---------------------popledge Sarah H Goodnight all! Does anyone know who is in this photo with Take That?!

46 minutes ago

-------------------XFactorBlogger X Factor Blog

X Factor 2011 hopeful Misha Byran overwhelmed by the reaction to her audition!

1 hour ago

--------------------------------------------------------vcatroyale Valerie

Holy crap!I watched all 6 eps of Fortysomething last weekend & only just realised that 1 of the main characters was Emma Ferguson/Owen-whoa! 2 hours ago

--------------------------------DTNUK DTN UK

DTN UK: Oh no. I'm hooked on The X Factor again: My excuse? This year I hope to understand why it's so popularA ... 6 hours ago
---------------------------MirrorTVNews MirrorTVNews

X Factor: Misha Bryan has suffered a meltdown which could see her axed from show #tv 2 hours ago


Thursday's News & Notes:

-----------------------------------pop24 pop24

"When We Were Young" heißt der neue Hit von Take That und ist der Titelsong zum heiß ersehnten 3D-Kinoabenteuer...

29 Aug

-----------------------------------HardRockMemphis Hard Rock Memphis

Hello Rockers!!!! Today's Trivia: What was the name of Robbie Williams 1999 compilation album? 25 Aug

--------------------------CVLibraryRetail CV-Library

M&S gets the X Factor -

1 hour ago

---------------------------reading107fm Reading 107FM

WARNING! Here are the categories the X Factor judges will be mentoring. Close your eyes if you don't want to... 3 hours ago

-------------------------FarrellUK Farrell

Farrell's 1st collection will land at 10 @hotathof shops over the next week... Here's what it will look like in store! 13 minutes ago -----------------------------varshashoray Varsha

X Factor 2011: Robbie Williams asks Gary Barlow for performance ...: Robbie Williams is said to be keen to make ...

5 hours ago

---------------------------robbiewilliams Robbie Williams

NEW BLOG: Robbie shares a very cute photo of his pooch... and some exciting news!

3 minutes ago
----------------------------rcremebrulee Radio Creme Brulee

"When we were young" by Take That is #1 on the airplay charts of US radio station Radio Creme Brulee:

28 Aug

-----------------------digitalspybrk DS Breaking News

Matt Cardle debuts 'Run For Your Life' clip: 'Gary Barlow nailed it'

minute ago

---------------popledge Sarah H Awful photo but Mark Owen has been spotted! #takethat

2 minutes ago

----------MaggieAngus Anna Evans

Excellent celeb spot: Jason orange on high st ken sitting in coffee shop with shoes off. #sohot

2 hours ago

--------------- popledge Sarah H Update on this photo! Apparently they are footballers! Gary is at X Factor I imagine!

34 minutes ago


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