Must Be The Music: Semi-final 1 Recap!


This is it! The first semifinal takes off! 5 acts will compete for two places on the final, due for Septembre 19. Performing tonight: Chakula Soul, Daithi, Flow Dem, Legion of Many and Pepper and Piano. The acts performances will be released on iTunes and Sky Songs, and all the profits go for them! No pennies for the show. I like that!

UPDATED: Videos and links added!

Read my recap, watch the videos and buy the songs after the JUMP ...

Flow Dem

They record and produce all their songs in their local youth centre. What happened to MK's hair? I liked it purple! Wait! Why is it purple again? They are performing a different song tonight, "Get What I Want". I love MK's voice, but this song isn't as good as their audition song. It doesn't sound as good. I like that harmonies! A little out of tune, but his voice is amazing, I'll buy an album of this kids, they definetly have talent. Dizzee agrees wtih me! They still deliver yeses? 2 yeses and a no from Sharleen. Will they make it through? Not very sure, will have to see the rest.

Buy "Get What I Want" HERE or HERE.

Legion of Many

They want to make people wear costumes? ... I just love them! And I really want those feathers ... They will play a different approach of their audition song, "Now We are Stars". I like this oufit more than the other! I don't like this take as much as I liked the original one. The clapping part was excellent, however! I like them a lot, the chorus is really catchy,  but I didn't like them, I'm sorry, but I didn't. They are better than that! Sharleen says no,  Jamie says no and Dizzee says yes. I don't think they'll get through I'm afraid.

Buy "Now We Are Stars" HERE or HERE.


He started playing fiddle at 7 and combining it with the loop player two years ago. Oh, they are sweet! He's the only irish in the Top 15, all Ireland will be voting for him ... This is unusually really, really good! It's genius! It sounds like that irish celtic songs, or the ones they will play in a festival. But I love it, as Jamie said, it's very hypnotic! Jamie is so sweet! He seems happy to be there, three yeses! Finale? Of course!

Buy "Carraroe" HERE or HERE.

Pepper and Piano

My favourite act is next!  They met at college fourth months ago, and their audition was their first performance. Emma wrote the amazing "You Took My Heart", which they will perform tonight! Katie looks beautiful! As I've said before, she's very Adele-ish and he does look like her! I love them, love, love, love them. The best voice ever on any of this shows! They will be big! WOW! I'm speechless! Yes, yes and yes. They left before the phone lines rolles, funny! I'm team Pepper and Piano! They'll win!

Buy "You Took My Heart" HERE or HERE.

Chakula Soul

They'll perform one of their own songs. Guitar solo! "Chakula Soouuuul" This three girls sound wonderfull! Very RnB. A little rap, I wasn't expecting that! Very good song and voices, but I don't really know they'll make it. They haven't had much exposure in the auditions and people couldn't relate to them. Two yeses and a no, from Sharleen of course.

 Buy "Love Goodbyes" HERE or HERE.

Lines are open for only 5 minutes?! That's not much time! We've a Jamie Cullum performance! I love this song! He's piano playing is also terrific, and he's funny to watch!

Results time now! Only two acts go through ... Judges prediction: Dizzee says Pepper and Piano and Daithi, Sharleen says Pepper and Piano and Flow Dem, and Jamie says Flow Dem and Daithi. My predictions: Pepper and Piano and Daithi!

First act through is: DAITHI!!!! He acted as he was surprised, but deep inside he knew it! Second act through is: PEPPER AND PIANO!!!!! Yes! They'll win! They seem so excited ...  They are lovely! I was right ... Now go to iTunes and buy their songs!

Next week finalists: The Pictures, Kyle, The Trinity Band, Emma's Imagination and Ebony Steel Band. I predict The Pictures and Emma's Imagination, or maybe Kyle, but Emma is for sure!

X Factor S7: Auditions 2 Recap!


The X Factor auditions return to Dublin after 4 years with guest judge Katy Perry! We've the much awaited audition of a Tesco worker and an X Factor contestant returns! Plus, a wierdo parade!

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

Temple Fire

Wake Me Up (Wham!) - This is a joke, right? Louis wants to kill himself! The ginger midget is so out of sync! What's that dancing? Suck, suck, suck. "Give me a break!" "Tell us the thruth ginger!" I love Katy Perry! She rocks! "In rehersal they were really good", come on! How could they even sound good? No, no, no, no!

Up next: a montage of wierdos. That elder Noel is really funny! "Location isn't the problem" I so love her! Funny! After Louis says it's gonna get better, that man with a tiger suit shows up! "I thought it was ok" (Louis) "I can't believe you are a judge" (Katy). It is your fault Louis!

Sugar Bullet

The Scientist (Coldplay) - I really like them! That cover was pretty unique! I want more! "Sugar Bullet, that's a wierd combination". Simon tells they are boring, really? I liked them a lot!

Sadbh O'Donnel

Because of You (Kelly Clarkson) - What a name! She's so pretty! I liked her, she has a very Christina Aguilera meets Kelly Clarkson voice. I wouldn't have picked "Because of You", it gives place to many comparissons that could be avoided picking a male song for instance.

Rebecca Creighton

Cry Me Out (Pixie Lott) - She looks stunning! Her voice is so beautiful ... Very quircky. Will Simon say yes? Yes he does! He is a bit horny, I can tell ... You're right Louis, she saved your day!

Mary Byrne

I Who Have Nothing (Tom Jones) - She works on the tills in Tesco. She could be the oldest person to make it to the liveshows with 50 years, and she definitely will. WOW, OMG! She's the best tonight and so far! I can see her taking the crown at the end! Very deep voice, wicked. My favourite so far. She's really interesting! I could by her album, definitely a Top 3 contestant. The judges and the crowd are really enjoying it! Four yeses of course. She will get far ... Louis can be proud of Dublin!

And we are back at London ...

Matt Cardle

No Good (Amy Winehouse) - He's a painter and he hates it. I like him, he's a very Jason Mraz voice, very quircky indeed. He lacks confidence, however. He looks a bit scared ... The judges love him, and I definetly too! Three yeses? Surely! Simon even tells him he really, really likes him!

Michael Lewis

Rock With You (Michael Jackson) - Oh, Lord! Why?! He is not a Michael Jackson tribute, he is a Michael Jackson mock! He's a walking joke! Simon wants to kick him! Hate him, hate him, hate him. Why?! The audience is booing him! Simon's laughing. MJ must be rolling over in his grave! Why?! Louis your searching for some angry fans? Guards! Kick him out! He blames the audience negativity! Doesn't he has friends? "They can't judge me cause they don't know me". I don't want to see this again ever!

The Reason

Fight For This Love (Cheryl Cole) - I usually hate boybands, but really hate them. This guys appered as Backstreet Boys impersonators but blowed me away! They are singing a Cheryl tune acapella and they are amazing! They look great, sound great, they are the perfect boyband. But they are really unique! I've never seen something so amazing! Louis wants them, I see it in his eyes! Keep him away from this amazing group! They will definitely make the Top 12. You're so right Cheryl! The fact that they didn't jump from once corner to the other is just terrific! They just sang! I love them! Simon supports me! Keep them away from Louis, seriously!


They are amazing! They totally nailed that Gaga's tunes, I love them! They can make it far. I liked the pink haired girl specially, she has some interesting pipes there!


Another great group. They aren't the typical girl group, they sounded really rappy, the song isn't good though. They are through, I want more of this group. The judges agree they are one of the best girl groups they've had!

Princes and Rouges

I hate this guys! They are totally the opposite from The Reason, they are cheesy, old fashioned, I just don't like them. They go through however. Hope they are cut soon.

Annastacia Baker

Proud Mary (Tina Turner)/Make You Feel My Love (Adele) - Annastasia made it to the judges houses in 2008, and totally screwed it there. It was the right choice of course, she wasn't prepared. But she's now! Simon's a point there, it sounds as a Tina Turner impersonator. But she has good pipes! Take your shoes? Why? This Adele tune is going much better! I really, really like her now. She's not the typical black singer, she has some unique tones in her voice, and she also looks terrific now! I love her! She through to the liveshows, I mean, bootcamp ...

And some Xtra Factor contestants ...

Niall Horan

So Sick (Ne-Yo) - He is suppodsely called the irish Justin Beiber ... this is going to suck ... Surprise, not! He does. There are some signs of a good voice, however, but he has to develop it a lot, but really a lot. He is confident but his voice, is a bit mediocre.

Dwayne Edgar

Don't Stop Believin' (Journey) - Why? Why are this kids even trying to audition for this? They just can't sing! Horrible voice but huge personality. Will he advance based on that? Louis says yes of course, he Irish! Simon says no, he's sane. Cheryl says ... yes? It all depends from Katy ... All the crowd is shouting. How can she say no to that? It's a yes of course! Oh! He's crying, how sweet!

Must Be the Music: Top 15 Reveled!

This is it! The final 15 acts were reveled last Sunday, and you can check who they are after the jump. The first semi-final takes off tomorrow, so stay tuned for updates. You'll also be able to download the acts songs HERE or in the iTunes store. 

See the finalists after the JUMP ...

The first semi-final will see 5 acts performing, so that means 3 semi-finals with 5 acts each.  1 act advancees from each of them, leaving us with a 3 acts live final at Wembley. The first acts taking the stage are Chakula Soul, Daithi, Flow Dem, Legion of Many and Pepper and Piano. I won't make any predictions cause I like them all, but you know who I like the most ... Clicking on the images will take you to the contestants labels.

Chakula Soul

CK Gospel Choir


Ebony Steel Band

Emma's Imagination

Flow Dem




Legion of Many

Missing Andy

Pepper and Piano

The Pictures

Toxic Funk Berry

Trinity Band

X Factor Spoilers: Storm Lee

Warning: This article may contain spoilers!

Storm Lee is one of the rumored Over 28 finalists. Finding information on this guy has been pretty rough! Aparently there's no track of him!! All his videos and sites have been delated recently and there's no much to work with. I think this lack is a good sign, he may really be a finalist, and not just a rumor. Despite this all, I've been able to find something on him ...

Read more about Storm after the JUMP ...

Storm Lee has been one of the most critizized finalists. Even if we haven't heard his voice! According to some people, the 31 year old Edinburgh native who lives in LA has been a headache for many of the contestants as he is apparently extremely cocky (yes, more than Michael Lynche), and has reportedly claimed to have a guaranteed place on the live shows. And he seemed so sweet in the pic ... I think people are judging him too early, first see the guy, then judge him, and in the case he has a guaranteed spot, he wouldn't be showing it off to all the contestants! He would try to seem surprised and maybe cry a bit, but not saying it! And XF producers wouldn't do that, or would they?

Storm has an incredible CV. He worked with Desmond Child, Diane Warren, Meatloaf, Travis Tritt, Ozzy Osbourne, Andreas Carlsson, Matthew Gerrard, Randy Jackson, Lindy Robbins, Billy Steinburg, Lara Fabien, Holly Night, Aldo Nova, Guy Roche, Carrie Underwood, Neil Young, Mark Portman, Billy Mann, Jorgen Oluffson, David Archuleta, Clay Aiken and Bo Bice, just to name a few. Adding more thing to the list, one of his songs was the theme tune for Bravo's show "Step It Up And Dance" and starred on NBC's karaoke game show "The Singing Bee".

With all that experience, is obvious that he has an album. "Soulfillapopkilla", which was released in January 2008 and was produced by Marcus Brown. He also has two singles, "I Came Here To Dance" and "1985". Below, there are the links where you can buy his album and also preview some of his tracks, which don't sound bad at all! I would like to listen them completely tough.

Buy "Soulfillapopkilla" HERE (Amazon) or HERE (CD Universe).

I'm Searching for a New Member!!

Hi! Firstly, I want to thank you all for the support and nice comments in this past months, I really appreciate them! I also have great things planned! So keep tuned!

Going to our issue now, as you've seen, I don't post as much as I'd like due to time limitations. Although I consider myself really individualistic, I've decided that the best thing is searching for a new blog writer! So if you are a music fan and always loved writing, this is your chance! Even if you don't have experience you can apply! As you all know, I don't earn any profit for this, I just do it because I love to, so don't apply expecting a pay or something in return to your collaboration. I'm especially looking for someone who can cover the news section, cause I know it's the weakest, but if you'd like any other, just say it and we'll see. You should be 18+ in order to apply.

So, if you are interested, write me to, and please include a pice of your writing. Just cover any news you want, but don't copy-paste! You've up to September 4 to submit your application and the following day I'll post my decision, presenting the new writer to you all!

Must Be The Music: Audition Show 4 Recap!

This is the final audition show! Today the final 15 will be reveled! That will be on a different post, link to it will be at the end of this one. But before that some more acts ...

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

Callum Beattie

He is a supermarket trolley pusher. He says music is his life. Interesting sound. His voice is very unusual, I'm liking this. 2 yeses and he is through. Sharleen said no, why? Because he was too tight? Come on! Give him a break, he was nervous. Callum has real talent! Overexcitement, relax dude! And now he is crying ...

The Houndogs

I think I won't like this ... They are Elivs's fans. They seem so old fashioned ... Not as bad as I expected, but still don't like it. The instrumentalists are good and very funny indeed, but the singer is so dull. Like taken from the 60s and popped in that stage. That style isn't working for me. They get three yeses. Not expecting it.


The four girls are a classy classic/pop trio. They are actually amazing. Love their voices, and their opera singing isn't dated at all! As I was expecting ... Dizzee feels really horny!! Come on! You guys voted them because they are hot! Sharleen obviously said no! And now she's kissing Dizzee! Jamie is a bit jelous, I can feel it!

A montage of Dizzee feeling horny ... Winks! Oh, shirtless! And a bathroom?

Andrew Carleton

The 18 year old Scottish student starting playing guitar by chance when a friend forgot his guitar at Andrew's home. He's singing "Crazy" and he ... sucks! His vocals are so awful and his guitar playing too! Goaty! Goaty! This sounds so horrible! Shut up! Three nos of course. Jamie wants to be nice! Dizzee and Sharleen tell the guy he is joking! And then Dizzee puts him a yes? He says he's been playing for two months! Come on! Just leave and don't ever show up on a show like this again ... That was funny ...

Toxic Funk Berry

They are an electropop band. They almost split some time ago after a fight. Mmm? Interesting, however, I wouldn't buy this, or hear it. I don't like this tipe of music. WTF! What are those shouts!! Three yeses! Would like to see something better, but the judges seem to love them, so keep playing like this I guess.

Kyle Nash-Baker

15 years pianist started playing four years ago after he discovered he had synesthesia, a condition in which when hearing music, he sees colouors. He learned to play piano by watching the hands of other players. He will perform one of his own compositions. He's good and the fact that he composed that gives him extra points! He's a little genius! Three yeses and Kyle is through!

Ebony Steel Band

They say the band is like a family, it's been active for 20 years! They'll play "Ain't Nobody". I like that sound! More, I love that sound! Don't want to seem a Disney obbsessed guy, but that sounds pretty similar to the Little Mermaid music, doesn't it? They are obviously through!

And that was the last audition! Now the Top 15 decision!

But that's another post ...

Music Video: Kris Allen: The Truth

"The Truth" is Kris's second single from his debut eponymous album. The song was released on May 11, 2010 and features Train singer, Pat Monahan, who is also the song writer. The music video premiered on August 17 on VH1. I'm so in love with this video! Kris videos are always terrific. They are so unique and they look really good. This song is also beautiful, one of my favourites of the album. I didn't get why Pat is in the video. I know he also sings in the single but he is totally irrelevant here. And what were those chandeliers? The looked really good, but what was their meaning? I'm a bit confused after this, but still excited for such an amazing video!

Watch the video and buy "The Truth" after the JUMP ...

Buy "The Truth" HERE.