X Factor Australia 2011: Auditions 3


More great news for the XF Au! Not only they were #1  in the ratings with their second episode but thier audience also raised! 1,6 million viewers! And you know, I gave that to the judges. They are doing an incredible job this year and it's much more entertaining than the previous season. And the talent isn't too shabby either! One more audition this week, and let's get this one going ... It's time to face the music!

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First contestant of the night ... Sam Trenwith (17), major fan of Cher, who invited him and his family to America for a show when young. The Spice Girls were an inspiration. His fave Spice? Mel B! No kidding! Haha. It was Geri. Oh, where did that masculine voice came from? I expected something more, girlish? This is good, a bit soulful, but still really meh. No, liveshow potential here. Still, he gets 4 yeses. - VIDEO (Site)


Jacqui Newland (22), who performs in a cover band wants to make it in the music bussiness, as everyone who auditions for this show. She's singing AC/DC's "Higway to Hell"! "Well, I didn't expect that" tells Nat. OMG! It's amazing! Probably the girl with the most potential I've seen this far. And I really like her voice, it's not that generic type of big voice, I'm looking at Sally Chatfield, this girl is unique and her range is huge. Love. - VIDEO


And the girls category is finally seeing some light!  Chantelle Morrell belts out "California King Bed" and kinda nails it. Followed by beautiful Sophie Metcalfe, who's quirky shy voice shines on stage. I like her more than Jacqui actually. Finally we see Amy Walton, who performs ala Pink in a great way. - VIDEO (Only Sophie)


Now the groups also shine. Sista Soul, three blonde girls with a swaggerish pop voice, Utai 3, three brothers with smooth voices but a bit boring, and Audio Vixen, three siblings, who impress with their big vocals, though it was a bit messy.

Following them, is yet another group, Majestic, a mother daughter duo, mother Niki is a professional, daughter Jazz just another wannabe. Turns out that the Niki is great and Jazz sucks, badly. It's a really wierd audition. Their voices don't blend togehter, at all. Look, the judges want to split them! Niki is sent to bootcamp, daughter is left crying. Right decision. - VIDEO


Natalie Colavito (24) is next. She's an Australian Idol S6 Top 24 finalist who has lost 45 kg since her appearence on the show, looking great now. Her audition is, not what I was expecting. It's really intense and dinamic. Her vocals are great though. I liked that though I wouldn't have picked that song. I don't know, it sounded strange. Judges loved her still, and she's sent to bootcamp! - VIDEO


Repeaters? Why not! First up, Janelle Mikulic (27), who's voice sounds completely off and shaky, so she's sent home. Next are Corey and Jodi, who perform a really bad messy audition. Michael Eifler (20), who's voice is as bad as it can get. "Thank god I am here in this panel, cause I'd never put you through last year. It made me want to say no, no, no, no, no" says Mel. Last repeater is Trent Bell (20) who was a fave of mine last year. His voice is still great but his dancing is all over the place, I'd tone it down a notch but vocally, kinda great.  Judges love it too so he's sent to bootcamp. - VIDEO


Final auditionee is Luke O'Dell (18), who looks hedious with that purple hair and that leather jacket. Titanic made him want to be a singer. He's singing Kelly Clarkson and it sucks, as expected. Big joke of the night? Definitely. He thinks it went pretty good. "It didn't Luke, ... it was just scary at times" says Ronan. He has another song he wrote, "Introvert Extrovert" and it's as bad as you can imagine. "Introvert extrovert doesn't matter" it's basically what the whole song is says. Ok, go home now and try not to sing again. - VIDEO


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Today's Wednesday Take That Sing-A Long-PLT Edition

Wednesday Sing-A Long/Take That/Old hits medley - Take That @ City Of Manchester Stadium, 03 June 2011 - YouTube


---HD - Take That - Thanks to Fans + German National Anthem (live) Munich 2011 - YouTube

Hello...We conclude our My Lad is Hotter Than Your Lad /Gary Barlow Week with a glance at Gary Barlow : The Music Man ****************

As the Take That Front man, Gary Barlow leads the best (boy band) in the business, with an exceptional voice , a knack for a catchy pop hook, and a sound musical background, this talented musician is in a class all his own.

-----Take That's Gary Barlow - BBC Introducing Musicians' Masterclass 03-02-2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFBrvs2GCIQ ************************

Captain Barlow has led Take That to countless number one tunes, the music of Take That can be heard everywhere,

..The world is a much better place with Gary Barlow 's

talent in it..and that is Hot indeed ! Royal Wedding 2011 highlights with music by Take That. Rule the world. BBC ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYlHfDv5wYA *************************************

To take us thru a comprehensive look at the talent of Gary Barlow, in her final presentation, CATT Senior Advisor and massive Gary Barlow fan Lisa T. (CATT thanks Lisa T for the photos and content of this segment) ***********************************

My Lad - Gary Part 4 - The Music Man Gary is an undeniable music superstar, and over the last 20 years, he's been cranking out hit after hit. Whether it's been with Take That, solo or writing and producing for other talented musicians, his mark on the British musical landscape (and around the world) has been phenomenal. Here's proof: Where it all began - Christmas Special


BTT - Before That That http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6vdSsSqtHA

First #1 - Pray
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbsAqs3YHyg&ob=av2e -A classic that will stand the test of time - Back For Good

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2ICtCO8TCw Gary goes solo - Open Road http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhLpZgKEmB8&ob=av2e

The Famous Comeback Single - Patience

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=273eSvOwpKk&ob=av2e Star-studded collaborations: Elton John - The Lion King


Donnie Osmond - Breeze On By


Lee Mead (Joseph) - Need You Most

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adrpX-_7LC4 John Barrowman (Captain Jack) - What About Us

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xs1hk_o_SuY&ob=av2e Trying his hand at TV - Britannia HIgh


Hollywood Soundtrack - Stardust


Gary's Stars:

Aggros Santos - Candy


San Remo: Camilla Kerslake - Rule The World


X Factor Australia 2011: Auditions 2


With a great premiere last night which topped the ratings in Australia with 1,3 million viewers, the XF is airing it's second set of auditions of four, with two more episodes airing on Wednesday and on Thursday. The judges proved to be a perfect match and the talent was good enough. Will tonight's bunch of hopefuls keep delevering strong performances? ... It's time to face the music!

Recap and videos after the JUMP ...


 XF is back at Melbourne and the judges make an exagerated entrance in helicopters ala XF UK way. A little something of what the judges are looking for, blah, blah, blah. And the first audition is here ...

Lyrical Styles, a duo really similar to Lazy G and Big Guy from last year. This guys don't even know who the judges are. Natalie Imbruglia and Mel C are in the panel says one of the guys. You are clueless man. Haha. "Sunday Morning" starts playing and this is a nice surprise! This is quite unique and funny. Cory has a great smooth soulish voice, while the other does this crazy rapping and beatbox sounds, all while Cory wierdly dances. No need to vote, straight to bootcamp! - VIDEO (Site)


A montage full of crap, as Mel makes sure to tell the hopefuls. "Boring, boring, boring", she says. "Sing by yourself, with nobody around". Hoping to turn her around, is Medina Begic, a 14 y/o country girl with some cool big glasses. Yeah, big glasses can be cool. She's singing the huge "The Power of Love", and she looks absolutely petrified. Fortunately she starts improving as the song goes by, hitting some big notes up there. I kinda like this girl, plus she's sort of adorable too. Haha. 4 yeses.  - VIDEO


We are reminded how the teens suck, oh, I mean, that they can sing. Not really. They are not ready for this and their voices aren't developed yet. And although there are some exceptions, the majority of them aren't good at all. As we see next. Naomi Sequeira (16) who looks like if shes 12 performs a screachy song, and she's sent through. Max Silk (14) is next and this kid looks like a major cocky bully. And his voice isn't good at all. Liz Conde (14), probably the only good voice in that montage, nails "Halo" and gets major love for the judges.

Sydney now. David McCallum, 41 y/o father of two kids who owns a cleaning bussines hopes to finally get his chance in the music business.  He's look is kinda wierd, conisdering he's a father. His got a good voice, very rock indeed. And shouty. His not bad at all but I spotted him looking at his hand many times, as pointed by Ronan. Never do that man, they'll hate that. "It just felt that you were singing for you and your ego" says Mel. He gets three nos, with Nat saying yes. I would have put him through, cause he had a voice but the lyric stuff  and his ego ruined it for him.  - VIDEO (Site)


Josh Brookes (19) has got a lot of swagger. A lot. And he's from the hood! Haha. Love this guy already. He seems lots of fun. He says that singing was one of the habits he developed. One of the good ones I guess. He's singing Usher and surprisingly, he's amazing. Definitely the best I've seen tongiht, probably the best in both episodes. His voice impresses everyone and he gets a standing o. "That was seriously sexy" Mel tells him, "Cheers" he replys. He's got the XF. 4 big yeses. - VIDEO


Next is Gold Coast brat Andrea "Storm" Kaden, who has recorded an album and several covers in YouTube. Her parents have spent a lot of money in her carrer. OMG! She's just 14! I would have sweard she was 20 something. She's singing "Firework" and not impressing at all. She messes up badly with the chorus. Sharp and screachy. She stops, "I fully screwed that up". The judges want a different song from her, she insist she wants to perform that one. She's getting a little rude. Just fucking sing another song! She's singing "The Only Exception" now, and finally proving she really has talent. Judges loved that, so she's through. - VIDEO


Final audition of the day, 30 y/o school teacher Pamela Cook. She's now a stay at home mum for the past year. She was also diagnosed with breast cancer, while pregnant, last year. The doctors wanted to terminate the pregnancy, but she decided to continue with it cause she had already lost a baby. They had to take it earlier and she was then treated. "Yeah, that's why I have boy hair" she says. Nat tells her it looks beautiful. And she does, she really does. The audition starts a little shaky but it gets powerful and emotional really soon. Another favourite from the night. That was a touching audition. Great job. - VIDEO


Two nights done and the show is sitll looking great. I'm hoping it does well with the ratings this year. And it looks it will! Tonight talent was far better than the first episode talent. Lyrical Styles, Josh Brookes and Pamela Cook were impressive and I can see them all in the liveshows. Even Andrea and Medina were good despite only having 14. I hope the talent keeps improving, and I'm still loving this new panel!