Firstly, I must say that this is my favourite song overall and that it's actually my pick to win it all. Ok, since that is clear, let's go down to bussines! Swiss entry is selected by "Die grosse Entscheidungs Show", where 4 different channels chose entreies to compete on a national final of 12 acts. They perform and then the public votes. My views? It was a hell of a show!

Watch the performances and the official entry's music video after the JUMP ...

Anna Rossinelli

I'm absolutely in love with this song! This is by far my favourite entry. Seriously, this is the best song I've seen in a while. Anna's got a jazzy bluesy vibe that I adore. This is definitely my cup of tea! I really like the ukelele and the bass here. I see big chances for her in Eurovision! She could actually win it all! I may even say that she's going to win ...

Bernarda Brunovic

This is probably one of the best performances I've seen in any of this contests! I mean, she's a blind girl (she stated that she can only see colours far away) who would have probably gone unnoticed in this bussines. She's got an amazing voice, excellent, but I wouldn't have thought that it could happen! She's so different from what people are accostumed and I just love that she came 2nd. I'd have loved her winning but Anna is my girl! I bet she wins the next one!

Ilira And The Colors

I really like this song! It has a dark vibe but it's a really emotional performance. Ilira is a great singer and I love the uniqueness in her voice. She's probably not the best but she's working with what she has and really delievering. This would record beautifully.

The Glue

Oh! I'm digging this a lot! It's quite interesting. They are singing with no music, the "backing tracks" are their voices, and although I've seen this in another entry, this song is really good. However it was a bit dark and not as "feel good" as most of this songs. Still, I'd totally buy their album!

Sarah Burgess

This song could have never won. Anything. But you know what? I like this! I actually like her voice. It has an interesting nice tone. Almost quirky and reaggish. And she hit some decent big notes. She was off tune at times but I know she was sick, so I also know she is so much better! Still, the swiss flag part? Not good.

Music Video

OMG! Miss Perry has gone the Gaga wierd route in her latest video! We all knew the song was strange but no one ever imagined it could go that crazy! It litteraly reached an extraterrestial whole new dimension! And I'm also loving it! "E.T." was released on February 16, 2011 and serves as her fourth single of her newest album "Teenage Dream". Now, it's her fourth #1 single of the album! A music video with Kanye West directed by Floria Sigismondi premiered on March 31, 2011 on MTV. I loved her latest video, "Firework", which was pretty and sweet, but this is so much better! The views are incredible, no that they are real but the whole outer space vibe is kewl! Katy is a hot alien too! Still, I hated Kanye's intervensions, or intrusions, which killed the song vibe, Katy doesn't need a rapper in her songs. And WTF with that ending? I loved the glass boxes with a pigeon skeleton and the sun glasses but the rest? Clueless! The white guy's ass and her gazelle legs? Totally blown away ...

Watch and buy "E.T." after the JUMP ...

Buy "E.T." HERE.
Check her wierd "extraterrestial" site HERE.

Matt Cardle singing Firework Newcastle 26th of March 2011

Matt Cardle continues his tour of the country with the X Factor. There are plenty of X Factor videos on sale and the x factor live tickets are hot property. Did you take part in the X Factor voting? Have you got X Factor tickets. Let us know what you think of Matts tour
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Simon Cowell on ET

Simon talks to Nancy O'Dell from his home aboout X Factor USA and more.
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Think you can handle Simon Cowell's harsh criticism? Got a great voice? Then sign up to audition for "The X Factor" next month. The popular U.K. show created by Cowell himself is making its way to the U.S. this year after auditions are held in major cities across the country, including Chicago.

Like "American Idol", Cowell's "X Factor" pits vocal talent against a panel of judges with music industry experience. It's been responsible for the launch of several big-name artists, including Leona Lewis. However, there are some key differences. There's no upper age limit, contestants can be as young as 12 years old and vocal groups are welcome to audition along with soloists. Additionally, the finalists are mentored by one of the judges during
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Top 10 tips for successful X factor auditions

Top 10 tips for successful X factor auditions and how to get advice when you have an audition for X-Factor
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Mariah Carey will not be a judge on the US X Factor, Simon Cowell has said.

The show's creator and head judge revealed Mariah is no longer in the running for the American version of the reality talent show because of
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Many probably think they already know this guy. And I did too at first. But it's all because of his name. Rasmus Seebach is no other than the son of the acclaimed danish singer Tommy Seebach, who died unexpectedly in 2003 at the age of 53 of a heart attack.  Now, Rasmus is trying to make a name of his own and leave behind his father legacy. In 2009, he rose to fame with the release of his first single, the danish song "Engel", which charted #1. The success then continued with the release of his eponymous debut on September 2009, which also made it to the top and was certified 9x Platinum making it the most seeling album of 2010 in Denmark! And there's no doubt why that happened. Rasmus's voice would be great for folk or for a more acoustic sound but he instead went for the electropop route, and it's certainly paid off! I never thought that a voice like his could work for electronic music, but it does. He's got a great deep tone, very similar to Hurts in a way. Now he's not only the son of Tommy Seebach but he's also one of danish biggest new stars.

Watch his music videos and buy "Rasmus Seebach" after the JUMP ...

Buy "Rasmus Seebach" HERE.


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What a better way to start off the week with someone as talented as Agnes Obel! This young lady, born in 1981, is getting lots of recognizement recently in the European part of the world. Coming from a family of musicians surely influenced her life. She grew up collaborating and taking part in many bands, a pianist since young, her talent fully developed when she released her debut album via PIAS Recordings, which was fully written and produced by herself, "Philharmonics", a folky soft collection of to be hit singles. The album is certainly not boring! Everyone has something to love, if not the solely instrumental tunes, "Falling and Catching", "Louretta" and "Wallflower", you can cherish the beautifully composed "Riverside" or the equally good "Just So".  This is a beautiful copillation and definitely one of the albums of the year if not the century. The listener will totally be blown away by Agnes soft dusky voice in the form of a shy whisper with a backing melody of slow pianos and harps. There's certainly a celtic, almost ancient vibe about this album that I can't help loving. And I'm not the only. Europe, escpecially Denmark, has gone crazy with her! Her album made it to the top 10 in 4 countries, #1 in Denmark, and has been certified double platinum since it's release on October 4, 2010. Are we wittnesing a whole new musical revolution? We may even be in front of the next worldwide superstar!

Watch Agnes perform and buy "Philharmonics" after the JUMP ...

Buy "Philharmonics" HERE (Amazon), HERE (iTunes DK) or HERE (iTunes US).

The rumors continue to swirl around who will be judging on "The X Factor".
Now it seems Jessica Simpson's name has been added to the growing list of potential judges.
Simpson tells Women's Wear Daily that she has been approached to do
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Jennifer Lopez has dealt Cheryl Cole’s hopes of hitting the big time in the U.S. a blow after admitting she doesn’t know much about the British singer.
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X marked the spot in Los Angeles on Day 1 of a nationwide search for the first $5 million "The X Factor" champion in the United States. Does the next singing sensation already call Hollywood home?

With such a large jackpot, executive producer Rob Wade estimated that over 15,000 hopefuls registered to audition. "We're looking for a global superstar… This isn't a TV show. This is genuinely an audition to find the best singer in America."
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The X Factor attracts thousands

Around 18,000 turned out for the first auditions of The X Factor in Los Angeles.
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Let's face the facts. Even if you have the most amazing voice in the world, you probably wont get picked by the producers to audition (unless you're leona lewis). This year, at the open auditions there were so so many people who were better singers than this final 12 and didnt even get past stage 1... so here are my tips for people who are good singers, considering auditioning:
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JESSICA Simpson is being lined up for the US version of The X Factor.

The singer, actress and reality TV star is reportedly at the top of Simon Cowell’s list to take on one of the coveted judge-and-mentor roles on the show when it launches later this year.

There [are] loads of conversations happening at the moment. No one has been offered a judging role yet as new names keep coming forward who want the role, but there are some frontrunners and it’s fair to say Jessica is one of them. She’s very keen,” a source told People magazine.

She knows what she is talking about [and] is talented and likable. But Simon’s not in a rush to decide. The judges have to mentor on The X Factor — it’s more than just turning up for a few hours a week to appear on TV.

Jessica is not the only person in the frame for a role, it was revealed yesterday that record executive Tony Mottola — ex-husband of Mariah Carey and former boss of Sony Music — is also
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X marks the spot for Simon Cowell, and his target is Elton John.

John ripped into Cowell's "X Factor" singing talent show -- an absolute hit in Britain that Cowell is taking to America this summer -- back in October, saying that the fact that the singers don't write their own songs, and rocket to instant fame, is a negative for their careers and for music.

"I'm not a fan of talent shows," John said in an interview with Britian's Radio Times. "I probably wouldn't have lasted if I'd gone on one. It's become boring . . . brain crippling. I like Simon Cowell but what he does is TV entertainment."

"There have been some good acts but the only way to sustain a career is to pay your dues in small clubs," he continued. "TV vaults you to superstardom and then you have to back it up, which is hard. Leona Lewis
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Is Simon Cowell killing music? Welsh singer Charlotte Church says exactly that.
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The new Fox show featuring judge-producer Simon Cowell auditions thousands of singing hopefuls who turned out at the Sports Arena.
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Simon Cowell Interview: About The X Factor and American Idol

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Ten years after helping launch "American Idol" into a national pastime, Simon Cowell is again playing the role of underdog.

He's back auditioning talent for a largely unknown singing competition -- although this time, when "The X Factor" premieres on Fox this fall, it will come with immense hype and expectations.

Cowell, 51, spoke with Hollywood Reporter editor at large Kim Masters for a segment on her KCRW radio show, The Business. An edited transcript follows:
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X FACTOR Dance in LA
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Thousands turned out for the first ever X Factor audition in LA this morning, breaking the record for the highest auditions turn-out for a singing competition in the city.

The search for a new superstar kicked off at the LA Sports Arena on Sunday, where more than 18,000 people and counting had already gathered by 9am.

"There are still people walking through the gates and we're so excited about it," executive producer Rob Wade told DS.

"I don't know what the final figure is, but it's the largest singing audition in LA... That's not bad for
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Here it is! Danish Week is here! The first theme week since their long break! Danes have great talent so this week promises to be great. With innovators such as Oh Land and Fallulah and hard rockers like Nephew and Carpark North, we'll sure have variety this week!

Acts to be featured after the JUMP ...

  1. Agnes Obel
  2. Alice Rose
  3. Anne Noa  
  4. Aura Dione 
  5. Cæcilie Norby
  6. Caroline Henderson
  7. Carpark North
  8. Fallulah
  9. Ida Corr
  10. Kashmir
  11. Malene Mortensen
  12. Medina
  13. Nabiha
  14. Nephew
  15. Oh Land
  16. Our Broken Garden
  17. Randi Laubek
  18. Rasmus Seebach
  19. Stine Kinck
  20. Sys Bjerre
  21. Tim Christensen
  22. Tina Dickow
X Factor Romania will be coming on Antena 1 sometimes this year. This is the first official promo for the show:
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How does The Voice work?
How is The Voice different from X Factor?
What's a blind audition?
How to audition on The Voice?
Find all the details about The Voice:
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Take That singing together with the X Factor Finalists 2011
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X Factor judge Cheryl Cole talks about Simon Cowell, the new series of X Factor UK and the rumours about her joining the new X Factor USA show
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X Factor 2011 Credits (M6 Version)
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Simon Cowell talks about the auditions and the show:
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