X Factor Australia 2010: Top 6 Recap!!!

The Top 6 perform Summer Songs! The most awful theme ever! Performing also are Enrique Iglesias and Mike Posner! Whose performance will die of insolation?! ... It's time to face the music!

UPDATE: Hayley Teal is eliminated!!

Read my recap and watch the performances after the JUMP ...

Altiyan Childs

"Summer of 69" (Bryan Adams) - I'm starting to accept the fact he's going to win. He's a terrific performer and definitely has the talent, plus he's getting all the attention. And I must say I won't be mad if he won, after all he's voice is wonderful. This performance is as good as all. Not so overcooked as "Eye of the Tiger" but still very Altiyan. I realized he pulls crazy faces while performing and they are actually funny. The secong half of this song was the bomb! Altiyan nailed that part! Best of the night, tough he's only the first!

Hayley Teal

"California Gurls" (Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg) - I love this song, but for Hayley this is crap! She's a wonderful singer but this song doesn't show it! Her soulish/bluesy sound isn't there. I'm just hearing a copycat Katy Perry song. With silly blondes in bikini! And Hayley's outfit! Yikes! She's doing the best she can with it, but I fear it won't be enough. Cool notes there but not so great as previous ones ....

Andrew Lawson

"Sunday Morning" (Marooon 5) - I'm loving this song choice! And I'm loving Andrew more as the weeks go by! He's saying he will do a scat! LOVE IT! Let's see how it works ... This fits him so well! Very Harry Conick Jr/Jamie Cullum! Best Andrew's performance so far! Not such an incredible scat but he definitely pulled it out! Want to see more of it next week kid! He looked really comfortable! Props!


"Survivor"(Destiny's Child) - Love that dancing start! This will be awesome! LOVE this girls! I usually stay out of girlbands but Mahogany are terrific! Four massive voices, beautiful harmonies and they really blend together! This song is so right for them! Guy finally picked a good song! I know I said Altiyan was the best but this girls had topped him! No chance in hell they are hitting the Bottom!

Luke and Joel

"Wouldn't It Be Nice" (The Beach Boys) - Their WORST performance so far!! And definitely the worst of the night!! I've been really liking them recently but with this they are back at the bottom ... It's time for them to leave ... No mattter what they say about their energy, they can't sing as well as the others. And this song choice is crap, Guy! Step up your game if you want to win!

Sally Chatfield

"Since You've Been Gone" (Kelly Clarkson) - Sally's voice is a bit sick tonight, how would her performance go? I would have never picked Kelly for Sally, they have really similar voices and Sally won't be able to put her own touch on the song. But apart from that, Sally definitely has the voice! And the biggest in the competition for sure!! Her outfit looks a bit messy and I'm not sure this is a Summer Song, but she actually delievered! And with a bad voice!! Sally is INCREDIBLE!

Side-note, the worst musical guests ever! I actually fastforwarded Mike Posner's performance and muted Enrique Iglesias's! Even Chris Doe (who was the first out) would have sang better! After that, we are going to the RESULTS! The first act safe is ... Andrew Lawson! Show some emotion man! I'm starting to hate Kyle's attitude when Andrew is safe. Second through is ... Sally Chatfield! That was obvious. Altiyan Childs is also in! The final act going through is ... Mahogany!!! Luke and Joel and Hayley Teal are in the Bottom 2!!! WHY?!!! They deserved it but I would hate to see Hayley leave ....


Hayley Teal

"Valerie" (Amy Winehouse) - This is what she should be singing every week! I love her tone and phrasing and she's really delievering on this song! Her unique sound is back! They must keep her in!!

Luke and Joel

"Where the Streets Have No Name" (U2) - I love them when they sing big rock songs but when they attempt something different they totally suck! This performance is one of the latest, cursi and cliched. I wish they go ...

And it's VOTATION TIME! Ronan is voting to eliminate Hayley!! WTF?? Luke and Joel sucked!! Natalie and Guy vote to keep their acts in ... It's all up to Kyle ... We know he loves Hayley ... WTF?!!!! He's eliminating Hayley!!! Why???!! Worst elimination ever!! Hayley Teal is eliminated!! I'm going to cry a bit now ... So unfair! Good news, someone will give Hayley a record deal and she'll be incrediblly successful!

Tonight the contestants will fight for another week in competition in one of the most bizarres nights ever ... Halloween Night!! The scariest songs will be performed and one contestant dream end by tomorrow ... It's time to face the music!

UPDATE: Belle Amie are eliminated!

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ....

My favourites tonight: Paije, Cher, Rebecca, Katie and Aiden! Paije proved he is a terrific singer. He actually had the best vocal performance of the night. Cher can also sing ballads! And very good! She really isn't a one trick pony ... Rebecca is always amazing. I'm really thinking she's going to win ... Katie looked incrediblly wierd but she sang so good! She looked like a withc, in fact. And Aiden, OMG!!!! Such intese! The best arrengement and performance overall. The stage and dancers were incredible. He had the perofrmance of the night ...

Who should go: Wagner
Who will go: Wagner or there's a small posibility Belle Amie will ...

Mary Byrne

"Could It Be Magic"0901 61 61 101 - WTF?! What is Mary wearing?! Hornes?! Boring ballad ...What?! It's segueing into a disco tune? ... I have to give her some points tonight. She's doing something different and that's remarkable but she can't get away of old songs! CONTEMPORARY again Louis ... I enjoyed it actually ...

Aiden Grimshaw

"Thriller"0901 61 61 102 - I love Aiden!!! Fortunately, he won't do the same cliched thing everyone those with this song ... WOW! It actually took me a lot to realize what song he was singing. This is the best arrengment I've ever seen. And the stage, AMAZING!! The dancers are incredible. Aiden's voice is so wonderful and I actually like this version more than Michael's original ... It fits this song so well. It really has the Halloween athmosphere in it! This will be hard to beat tonight, this season and all seasons to come ... Aiden, you are my top contestant ever!! And I say it again, Dannii is the best mentor EVER!!

Belle Amie

"Venus"0901 61 61 103 - Hmmm, interesting ... They are coming out of coffins ... Horrible start ... But I love how they look ...They aren't singing it so bad but this is not good at all. It's fun and entertaining but ... not even near the level of the other contestants ... The end was actually really good but they need lot of work with their vocals ...

Rebecca Ferguson

"Wicked Game"0901 61 61 104 - Rebecca is always my favourite and with a song like this, this performance will be breathtaking! And it is!! She'll go all the way ... Love how she embraces the Halloween look and that voice is just magic! It's wicked! I don't know what else to say, week in and week out she goes on stage and nails each of her performances! And she does a really good work reworking them and that also matters, we don't want a copycat version, we won't something fresh, original and contemporary, and she ticks all the boxes ...

Treyc Cohen

"Relight My Fire" 0901 61 61 105 - She didn't want to be in the Bottom again so she'll sing something to connect with the audience and she's singing a beautiful ballad plastic disco tune. Come on Treyc! This won't make you connect with the audience! Points in her favour, she's really an amazing singer, she looks terrific and that dancing is really good. And I love her. I don't know if she will connect with the audience but I loved it! Cheryl is doubting where Treyc lives?! Come on!!

Matt Cardle

"Bleeding Love"0901 61 61 106 -  Mmmm ... I don't like how he's singing this ... I like his voice but not in this song, it just doesn't fit him. This might be his worst performance to date. He also looks uncomfortable and in fact he said he was. Not to good but he will still be here next week ...


"O Fortuna" / "Bat Out of Hell" 0901 61 61 107 - Louis keep misspronuncing his name! I want to go there and kick him! Imagine there's a V in fron of the A instead a W. He is really wierd ... The first song was well sang, but it's so wierd!!! The chorus is actually higer than his voice, I can't even hear him ... HORRIBLE!

Paije Richardson

"Back to Black" 0901 61 61 108 - OMG Paije! You are so incredible! I so love you! His voice is so amazing, I want to buy it if it's possible. Love that thing he does. To sum up, I love Paije!!! His so unique, I'm impressed he wasn't picked by Dannii in the first place ... He's actually my favourite voice here ...

Katie Waissel

"Bewitched"0901 61 61 109 - OMG! WTF? Katie should shot the person that did that to her face and hair! She actually looks like a witch. I love how she's sounding and those pumpkins ... However, that makeup is really distracting, I can't stop thinking how awful she looks! But I still love Katie! And she's fun, not as Wagner, she's the fun one here. And please, stop saying shitty things about her!! Judge her singing ...

One Direction

"Total Eclipse of the Heart" 0901 61 61 110 - Please Simon!! Stop it!! Give them better songs. And that Twilight look is hedious ... Hate this really bad ... That song is a Halloween song? Not sure about it ... They are still here just for the teen vote ... Please, Louis is horrible and Liam is getting bad! Zain always save them but he won't always do it ...

Cher Lloyd

"Stay"0901 61 61 111 - Cher is performing a ballad tonight to prove she can sing ... and she can!! I've always loved her voice but this song just made her grow in me! She's singing it with such a huge passion, it's so emotional that it gives goosebumps. Love the screen in the back ... Cher had the performance of the night! But Aiden was very near ... Why is she crying? That was amazing girl!

And it's RESULTS TIME! The first act through is ... Paije Richardson! Also through are Cher Lloyd, Aiden Grimshaw and ... Wagner?! Again?! You gott be kiddin me! Next in are One Direction, Matt Cardle, Rebecca Ferguson, Mary Byrne and .... Treyc Cohen!!!!! YES!!! But sad face! Katie Waissel and Belle Amie are in the Bottom 2! Katie shouldn't be there!


Belle Amie

"Breakaway" - I like the girls but I like Katie more, so I don't care if they go ... Full of bum notes there. They should work a lot on their vocals and they could be great. Actually Geri Halliwell wanted to mange them, that'd be great for them ... They could be big but with loads of work ...

Katie Waissel

"Trust in Me" - This is starting a bit bad ... And Katie looks really awful ... But then she's really delievering! It's fun that she has ended in the Bottom twice and has sang Etta James twice ... However, I love it!! Her voice is unique! She deserves to be in the competition and not in the Bottom .... She's starting to remind me of Rachel Adedeji, a great singer who always ended in the Bottom ...

It's VOTATION TIME! Simon and Cheryl both keep their acts. Dannii backs Katie and Louis backs Belle Amie, so that ends up in DEADLOCK!!! The act through to next week is ... Katie Waissel!!! Belle Amie are eliminated! Simon has only one act now, he must feel desperate ...

The X Factor contestants are performing movies songs! I always hate this theme ... Whose performance will fade to black? ... It's time to face the music!

UPDATE: India-Rose is eliminated!! Watch the sing-off too ...

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

India-Rose Madderom

"Fame" (Irene Cara) - Poor India! She keeps ending in the Bottom 2 and I really like her ... Nice vocals! She has a better attitude this week, like she has already accepted the fact that Australia isn't voting for her. Actually her vocals are mad crazy! I hate the song but her voice is sounding amzaing! She isn't working the stage properly however. India looks a bit still and that's what happened last week. But that vocals were sick!

Andrew Lawson

"Love Is All Around" (The Troggs) - Andrew is getting better and better! He's really suitable for the jazzy Michael Bulbe vibe! He might not be the best signer but he does a good work with jazz! Andrew looks really comfortable tonight and I know he's been struggling a bit with that. The song however is boring, it's just plain. Would have enjoyed something with more ryhtm more ...

Sally Chatfield

"All by Myself" (Eric Carmen) - The song is huge, vocally, but it's so boring! Sally is singing it really, really well but OMG this is lasting an eternity! I'm really, really boring and wanting to kill myself! And I love Sally! Please Nat! Choose something more up-tempo for this girl! Her vocals are really powerful but I got too much emotion on this one ...

Hayley Teal

"Queen of the Night" (Whitney Houston) - WOW! Great entry girl! Hayley should fell horny, not. I love her outfit and that hip-hop style with the hood and the glitter. She's a real diva tonight! The massive entry, the sick vocals, the incredible personality ... Hayley really stepped up her game on this one! Again, I hate the song Nat picked but Hayley delievered!

Luke and Joel

"I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" (Aerosmith) - Not this song! It's so overdone! It should really be banned ... Luke and Joel been growing on me this past weeks but with this performance they are sinking again ... Ok vocals but many bum notes there. Joel had something wrong with his vocals so that's why Luke is singing more solos ... Please get well soon! It's not the same ... Luke isn't so good! And they still look a bit crazy for me ...

Altiyan Childs

"Eye of the Tiger" (Survivor) - Altiyan dissapered?! WTF?! Totally staged ... Come on! They were filming him while he was dissapeared? Interesting ... And they didn't tell Ronan or him to go back to reherse ... That sweats STAGED! What's wrong with the voice? Ronan presenting him as a boxer?! This performance is too much before it had even begun. Altiyan, you haven't won yet! He's really delievering but he's starting to piss me. He's been believing he had already won for the past three weeks, he shouldn't be doing that ... It may play against him .... Was it a massive performance? Yes. Was it the best of the night? Yes. So, what's the matter? He's too egocentric ...


"I Say a Little Prayer" (Dionne Warwick) - The first time I watched this I fall asleep but in their defence I was really tired ... Bum note at the beggining! Their vocals are just bad this week ... And I love them so much ... This may be their worst performance to date.  Horrible singing and their outfits ... yikes! I'm starting to think they might end in the Bottom this week ... Not good, not good ...

And now RESULTS TIME!! Stan Walker and Kasey Chambers are performing on the elimination results! Great performances! But what really matters ... The first act through to next week show is ... Luke and Joel! They should have been in the Bottom ... Also through are Hayley Teal, Andrew Lawson and Altiyan Childs! That leaves Sally, India and Mahogany in danger ... Kasey Chambers performs and we continue ... The last act through is ... Sally Chatfield! India-Rose Madderom and Mahogany are in the Bottom 2!! Mahogany deserved it but India shouldn't be there agai!


India-Rose Madderom

"You Got the Love" (The Source and Candi Staton) - This might be third time unlucky for India ...  I love this song and India is really proving she deserves to be there! A massive performance with incredibel vocals and a smile! She knows she's leaving so she's really enjoying this performance! Good luck girl! I really hope someone gives you a record deal ...


"I Want You Back" (The Jackson 5) - Mahogany is back! They are really proving they are good! They sound together and look together! The song isn't my favourite but I love the way they are singing! Girl bands aren't doing very well nowadays and Mahogany could do really well! They are unique and could have a huge fan base ... They will stay ...

And it's RESULTS TIME! Ronan is sending home India-Rose but praises her amazing performance. Nat eliminated Mahogany backing her own act and Guy does the same and eliminated India. That's a two-one votation ... One more for India and she's eliminated ... Kyle says  he likes them both but doing an strategic move he eliminated India! That's so unfair!! It should have gone to deadlock!!! Nat wants to kick Kyle! India-Rose Madderom is eliminated!

Album Review: Rox: Memoirs

Another post that was in the shelves for a long time, I was originally going to post this on August 29, but as it happened with Katy's album, I didn't ... But now I'm doing it! Rox has been one of the biggest revelations of 2010 and her success will continue for years to come. "Memoirs" was released on June 7, being four singles released.

Read my review, watch some music videos and buy the album after the JUMP ... 

Buy "Memoirs" HERE.

Why isn't this girl topping the charts? Why isn't everybody talking abut her? I just don't get it! Rox brings us an outstanding debut, which places her as my new favourite artist, but still isn't creating much fuzz. But she will! With that voice and that look, this girl will be big. This album is a huge OMG! Each song is written and sang beautiflly and most importantly, the songs aren't similar, they are all unique, making this album a magical journey. From "No Going Back" to "Sad Eyes", you can feel that you have just witnessed Rox's life passing by, and after all, that's the idea, if it wasn't, the album wouldn't be titled "Memoirs". It also has something for everyone. We've the dinamic and cheerfull "I Don't Believe" and the dramatic "Forever Always Wishing". But this is mainly a sad album, where struggle and heartbreaks abund. But that doesn't make it bad at all. The latest mentioned is my favourite of the album, it's lyrics are so deep and meaningful! "Unless you never know what you've been missing when you're forever always wishing". Isn't she amazing?! If you were in doubt, you are surely not anymore! Run and grab your copy before it's completely sold out!

I Don't Believe

My Baby Left Me


This post was originally set to be posted on August 25, but I didn't do it, don't know why, so I'm posting it today! The album was released on August 24, 2010, being three singles released to date, "California Gurls", "Teenage Dream" and "Firewrok". Number one in many countries and achieving Gold and Platinum certifications this album won't dissapoint ...

Read my review and buy the album after the JUMP ... 

Buy "Teenage Dream" HERE.

Finally! One of the most awaited albums of the year has finally hit the stores and is doing struggles in the iTunes store since it's release on August 24. "Teenage Dream" is Katy's third overall effort, second if we don;t count the unknown debut, and first without counting the mediocre first major release. With this amazing collection of 12 potential hits, Katy has proved she's here to stay for many, many years. Forget Madonna, Katy is the new pop queen! I love you, Madonna, but it's time to pass the crown ... From beggining to end, the album is a musical journey with poweful songs, such as "Circle the Drain", to classical popish tunes with superficial lyrics, "California Gurls", to sweet and heartful ballads, "Not Like the Movies".  Katy's voice sounds so perfect in each of the songs, it's like someone has ditched the old one and replaced her for an incredible vocalist! Take for example "Not Like the Movies", putting apart how well written is this song, her vocals are terrific and sounds almost magical. I could tell you how amazing are the other tracks and how well she sounds and bla bla bla, but I won't. After all, the album really is an emotional rollercoaster, despite how cliched that sounds. It has ups, downs, fun, sadness, excitement, depression, and the lists goes on. Katy's best album to date is now one of the pop gems that will remain for generations as one of the best albums ever recorded!

Watch "Teenage Dream" HERE
Watch "Firework" HERE.  
Listen "Not Like the Movies" and "Circle the Drain" HERE.

X Factor latest news

This weeks theme for the X Factor is "Halloween"

Rumoured song choices:

Mary Byrne is singing Take Thats "could it be magic"

Wagner to sing Meatloafs Bat out of hell

Aiden will be singing Thriller - Michael Jackson

Treyc: Relight my fire from Take That
Matt: Bleading Love by Leona Lewis
Paije:Back to Black by Amy Winehouse
Belle Amie: Venus by Bananarama
Rebecca: Wicked Game from Chris Isaac
Katie Waissel: Bewitched by Ella Fitzgerald.
One Direction: Total Eclipse of the heart by Bonnie Tyler
Cher: Stay by Shakespeare Sisters.

On Sunday Rihaana, Bon Jovi and Jamiroquai perform their latest songs

Music Video: Katy Perry: Firework

"Firework" will serve as Katy's third single from her sophomore album, "Teenage Dream". "Firework" was released on October 26, 2010. The music video premiered on October 28. I really, really, really like this song. It's a simple but deep song! Crazy vocals and beautiful melody. The video is actually beautiful! I love the fireworks and the message of this song and video! And Katy is incredible cute!

Watch "Firework" after the JUMP ...

Buy "Teenage Dream" HERE.

Ward's lead single from his new album "Obsession", due out November 15, is a cover of Nickelback's orignal version from 2008.  It will be released on November 7, 2010, being performed on The X Factor on November 6 (looking forward to it!, maybe Alex and him will perform together ... ). Even tough many people are a bit pissed that the lead single isn't even his own song, this cover is really good! I consider his first two albums a big dissapointment, they were good to dance, but not to just listen them ... But this song is excellent, and I think the album will be excellent also! And Shayne looks hot in the video! I wonder why he was half naked nearly all of it? ...

Pre-order the single and the album after the JUMP ...

 Pre-order "Gotta Be Somebody" HERE.


Pre-order "Obsession" HERE.

"The Silence" is stated to be Alexandra's fifth single, which will be released in December, from her debut album, "Overcome". The album will be re-released featuring this new version of "The Silence", with it's music video, which premiered on October 27, as well as three new songs. Alex will be performing on The X Factor also later in the competition!! Yes! I was going to say that this video needed more drama but it's as dramatic as it can get! Alex's faces and massive notes are incredible and her anger is really intense. I didn't even care that it is on black and white! The beggining might have been a little boring but the last part was the bomb! This song is even better than the orignial record, much more epic ... I'm anxious for her XF appearance ...

Watch the music video and the "Overcome" Deluxe Edition cover after the JUMP ...

<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-gb&from=sp&fg=shareObject&vid=4be01b8d-c90e-48df-ac2b-2bab963f5fef" target="_new" title="Exclusive: Alexandra Burke - The Silence">Video: Exclusive: Alexandra Burke - The Silence</a>

X Factor Stars E Mails and Facebook addresses

(Latest news on Matt Cardles Cancer Diagnosis at http://kidneycancertreatmentformattcardle.blogspot.com/)

X Factor Twitter names and Facebook pages of contestants Revealed!

The show provokes a lot of debate over the social networking pages, particularly on Saturday and Sunday nights, and fans can now be sure they are following the real acts rather than internet impostors.

Twitter accounts:

Harry Styles: @Harry_Styles
Niall Horan: @NiallOfficial
Louis T: @louis_tomlinson
Liam: @real_liam_payne






Music Video: Olly Murs: Thinking Of Me

Olly Murs might have lost to Joe McElderry on the XF S6, but hey, who said winning is all? Olly, who was signed by Syco/Epic, is about to release his debut album, on November 29 being the new single "Thinking of Me" released on November 21. It's not what you would expect for the former XF finalist. Olly is scrapping his Robbie William-ish sound and going for a more jazzy route. The songs feels old, like a 80s tune, but it's so good! I love the way his voice sounds and that video is amazing! The ice-cream truck is really kewl and those movements were awesome, although they looked totally fake ...

Pre-order the album and "Thinking Of Me" and watch the music video after the JUMP ...

Pre-order "Olly Murs" HERE.
Pre-order "Thinking of Me" HERE.

Since winning the latest season of the X Factor Netherlands, which I'll be covering, Jaap has been in the works to getting his first album out. Being signed by Sony BMG, Jaap has already released two singles, his winner's song, "Don't Stop Believing" and the brand new "Walk To The Other Side". The new single will be released on October 29, 2010. This song is actually really cool! His vocals are spot on and the song is instantely catchy. It feels like jazz at the beggining but then it feels like mainstream rock. He was the best vocalist on his XF season, so it wasn't surprise he won but this song is absolutely amazing! I can't be more anxious for his album now ...

Listen to "Walk To The Other Side" after the JUMP ....

Todrick Hall is probably one of the most hated and controversial contestant on American Idol. Last season, Todrick was surrounded in scams scandals involving children wihch helped building a big amount of haters. Now, Todrick is trying to revindicate himself by releasing songs against bullying and discrimination, and, as much as you hate him, you cannot say you hate this song! It's really beautiful and he sings it superbly! Why didn't you sing like this on Idol man?!

Watch the music video and buy "It Gets Better" after the JUMP ...

Buy "It Gets Better" HERE.