UPDATE: My prediction was RIGHT!  The judges houses rejected contestants will return to the show on the first live show and then the judges will pick one of them to join their categories. Probably this will happen at the beggining, and then the contestants will have to perform. I'm loving this!!!!!! This is one of the best news ever! It's not yet certain if all four acts will advance to the live shows or if the public is going to vote for only one of them to advance. However, my predictions are: The Reason or Husstle for the Groups, Yuli Minguel for the Overs, John Wilding  or Paije Richardson for the Boys and for the Girls ... any could advance, it all depends of their judges houses performances, but I suspect Cheryl will pick TrayC Cohen or Gamu Nhengu, or maybe Annastacia Baker, or Keri Arrindel, what about Raquel Thomas?. See?! They are all amazing!

It's been recently reported by ITV, which airs the show, that the first live show of the seven series will air for two and a half hours on October 9!!! That means 2:30 hours of singing!!! Accordingly, the lenght of the show is due to a surprise for us viewers!! I like surprises! As I'm seeing it, the big surprise will be a fourth contestant of each category advancing, as Sinitta reveled earlier this year, which was later denied. This will be great news, and I hope this is the surprise. If this is true, the series will also be the longest, which explains why the show is expected to end on January 2011. I don't know, it makes sense for me, doesn't it?

What do you think is the big surprise? Comment!

X Factor UK 2010: Bootcamp Episode 2 Recap

Bootcamp is about to be over and the decision is about to be made! The remaining contestants will continue with the battle for one of the golden 8 spots to advance to judges houses, where our Top 12 will be reveled!

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

Day 5

The remaining acts will sing for their lives, and one of the spots in the Top 32!! Simon, Louis and Nicole are back to make the decision ...

Katie Waissel

Another favourite of mine. She might be a little annoying but that voice is absolutely terrific! She so quircky!! As I've already said, very Diana Vickers! Beautiful phrasing, beautiful tone and I've bet she's a terrific recording voice! I also love her image and the crazy outfits she wears. One of the bests versions of Adele's "Make You Feel My Love"!


Diva Fever

I hate this guys! Hate them greatly! I don't care if they are gay, but I don't like the fact that they act like drag queens, why can't they act as normal guys? Their voices are so-so after all. I hate the one with the red thing in his face the most, at least the other is a little cute. But I'd never buy a record of them or even go to their show. What are they? Two over the top theatrically obsessed gay teens with ok voices.

Justin Vanderhyde

I like his voice, but I don't like looking at him! I can't stand that elf face he has, and that ears! I bet they aren't natural! Maybe if I close my eyes I can enjoy this ... and I can, a little bit ...


Hate! Hate! Hate! Should I say more? I don't like their voices, their look, their personalities. Louis likes them because he likes twin acts but that kids are horrible really. Simon is the only serious one, he hates them as I do!

Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho

He's so wierd! He looks like those crazy old men who are often show as serial killers, but I must recognize he's got an unique look. He's voice is very operatic and strange, never heard something like that, and I don't know if I like it. Maybe if I hear a little more of him I would ...

Aiden Grimshaw

He's my favourite boy! Unique look, voice, face, and extremely quircky. He shouldn't close his eyes so much, I guess he feels really uncomfortable on stage, but he's the best singer among the boys. I would buy everything he releases, and I really want my hair like that! One of the best so far for sure!

Annastacia Baker

I'm so glad she's back! I love her deep powerful voice! Those notes she can hit are extremely rare among such young singers. She could be a contender if she keeps working like that. Annastacia is very similar to TrayC in a way, powerful and deep voices in very young and charming girls!

Elesha Moses

I like her, but that song was so wrong! She sounded pretty boring and she was out of tune many times. I would be surprised if she advances based on that. However, I know she has potential, she was stunning in her audition and her voice was perfect. I think it was song choice fail this time.


I really like this group! It's really different from what you may expect of a girl band. the blonde one is the best singer there, after all, she's the frontwoman. They are very rap and hip-hop orientated, which I'm really digging!

Rebecca Ferguson

Another girl I love! OMG, I'm in love with many of the girls. WOW. Rebecca is so amazing! She tottaly reworks every song she's handed and does an incredible work with them. "Like a Star" sounds ten times better sang by her! She should work her stage precense, but apart from that, she's absolutely ready! If she doesn't make it, I'd stop watching this show! Yes it is judges! Could you please record that song for me?!

Nicolo Festa

He's really an arrogant diva! But I still like him! How is this possible? He's voice is incredible and "Life on Mars" sounds awesome on him! I'd vote for the italian every week if he keeps singing like that! When he speaks he looks a bit boring, but when he sings it's just a big WOW.

Paije Richardson

A classical big black voice! However, he still manages to sound unique and contemporary! He's still is a bit wierd for his face and body, but that voice would make struggles with the right guidance!

Jo Beetlestone

She's so beautiful! She looks like Lucie Jones bigger sister. And her voice is really sweet! It makes me relax and feel really peaceful. I like Jo!! I love Jo!!

John Adeleye

Wierd but cool! I like his hat and jazzy style, but I don't know how he would fit in this competition. I fear if he advances to the Top 12 he would be eliminated on the first week, and I wouldn't like that because I really digg his voice! Maybe with a little modernization he could be a real contender ...

Raquel Thomas

Our McDonald's worker! A Big Mac please. She looks so sweet and nice, and her voice ... really good. Very similar to Corinne's. It's also powerful, but not too much, she can hit high notes, but I don't know how many she can ...

Mary Byrne

The best voice in the Overs! I really, really like Mary. Her voice and her personalite. She's very mothery! I would like to pick the song for her and I would choose really contemporary songs, Ke$ha, Bruno Mars, just to see what she can do with them! We know she is great with old big songs but how can she handle newer ones?

Gamu Nenghu

Gamu is so adorable! I want to eat her!  Her voice is so beautiful, maybe it's not so unique as many of the other girls voices, but it's a heartful voice! It makes you emotion and you can feel it on your heart. Very jazzy also and incredibly on tune!

Day 6

Decision time! The judges will now select our final 32 finalists! Who will survive the cut and which acts will be facing the axe?! Two new changes this year! 8 finalists for each category and the Over 25 is now an Over 28 category. TrayC and Marlon look really worried with this change!

First are the girls! The first advancing is Katie Waissel, who is joined by Raquel Thomas, Keri Arrindel, TrayC Cohen, Annastacia Baker, Rebecca Ferguson, Cher Lloyd and Gamu Nenghu. I hate it when Gamu is crying! I want to punch her!

Now the Overs! Stephen Hunter, Yuli Minguel, Storm Lee, Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho, Justin Vanderhyde, John Adeleye and Mary Byrne. Why are them only 7? Why isn't  Elesha Moses there?

The Groups are next! First advancing are Twem, who are joined by The Reason, Diva Fever?, F.Y.D., Princes and Rouges, Husstle, only 6?

And finally the Boys. John Wilding, Nicolo Festa, Paije Richardson, Aiden Grimshaw, Marlon McKenzie, Karl Brown, Matt Cardle and Tom Richards are all through!

The judges are calling some of the eliminated boys and girls, they are going to form two groups of them. A girl group and a boy group. Girls are Esther Campbell, Rebecca Creighton, Geneva Lane and Sophia Wardman. Boys are Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. I really like the girl one, the boys are a little teen boyband, don't know how I feel about that.

And finally, the judges learn which category are they judging. Dannii gets the Boys. Cheryl the Girls. Louis the Overs. And Simon the Groups. Cheryl and Danii have the best categories, while Louis has a rough time with his, Simon is really enjoying the decision ...

Andreya Triana is a newcomer in the music scene. Being signed by Ninja Tune, she has already released an album, her debut, "Lost Where I Belong", which was available for downlod on August 23.

Read my recap, buy the album and watch some music videos after the JUMP ...

Buy "Lost Where I Belong" HERE.

This is a slow album. Very, very slow! And well, after all, slowness is characteristic from downtempo,  to which Andreya definitely belongs. I personally don't enjoy this style much. I feel the abscence of variety, like there's something missing. And there's not really much variety, many songs sound exactly the same, like the only thing that changes are the lyrics. But "Lost Where I Belong" might be the rule to the exception. Although many of the songs sound alike, there is rythm and variety between them. "Up in Fire" and "Something in the Silence" seem to be from another record. They feel much more different than the other tracks, they appear to be influenced by latin beats and jazzy sounds, total opposites from the soft romantic ballads it has. "Something in the Silence" is really catchy, in spite of still being quiet slow. And even if all songs sound similar, their lyrics are worth a listen! Take it as if someone was reading you a book! The album is a journey from beginning to end, with all the leaps and bounds involved. Summing up, this album may come as boring and lame to the inexperienced ear, but with a little bit of knowledge in the matter, you would be able to appreciate this beautiful snail!

Lost Where I Belong:

A Town Called Obsolete:

Finally! Bootcamp is here! And so are the final 32 ... The remaining contestants will battle for 6 days for one of the golden 8 spots to advance to judges houses, where our Top 12 will be reveled!

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

Day 1

Loads of familiar faces! Twem, Cher, TrayC, Gamu, Tom, Nial, Charlene, Mary, Yuli, Keri, etc. A little advice from Simon to all the contestants, and bootcamp is on! All Girls will sing "If I Were a Boy", Boys "Man in the Mirror", Groups "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" and Overs "Poker Face". Overs song choice is rought! I can't picture Mary Byrne singing that! This is a good idea to chop many contestants in a few hours.

First are the Overs. Stephen Hunter, Yuli, TrayC, Justin, that polish guy with the wierd name, the old drunk man, Hollie Burns, Wagner, Matt Cardle, Mary, Marlon, Storm, all share a few seconds of camera. And that happens with all the categories. Fuck! I hate when they do that! Tobias Sumpton is the first to crumble on stage with a very bad note. Lots of tears there.

The girls are practicing, and guess who's late? Chloe Victoria! Who's just woke up from a long night partying. Annastasia! That's a talented girl! And Cher! All my dreams in that wierd bottle! Katie Waissel is also my favourite! I so love her! Guess the producers are looking for a female winner this year. Can we just do a final 12 girls competition? They are the most talented for sure!

And now, the cuts! Two lines for each category, a yes line and a no line. Interesting ...

First there's a boy line, the six-pack guy and Tobias are there. Overs line, polish guy is eliminated along with an asian guy. Groups line next, I only recognize Noir there, and finally a girls line, where Caroline is standing. And then, four yes lines jump in joy.

Day 2

The acts will have some dancing lessons with Biran Friedman and no acts will be eliminated. Pretty boring filler ... Zain Malik is the only one who refuses to dance, but is finally convinced by Simon.

Day 3

At last! The real singing begins! This is the final challenge! The acts will choose a song from a list of 40, and then will perform in front of Simon, Louis and Nicole comes back!

Cher Lloyd

She's really my favourite and my early pick to win it all! She's so unique! Quircky, wierd and a perfect vocalist! What's that? OMG! Love, love, love!!! That's really cool! I also really like her hands movements and her funny and wierd faces! Oh, Cher! You're so original and lovely! That song could be recorded right now and it would sell million of copies! One of the best bootcamp performances ever.

Keri Arrindell

Another favourite of mine. She's very Corinne Bailey Rae, same look an pretty similar voices. If she's not through, I'd kick someone! I'm digging her voice, and she looks so sweet while performing!

Princes and Rouges

I don't like them! I can't stand their look and their voices aren't so unique after all, there are lots of more interesting groups, which could really have a carrer. The only thing I like about them is their name, but they won't gain anything with that ...

Harry Styles

I don't like him also. He's really boring!! I can't see what the judges see in the kid, he's really, really dull! There's plenty of contestants who can school this guy, so please, leave the show!

Charlene Dawson

She's a little cute package with a giant voice! She's 17 but looks like she's 12. She's just lovely!! I accidentaly watched her audition in the Xtra Factor, and I must say, that girl has pipes! However, her voice isn't as unique as many of the girls ones.

TrayC Cohen

She's one of my favourites since last year! Her voice is incredible! The way she hits those high notes is amazing, always on tune and incrediblly enjoyable! She has props from me, I'm a TrayC fan!

Storm Lee

He's a good voice, but he's too predictable. Storm tries too hard to seem like a rockstar and his voice doesn't has any uniqueness. It looks just like a copycat. I'd like Storm to be Storm. And not trying to pull a huge show, when it's obvious he can't achieve it. He's voice is good, but it's just to common. "I want to put his voice in somebody else". That's it Simon! Great idea!

Chloe Victoria

Can't stand this girl! Her voice is incredible, but she's so annoying! Shut up! And dress like a proper woman! She's screwing it! Her voice has a really interesting tone, but she isn't hitting the right notes, and she's forgetting the lyrics. You've just blown all your chances in this competition dear!


Cool version of "Pack Up"! I like this guys! Very JLS I must say. Their voices are really listenable and enjoyable, I would buy a CD with that kind of stuff ...

Chrissie Pitt

I love her face! Deep and big voice! But a little bit boring, don't know if that song was enough to make her advance in the competition. It was too simple! She doesn't stand out with all that incredible girls ...

Karl Brown

Really like this kid! Great voice, phrasing, look. Is he wearing a shoe of each color? Cool! He's also pretty cute, isn't him?

Tom Richards

I like his voice, but it's a bit bland. That song is improving a lot! I'm digging it a lot by the end! Big notes! I knew he could pull them, but this sounds pretty good. I'm a little fan of Tommy now ... I think the same Nicole!

Liam Payne

I love Liam! He always looks great and his voice is amazing! I would like to cut his hair tough! And getting rid of that Justin Beiber look. Another candidate for a boyband I think!

Stephen Hunter

He's good, but I can't stand him! I hate his dancing and the exagerated operatic voice. Get rid of all that and I may be digging Stephen a little bit more. But if that's not going to happen, please, cut him!

Yuli Minguel

Love, love, love! The best voice in the Overs behind Mary! Great look and really deep voice! Love that she's dutch and came to the UK to audition even if they have their own version there. She could win here or in any other country. She's amazing! I'm on team Yuli!

Marlon McKenzie

Another great act! I found his voice really cool. And I can't remember where I've seen this guy, but I know I know him! That voice and that face is difficult to forget!

The Reason

They impressed me once, and the impressed me twice! They look so under-rehersed, and that's what make them unique. Love their harmonies and how they manage to make the songs their own. Really impressive!

John Wilding

Cool voice but wierd look and faces! What's he wearing? And what's that hair? Wierd! His voice, however, is incredible! I like this wierdo a lot!

Matt Cardle

Hee's my other favourite! He looks so Jason Mraz and sounds so similar, that it makes me impossible not to like him. And he's a terrific singer! He might not hit all the notes perfectly, but his tone and phrasing is so beautiful! Really indie/acoustic guy. Just my type of singers! Love Matt!

I'M BACK!!!!!

I'm finally back from my holidays!!! I won't say I wanted them to end, but I've missed this blog greatly! I'll come back tomorrow with all the latest news ...


As many already know, I'll be taking some holidays till September 25, so please, don't miss me! Obviously, there won't be recaps or posts, but I may do them when I come back! So see you peeps!

Catching Up With: Scott Newnham: First Single, First Music Video


Our favourite brickee, Australian Idol S7 eight placer, Scotty Newnham, is just starting his music carrer. Some time ago, Scott was signed by Razor Records and released his first single on September 3. The music video for the song, titled "Really Me" debuted on September 2 on YouTube. Considering Scott is a newcomer, and has never performed before Idol, this song is really ok. Pretty RnB meets Hip Hop. The video is really excellent, Scott looks terrific and the video is actually pretty enjoyable. However, the song doesn't have any powerful moments, it's a bit plain. But it's his first, so, let's see what's next ...

Watch the video and buy "Really Me" after the JUMP ...

Buy "Really Me" HERE.

Must Be The Music: Semi-final 2 Recap!


The second semifinal takes off! 5 more acts will compete for two places on the final, due for Septembre 19. Performing tonight: The Pictures, Kyle, Trinity Band, Ebony Steel Band and Emma's Imagination. The acts performances will be released on iTunes and Sky Songs, and all the profits go for them! No pennies for the show, so make sure you buy them!

Read my recap, watch the videos and buy the songs after the JUMP ...

The Pictures

I so love them! His voice is so cool! I really love the Brandon Flower-ish tone he's and as I've said before, they are really similar to The Killers. They are singing a new song, "Tears". I liked the first song a bit more, but this is absolutely amazing! He pulls some wierd faces while performing, which are a bit distracting. But that voice, WOW! My favourite tonight, despite being the first! They've got three yeses! There's no way they are eliminated tonight!

Buy "Tears" HERE or HERE.


I like Kyle, and he's a really good pianist, but it's a bit boring ... I won't buy an all piano CD for example. He will play "Red". What an original name! He must see red all around when he plays it, he must really think of better names for his songs, the last one was named "Green". Hum, he hasn't changed any of my opinions. He's still boring, but extremely talented. Maybe if he's joined by a singer he'll be ten times better. "Green" was better, this was too slow and I think he didn't showed all his potential. Jamie for example, is really sucessful cause he also sings, not only plays the piano. He gets three yeses, but I don't think it was enough to get him through ...

Buy "Red" HERE or HERE.

Trinity Band

Never really saw this guys perform, so I can't really comment on them without listening to them. They will sing their own "This Must Be Love". I actually really like them. It's very dancable, rap meets electro-disco. This is very catchy also! But this song however is a bit poor ... It's like always the same thing, and the "Must Be The Music" part is so cheesy!, but the singer's voice is pretty powerful! Dizzee says yes, Jamie no and Sharleen yes. I think they'll be eliminated too ...

Buy "This Must Be Love" HERE or HERE.

Ebony Steel Band

Their sound is so unique! I've never seen something similar and as I say before, the sound really similar like the "Little Mermaid", will they change this opinion tonight? They've been together for 40 years! They'll perform Rihanna's "Don't Stop the Music". This is so funny! But a good funny! The song sounds really well and it's absolutely catchy! WOW! I didn't expected that singing part! It's even better with it! I definitely enjoyed that a lot! They get three nos! Why?! I actually liked them! I guess they won't get through after this.

Buy "Don't Stop The Music" HERE or HERE.

Emma's Imagination

She's one of my favourites on the competition. She's definitely has a secured spot in the final. Emma is so lovely and her name is terrific! She'll sing her own "This Day". OMG! This song is much better than her audition one! It's so beautiful! Her voice sounds really quircky and very pure ... She's so natural when singing! Best of the night! The perfect performance! And I love her personality, she looks really sincere! Three obvious yeses! And Emma will definitely go through!

Buy "This Day" HERE or HERE.

Sharleen is performing! And she's as lovely as always. I've always been a fan of her, she's like the queen of indie! And now the results! Who will go through? Jamie thinks The Pictures and Emma will be on the final. Dizzee agrees with Jamie. And Sharleen too. I think they will go through too! The first one through is ... EMMA'S IMAGINATION!! The second through is THE PICTURES!!! What a wierd celebration! I predicted this last week, the judges predicted it too, it was a bit obvious I guess ...

Performing next week in the last semi-final are: Hero, Kyan, CK Gospel Choir, Toxic Funk Berry and Missing Andy. My predictions: Hero definetly and Kyan or Missing Andy, but I think it will be Kyan.

X Factor Australia 2010: Bootcamp Days 1 and 2 Recap!

I really didn't know how to do this recap. I was thinking in doing a blow by blow recap, but I consider doing that for this stage is a bit boring. Instead, I'll try to sum up what happened, and add some videos of the performances and the decisions. Plus, I'll try to follow the journey of the previously featured contestants and post a list of the final 6 of each group at the end with my predictions! I hope to hear yours too!

Read my bootcamp recap and watch some videos after the JUMP ...

Day 1

Girls are mentored by Natalie, Groups by Guy, Overs by Ronan and Boys by an unhappy Kyl: I don't see why his so angry, he's got one of the strongest categories! And the bootcamp rolls on ....

First, the Overs! Altiyan Childs is the first to perform, and once again, he messes up with the lyrics! I see Harry Abu too behind him, I wanted to see that guy perform! Altiyan, do you have Alzheimer or amnesia? And it seems that memory loss is a recurrent topic in bootcamp! One of my favourite overs is next! James McNally apparently said some dirty thing to Natalie on his audition ... Very good voice!  He's singing "One", as many of the overs .... I'm seeing Rodrigo Alvarado , Olivia Robins ... Yuliya Rai! I so love her! She's so funny! Hot voice! Ronan seems to really like her ... Final bunch of contestants is next ... including the incredible Amanda Grafanakis and Karl Dimachki. I've never liked Karl, I feel sorry for him, but his voice isn't good now, maybe it was before the cancer, but not now. Amanda, however, is amazing! Contemporary, unique and an incredible singer! 

And now we move to Natalie with the Girls! This is a tough category! The wonderful Hayley Teal is first! She's the best of the bunch, no way she's going home ... And she impresses again with her incredible talent! And the memory loss again ... Shy India-Rose Madderom is next, and she's as impressive! Natalie is right, she's not an excellent performer, but her voice is still perfect! Country Nicole Canaway is next and singing a powerful version of Pat Benatar ... I just love her! She's so sweet and her voice is so big! She could be the australian Carrie Underwood. Ashlee Bellchamber shoot! Sally Chatfield is the final performer, and WOW! Love, love, love! She's the aussie Lisa Lois!

Third bootcamp is Guy's groups! First are dirty looking Luke and Joel.What are they wearing? So wierd! Not liking this! Lyrics again ... Yes it was Guy! Sister group Mahogany were really impressive at the auditions ... and they are again! Love their voices and how they sound together, it's so beautiful! Jahmakin it Funky were one of the most unique groups. I love they reggae covers, but the same lines at the end are becoming a bit boring ... Rheeonya are incredible! Guy dosen't like their name, he suggest they change it. They really step up their game! Lazy J and Big Guy are also favourites, tough I still thing Big Guy should be alone, but they sound really good together. Big Guy's voice is amazing! The best of all the groups!

And finally, Kyle's Boys! Daniel Conway is first, I love him and his voice, but Kyle seems not to like him. He's not too impressive, but his voice is really unique. Kyle doesn't like him much ... Andrew Lawson is next. I've always loved his jazzy-indie tone, but that song was so boring! His voice is really good however ... And lyrics again! Kyle is so rude! But he's right. Mitchell Smith will forget his lyrics too? Very smooth and interesting voice, but he screw the lyrics! Kyle laughs in his face, and then a very disappointed Mitchell leaves the stage ... Strange hair twin Chris Doe is next. He's got talent, that's for sure! Why was that song so short?!
My favourite boy, the adorable Darcy Callus is the next one. Oh! That's strange, why did he fasten up that song so much?! It sounded good, but it was really wierd. George Walter, the powerful voiced kid, impresses both Kyle and guest judge! Not this kid! TJ Alcaniz, I don't like him at all! He really looks crazy! Kyle's  face!  Chuky! Voice? Kind of interesting, but his crazy eyes distract me a bit ...

And now, the results! First is Ronan. He'll choose his Top 12. Tony Munnings is the first in, and he's followed by Dean Misdale, some guys I've never seen, Yuliya Rai, James McNally and Amanda Grafanakis. Ronan is keeping Altiyan Childs? He sucks really bad! And where are Harry Abu and Rodrigo Alvarado?! They were so robbed ... Natalie's decision is next ...  India-Rose Madderom is the first one in! Sabrina Mitwall and Jessica Duchesne are both throught, followed by Sally Chatfield, Hayley Teal and Alice McDermott. And in an unexpected twist, Natalie puts throught Nicole Canaway! So she has a Top 13. Guy's decision ... Rheeonya are the first group in! And some other sister groups, such as The Real Sisters and Brother Love. Jahmakin It Funky and Mahogany are also in, as well as Luke and Joel.  Finally, Kyle's decision. First in is Darcy Callus! Next are George Walter, Chris Doe, Andrew Lawson, Daniel Canaway, TJ Alcaniz and Mitchell Smith. And bootcamp day 1 is over!

Day 2

We go back to Ronan. Now only 6 contestants will go throught to judges houses. Altiyan Childs should have learned the lyrics now. And, no ... he screws it again! That man really has a problem, he can't forgot his words so often!  How is he still in? He's voice isn't so unique after all, he's just another cocky rocker wannabe. And many forgot their lyrics too, including Tony Munnings. Yuliya Rai is kind of cheating, she wrote the lyrics in her arm. She sounds good, and I love her personality, but that lyric issue isn't good, but she's so funny! Amanda Grafanakis is definetly the best in the Overs, but the other contestants shown after her are really good too! And immediatly after that, the results. First in is quircky Max Jahufer. Yuliya Rai takes the stage, but she's sent home?! Why?! Tony Munnings is also in, joined by James McNally, Olivia Robins and Amanda Grafanakis. Will Altiyan made it? I hope he isn't! Altiyan Childs is the last one in, sending home an star-ready girl! Unfair!

The Girls bootcamp continues. Alice McDermott is the first performing, and he nails "Use Somebody", she's so young, but she seems much older! Why does she dress like a 30 something woman?, but I really love her voice. Sabrina Mitwall takes the stage, I like her voice! It's interesting. Samantha Clarke is next, she's so good, but she forgets the words ... Nicole Canaway is the next one, she didn't know any of the songs in the list, really? She forgets the lyrics and starts crying, poor thing! I so loved her voice! Beautiful Ashlee Bellchambers is after weepy Nicole, and her beauty and stage presence, matched with her stunning voice is still impressing me! I want that girl in the Top 12! Brittany Pavlo is after, why haven't they showed her before? She's so beautiful and her tone is so amazing! Very Colbie Caillat. And one of the auditions favourite follows, debt collector Madison Pritchett. The girls are so good! Natalie will have problems choosing them! Mali-koa Hood, Suthu Dumezweni and India-Rose Madderom all step up their games! Hayley Teal and Jessica Duchesne also proved Natalie's choice was right. Impressive Sally Chatfield is one of the few screwing her lyrics, but her voice is still so amazing! Can they all go throught? Brittany Pavlo, Madison Pritchett and Jessica Duchesne are all eliminated! And also Sabrina Mitwall and Suthu Dumezweni. Ashlee Bellchambers, Alice McDermott and Hayley Teal are the first lucky few. Nicole Canaway is next, and she's eliminated. I feel sorry, I really liked her! Samantha Clarke, India-Rose Madderom and Sally Chatfield are the last girls joining Natalie's Top 6!

And now we are joining Guy in his bootcamp ... Rheeonya are now named Kharizma. They are screwing their lyrics a bit, but they are still amazing. Guy tells them that if they don't know the lyrics they can't connect with the song. Lyrics issue again! Lazy J and Big Guy, Cupido Sisters, De Sorelle and Brother Love all forgot their words. Jahmakin It Funky are the first sing on hope! They bring some cool reggae! And Luke and Joel haven't done a bad work either. Sisters groups are next, Mati Sisters and The Real Sisters, both impress Guy with their amzing vocals.  D.S.S. and M.O.S. are both too similar, and any is very good, both screwing their lyrics. Mahogany are the last group, and they are still my favourite! Sweet vocals girls! And the results: Cupido Sisters, De Sorelle, D.S.S. and M.O.S. are eliminated first. First groups in are Luke and Joel, Lazy J and Big Guy and Jahmakin It Funky! Followed by Mahogany and Kharizma! Brother Love is also eliminated, followed by Mati Sisters, which left The Real Sisters going throught!

And the final bootcamp is Kyle's Boys! Thomas Lang is the first, followed by Michael Eifler, both who fail to impress Kyle. Andrew Lawson follows and now he's really terrific! Much better than all his past performances! Mitchell Smith is next, and he's actually pretty good! My other favourtie is also singing. Trent Bell! But he screws the words. Fuck Trent! I really liked you!  Some short performances by Darcy Callus, Chris Doe, Daniel Canaway and George Walter. Few performances in this bootcamp ... And the results roll on! NO! Daniel Canaway is eliminated! He was one of my favourites! Why?! Darcy Callus and Chris Doe are both throught! Michael Eifler is next, and he's eliminated. George Walter is also staying, along Andrew Lawson and TJ Alcaniz?! Mitchell Smith and Trent Bell are left ... Mitchell is in and Trent out! No! I really liked Trent! He'll be back next year, I bet it!

And that was the bootcamp! Here's a little list of the finalists and my Top 12 predictions, which are in bold ...


Andrew Lawson

Mitchell Smith

Chris Doe

George Walter

Darcy Callus

Thomas TJ Alcaniz


Samantha Clarke

India-Rose Madderom

Hayley Teal

Ashlee Bellchambers

Alice McDermott

Sally Chatfield

Olivia Robins

Altiyan Childs

Amanda Grafanakis

Tony Munnings

James McNall

Max Jahufer



Luke and Joel

The Real Sisters

Lazy J and Big Guy

Jahmakin It Funky


Which are your predictions?! X Factor AU continues next Sunday and Monday with the Judges Houses, where the final acts will become only 12!

X Factor 2010: Auditions 3 Recap!

Auditions continue with Natalie Imbrugila  stepping in for Dannii. The worst audition, but the funniest, is in this episode! Plus some top 12 possible candidates!

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

We start with an horrific montage of twins. First are The Evans Twins, who sang awfaul and then are the hedious Bejon, who surprisely get throught, what were you thinking Cheryl? And finally, we've got ...


They came all the way from Paris to audition for the show. I hate how they speak! I want to punch them! Simon's face! Love it! Twem means twin in arabic, how original! They know that France's an X Factor, right? They are singing "Just Dance", they are, being too good, funny. Their voices are ok, nothing out from this world. No originality, Louis seems to love them, however. They get the "adorable" vote for sure, but I don't like them at all! "This is the effect you're now having in Europe, is the two monsters you created spreading through Europe". Great joke Simon! No one could have say it better! Louis says yes, Simon no and Cheryl ... yes?! What's wrong with her? They weren't cute! "Sometimes in life, you've got to say no". So true again Simon! Give some lessons to Cheryl and Louis.

Storm Lee

Storm is a 37 year old scottish living in LA who came just to audition for the show, he could have waited a year, what a waste of money, he's to anxious I guess ... He's very cocky and believes he'll win, wrong attitude man! Who cares how you get here?! He changed his name to Storm Lee when he was 16, adding Storm to the original Lee Gardener. I like his voice but wrong song! Too cliche! Oh Simon! That was rude! Just because you don't like his name you don't have to call him how you want! Simon is making him sing again! Much better! He's a raspy and very rocky voice. He hits some good notes there! Cheryl is behind Storm with the name thing. Simon joke on changing his name to Lighting. That wasn't a good joke, sorry man!

Ruth-Ann St Luce

She calls Simon Lighting, funny! She's only 16, but has a beautiful voice! Maybe a bit immature, but I really like her energy! She's very lively and so sweet! I don't think she'll make it, however, based on the amount of great female performers in the competition.

John Adeleye, 29,  auditions next, very soulish and pure voice, kind of similar to John Legend's one. Elesha Moses, 29, is after him, WOW! Great voice! Why didn't they showed more? She's terrific! Very deep, powerful voice!

Liam Payne

Liam first auditioned in 2008 when he was 14, but got sent home in judges houses by Simon. It was a good decision, he wasn't ready. Now, 16, he's willing to prove Simon wrong. He'll sing "Cry Me A River". What a voice kiddo! Very jazzy, Michael Buble-ish. Bad comment, I don't like when he opens his mouth so much, it looks a bit wierd. His voice is terrific, however, it has an interesting tone and phrasing, I'm digging him! Four yeses and Liam is throught to bootcamp!

Patti Eleode

Patti is 41 and is a housewife. She's branded as the best worst audition, but it's still a horrible audition! The crowd loves her, don't know why. She doesn't sound in tune not even one time, horrible, horrible, horrible. And her voice is so annoying! It sounds as a drawning cat!

Scott Archer

What a wierd man! He believes he can win? Poor kid, he's so lost! He says he sang four hours straight in a parking lot. The worst of the night! He believes his a rockstar!

Cher Lloyd

She looks exotic! And I love her name! Ans she's also funnt! Will Cher sound as good as she looks? She'll sing "Turn My Swag On". OMG! Love her so much! But insane love! Cher, you've just gained a stalker! And that wierd faces?! They go so well with that song! She's the best of the night! Definite top 12! If she's not in, something is wrong with this show! What a cool audition! She's just schooled all the previous contestants! And she's so young, only 16! Cher has the X Factor! Four yeses obviously!

Keri Arrindell

I love that afro! And she's so beautiful! She sound very indie, an Eliza Doolitle style maybe. Powerful voice also! She's got four yeses!

Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho is next, a retired PE teacher who is 54. He looks like a wierd pirate, but he's funny! A very operatic voice, I kind of like him, he's really unusual! Justin Vanderhyde is after. He says he's dutch, portuguese and indian. That ears can't be natural! And who wants to have elve ears also? He looks extra wierd! His voice isn't that bad, but I don't really like him, he's too usual.

TreyC Cohen

TrayC is back! She looks much better with straight hair! WOW, "You've got the Love" cover is amazing! The other great audition of the night! She's so intense and her voice is so incredible! Another Top 12 finalist for sure! I'm so glad she's back! She was missed last year!


Best friends, ex-best friends after auditioning and best friends again now. This will be so wrong and horrible! Judges won't like it! That girl is screwing things! She's just called Louis old! Well, he is! "We kind of randomly sing" She has just shut up the audience! And now one of them is gone! They'll sing Shane Ward. Ouch! That hurts! They really are the worst audition ever! "Can we just stop?" Oh! They are mad! Simon says they got the worst attitude any contestant has had! And they really are. Lisa has just asked Natalie who she was! And now Abby has punched Lisa in her face! WTF?! Calm that wierdos! You've got to see this trainwreck! But, really, see it, it's too funny!

New Status

They were called Harmony Hood last year, when they were eliminated at Louis house. Now with three more members and a new name, New Status are willing to impress the judges. Will they? They do! They´ve got four yeses and are through to bootcamp again!

"Shampain" is the upcoming fifth single from Marina's debut studio album, The Family Jewels. It will be released on October 4, 2010 while the music video, which was directed by Kim Gehri, premiered today, September 6, on YouTube. Marina is just amazing! My review may be a little biased because I love her, but look at her videos. Aren't they pure greatness? They feel old, but new, I don't know really how to explain this, they are like a new retro. Her style is so unique that I can't really compare her to anyone. Although this particular video is wierd, she's as well terrific! I don't know if she's trying to show she's super drunk or hallucinating  after eating a burger but the most incredible thing in the video is her teary face, isn't she awesome?!

Watch "Shampain" after the JUMP ...