Hello ..We resume our My Lad is Hotter Than Your Lad/Gary Barlow Week with a look into Gary Barlow's Delicious Wit

**************** If laughter is the best medicine, then Captain Barlow's take on our world should be the miracle cure! Gary's biting wit is winning over fans on this years X Factor UK series, but Mr. Barlow has had the comedic touch for a long time now...

With a winning smile and eyebrow arch that has perfect timing...fans are hanging on every word, knowing that a deadpan gem is coming whenever Gary needs to get his point across.

To expand more on the wit of Captain Barlow, CATT Senior Admin advisor Lisa T.takes the tour of the World according Barlow..

(CATT thanks Lisa T for the content ,photos for this segment)

My Lad - Gary Part 3 - Delicious Wit Gary is not only handsome and caring, he's also extremely funny! His humor is often accompanied by a straight face, which makes his Mancunian wit all the more charming. His big smile, hardy laugh and devilish smirk are pure entertainment. If only we could all have a clone. Sit back and enjoy Gary's funny-man side (fortunately most of the work has been done for me!)

The Very Best of Gary Barlow - Kilimanjaro, eating donuts, running from horses & his love song to Chris Moyles...


--Gary LOVES Indian...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsb5laKR-98&playnext=1&list=PLDD88A6FCCD6DFEFF --Gary can't live without Howard... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYGGrqhl8w8


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