! The song is more acoustic in this video than in the demo, but it's perfect too! I'd kill to have that beautiful raspy voice ... Plus, it's beautifully filmed and the NY views are splendid!

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Music Video: Christina Aguilera: You Lost Me

"You Lost Me" is Christina's second single from her fourth album, Bionic, released on June 4. The song was released on June 29, 2010. It was written by Aguilera, Sia Furler and Samuel Dixon. This music video premiered on July 22, 2010. It is a very simple video, but full of feelings and emotions. This, along with "Beautiful", is the best song of Christina to date. She has proved that all the dance songs she's been pulling out were just little steps to this masterpice. She looks like an angel and her vocals are really impressive. If Maddona is the pop queen, Christina is the princess!

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Buy "You Lost Me" HERE.

"Superman" is Joe's first major single, released on April 27, 2010. It's part of his debut album "Constellation Me" set for September 21. Joe started as a YouTube artist and after a while there, he was signed by Universal and Lava Records, which took his carrer to a new level. His debut music video was released on July 13, 2010. It features Joe in a Superman like suit who is seeing some pics of his girlfriend and waiting her to come back. I liked it, it is really cool, though I'd throw that glasses, he looks sexier without them.

Watch the music video and check the album cover after the JUMP ...

"Paris (Ooh La La)" is the lead track of their eponymous and third studio album, released on June 8, 2010. The music video premiered on Hulu on July 19. The track is a powerful rock song, in which I realised how great are her vocal abilities. Grace Potter appeared in my radar after this song, and I must say I'm really glad she did. The video is shot in black and white and features Grace and her band singing and dancing. The video is a real masterpice!

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Buy "Grace Potter and The Nocturnals"  HERE.

I've more Glee Spoilers for you! This was said in the ComicCon by Ryan Murphy and the cast, plus I can confirm that next season will feature two new characters, whose names I'll revel after the jump.

Lots of Spoilers after the JUMP ...

 Firstly, new actors!! According to several reports Chord Overstreet and Dot Jones will take part on Glee's second season, set to premiere on September 21, 2010. Chord appeared on iCarly and on the pilot for ABC's No Ordinary Family some time ago. He will play Sam, “a McKinley high school athlete who starts off as Finn (Cory Monteith)’s protégé but becomes his competition.” He has a MySpace page HERE, where he sounds really country. Chord appears to have an overdeveloped voice, meaning more mature than himself, very deep. The other character, Dot Jones one, will be a new football coach. Dot is a champion armwestler and usually plays tough characters, why I think she will do great, a more maleish Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynche). This came out just today.

The next spoilers were announced on the ComicCon. This season will feature a Rocky Horror episode, possibly another Maddona tribute and the Britney Spears episode will show Schue (Matt Morrison)  saying he doesn’t want kids to sing Britney, this happened after Matt said he “didn’t want to do Britney”. There will also be a religion episode, in which Kurt will go to church with Mercedes, featuring a song from Yentl and REM’s “Losing My Religion”. 

And we also have some of the old characters spoilers! Will see many more of Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr) this season! His possible storylines will develop around Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz), who will fall out of love with Artie (Kevin McHale) and in love with Mike, and possibly with Brittany (Heather Morris), who hinted there could be a romance between them. There will also be some girl action between the characters played by Naya Rivera (Santana) and Heather Morris. “We make out all the time,” said one. Idina Menzel, who plays Vocal Adrenaline coach will also be back in Season 2. We’ll see more of the home lives of the cast this season, according to Ryan Murphy, as the only home we've seen is Schue's, Finn's and Rachel's briefly.

So, what do you think of this? Are you excited? Comment

Don't Stop Believing: 2nd Live Show Recap!!

This week we have a second live show, 6 new groups + the supergroup with 5 new members. We have a really exciting show ahead! You can also vote for your favourite this week. The poll will be opened until August 5, so vote!

 Read my recap, watch the videos, learn who won and vote for who you think should have won after the JUMP ...

 The advancing group was Three Spires, YES! I really loved them. Coming in second and third place were Blok  and Sing Live, who performed again for the judges' vote to win the wild card. Sing Live won a spot on it, I want to see something current guys!

Dawsons Academy

I Want You Back (Jackson 5) - I liked them. They were not spectacular and their voices were a bit out of pitch, but their performance was pretty good! The table thing was excellent and the purple haired girl, whose name is Monique, and the blond one that followed her had great voices and their solos were stunning. However, they were predictable, I mean, school uniforms, really? The back flip was cool too, but it was a bit out of place. Remember that Lloyd Daniels did something similar on the X Factor last year? Well, he was critisized, and the should have been also. But they were enjoyable, so good job!


Take On Me (a-ha)/Starry Eyed (Ellie Goulding) - Yes! It was about time to hear an Ellie's song on one of this shows! I loved the stage, their outfits, all of it. The girls voices were really great, the guys, not so much. The mash-up was perfectly excecuted and I want one of those wristbands! Those little shower-like things were pretty too. I'm a bit upset they were eliminated, I liked them a lot!

Sing Live

I Want it All/Radio GaGa/One Vision (Queen) - I'm sorry, but I didn't liked them. 84 people is too many! Their energy  was contigious but those outfits ... The end was really good tough, they stated heating up towards the end and that was excellent, but I felt they were a bit old, not too contemporary. I'd like to see something more current on their next performance, and some more solos maybe.


We are Golden (Mika) - They were pretty good actually. I thik their voices aren't fully developed, but they had the talent. The girls who sang the solos were stunning, a very powerful vocal range, and the black girl with glasses had a really interesting voice. The shouting in the middle was a big WTF, really unnecessary. Good thing: they were really full of energy and they made me wanna dance!


Something Kinda Ooooh (Girls Aloud) - The fact they are cheerleaders really stands out, but they have terrific voices! Definitely the best so far. The first solo was the best! Her name is Nikitta Angus, she was an X Factor finalist back in 2006, where she placed 7th, and she has a hell of a voice! The song choice wasn't good though, never pick a Girls Aloud song, never! The circle at the end was really interesting too, and the blond girl was unbelievable! I really enjoyed them but unfortunately they were eliminated, fuck!

Three Spires

Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler) - This is what I was talking about! Give me some solos men!! The song choice was perfect, they were the BEST in the entire show! A really deserved spot in the final. All groups should learn from them. What people want to see are two terrific singers in some crazy outfits with a lot of acting and dancing. They could easily win it all after this. Sammi Tuson, the lead female, is very Lea Michelle, great energy, great voice. I loved the way it fasten up at the 45 seconds, impressive! My only critic is that Will Neale's (the lead guy) shout was a bit out of tune, but apart from that, the BEST!


Boys and Girls (Pixie Lott) - Let's see what this new members have! The performance was a bit boring overall. I mean, it was very dinamic and the coreography was amazing, but I was expecting something as good as last week, but they all sang together in this one, so I couldn't really hear the new members voices. The only stand outs were: Nataylia's amazing solo, damn she was terrific!; Lewis abs, who looks really hot; and Nicola's super jump. The rest of the performance was a bit zzzz. I want some solos next week! I liked Grace at the end because what she said was really charming!

Glee: Heather Morris: Series Regular!

Great news for Heather! According to some reports, some Glee executives have announced that our favourite blond character is being promoted to a series regular officialy. No reports yet on Naya Rivera's promotion, but I think this is really official, I'll keep searching for an official report. In the meantime, Michael Ausiello reports that Naya Rivera and Heather Morris are being considered for full-time status on the next season. Prepare for much more of Brittany, and stay tuned for her episode, a Brittney Spears dedicated all focused on Brittany. She'll also find love in one of the other characters, Mike Chang, Heather told that:  "We just shot some promo images and they paired me up with Harry [Shum Jr.], who plays Mike Chang. We were pretending to be kissing at prom, so I’m wondering if they’re going to build a story around us... They could have a cute little romance." Remember: Keep your cat out of your diary girl!

There're huge expectatives with Katy's sophomore album, which has already brought us the summer hit "California Gurls". The second single, will be no expecption. "Teenage Dream" was released to radio stations on July 22, 2010. The cover looks very Alice in Wonderland like, and the song is really like that. It talks about teenage dreams after all. It's softer than "California Gurls" but it's much more powerful. Her voice sound really cool and it's very catchy. You'll be singing it on the first listen! You can also check the album cover, and pre-order it, it features a "naked" Katy, and it's said to smell like cotton candy, the album, not Katy.

Listen "Teenage Dream" after the JUMP ...

Pre-order "Teenage Dream" HERE.

Teenage Dream

This Sunday 5 new members will be added to The Supergroup, and to let you know who they are, I've posted this little post. The guys who look good for me are Emma, Grace and Callum, but I can't know how they sing or if they even do so, and I can't know about the others also. Emma's and Callum's biographies look really great, she has recorded some demos and he has won some competitions. Let's wait till tomorrow to comment on them.

All biographies taken from the DSB site.

Read the contestants biographys after the JUMP ...

Emma Williamson

Emma is a waitress in the Menier Chocolate Factory in London while pursuing her dream to be a performer.
Emma’s brother Adam is currently working on an oil rig in Greenland so is not yet aware of her Supergroup status. Emma really enjoys sewing and making clothes and although this is a hobby at the moment, she hopes one day to branch out into the fashion industry. Emma’s aunty is a performer and musical theatre teacher in Edinburgh and she put Emma onto the path to showbiz from a very young age. At 14, Emma realised this was the career for her but at 18 she was knocked back by some drama schools in London. Ever determined, Emma completed a performing arts foundation course in London instead and the following year was accepted to Mountview. Since graduating she has appeared in many commercials including GO Compare and Freeview HD, along with singing on a demo CD for a new musical.

Callum Friend

Callum grew up with his mum and sister and has been singing and dancing since he was 3 years old. Callum’s dad wasn’t around when he was a child but in 2009, he connected with his dad who was living in America via Facebook. Callum made the emotional trip to America to be reunited with his dad where he found out his family have a long history of singing. The family he met in America are all musical and Callum finally found out where he gets his talent from. Callum got through to the national finals of Open Mic UK in 2009 and is hoping he can build on this success in 2010. In his spare time he runs his own youth dance classes and does some part time radio presenting.

Ashley Sollars

Performing runs in the family as Ashley’s brother Warren is currently appearing in the West End in the ensemble of Mamma Mia. Warren has been a real inspiration to Ashley and puses him to pursue his dream. Ashley’s brother won the television competition ‘Musicality’ and the prize was a scholarship to the internationally renowned Laine Theatre Arts which provided the training for him to become the West End star performer he is today. Ashley is determined to do just as well and is looking for the right platform to expose his skills as a performer. Ashley is the lead singer in his band 'The Speakers' and has previously performed at the Royal Albert Hall as well as lots of private functions. As well as singing in the band, Ashley also works behind the bar in his local pub. Ashley has been dating his partner Lisa for over a year and she’s also a budding performer who is starting at Italia Conti in September. They have known each other since they were 10 years old when Ashley started dance lessons at Lisa’s mum’s dance school.

Grace Chapman

Grace is a checkout girl at the CO-OP and has been dating her boyfriend Luke for 9 months since meeting at Sixth Form College. Last August Luke had a bad accident playing football and crushed his skull which left him with amnesia. Luke has had to literally learn words from scratch and even re-acquaint himself with best friends. Luke says Grace has played a huge part in his recovery and says she is very supportive and understanding. She often helps him where when forgets words. Luke says Grace has been a tower of strength and a real inspiration to him while he tries to get his life back together. As one of her school’s leading musical talents, she was once picked to serve tea to Sir Ian McKellen who came to visit her school.

Steven Bor

Steven works as a singing waiter at the Naked Turtle in Sheen, South West London. He performs nightly in between serving tables and is accompanied by a pianist or plays the guitar. Performing runs in the family for Steven; his mum Kim and dad Steve are producers of a variety show in France. His Hungarian dad used to be a juggler and English mum was a dancer which is how they met when they worked together in London’s West End. Steven graduated from Arts Educational School in Chiswick last year and has since performed as Brad in Hairspray in the West End along with being the understudy for Corny Collins. Another huge passion of Steven’s is his songwriting, penning his first song at 12. He began playing the guitar at 8, and currently is performing his music through gigging; he describes his style as a fusion of soul, pop and rock.