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X Factor Review - Judges Houses Part 1 - 1st October 2011
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"Packed full of Scouse this house" - Robbie Williams. Classic! #XFactor 34 minutes ago

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X Factor 2011: Robbie copies Sinitta as he helps Gary Barlow choose his final contestants in LA: He's no strange...
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Ok! Magazine Jessie J and Tulisa X Factor excitement!
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Saturday night UK telly update! Doctor Who at 7.05pm followed by Merlin at 7.50 on BBC One, The X Factor at 7.30pm on ITV. You're welcome.
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Gary Barlow and Tulisa Contostavlos want to do The X Factor next year too!
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Dannii Minogue & Cheryl Cole 'spat out' by the X Factor
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X Factor 2011: Jennifer Hudson thinks Jade Richards need to ‘work on’ her vocals
http://bit.ly/ntjPUQ 2 hours ago

------------------------------------------------TM_XFactor The X Factor X Factor 2011: Gary Barlow and Tulisa want to return next year! http://bit.ly/oFZHD9 #xfactor 2 hours ago -------------------------------------------TM_XFactor The X Factor
X Factor 2011: Luke Lucas 'breaks down' at judges' houses
http://bit.ly/rmTHNk #xfactor 58 minutes ago
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X Factor 2011: Judges loved Jonjo Kerr's 'Don't You Remember' by Adele
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PICTURES: Robbie Willaims takes inspiration from Sinitta for judges' houses!
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X Factor 2011: Tulisa and Jessie J detect tension amongst The Risk
http://bit.ly/osUjug #xfactor 48 minutes ago
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X Factor judges houses: Joseph Gilligan leaves Louis Walsh with a problem
http://bit.ly/pW6J7k 2 hours ago
----------------------------------------------robbiewilliams Robbie Williams
Robbie makes another unforgettable entrance, this time on @TheXFactor... Tune in to @ITV1 tonight from 19:30!
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ago --------------------------------------RecycleEverytin Lanre Banks
Twitter goes wild as X Factor judges are joined by celebrity mentors: The presence of Sinitta, ...
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X Factor 2011: Joe Cox, Frankie Cocozza and Marcus Collins shocked by Robbie ...
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X Factor 2011: Louis Walsh and Sinitta loved Johnny Robinson’s judges houses performance
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X Factor judges houses: Luke Lucas wept when singing for Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams
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Gary Barlow 'Take That will be back' ! 4 minutes ago
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RT @robbiewilliams: How much did you love Robbie on The #XFactor tonight? @ITV2's #XtraFactor now for more... 9 minutes ago

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X Factor 2011: Nu Vibe win over Jessie J at judges' houses
http://bit.ly/p0aySt #xfactor 2 hours ago
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Robbie Williams repeats Sinitta leaf stunt
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X Factor 2011: Sami Brookes impresses with New York by Alicia Keys
http://bit.ly/n4VlR7 22 minutes ago
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X Factor 2011 judges houses: Marcus Collins wows with ‘We Got Family’ by Paloma Faith
http://bit.ly/p5s1lx 2 hours ago

-----------------------------3am 3am
This sneak peek at Robbie's Sinitta impression has got us very excited about this weekend's X Factor
http://bit.ly/pRl2cS 2 hours ago
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X Factor 2011: Terry Winstanley ‘did it’ with Handbags and Gladrags
http://bit.ly/oCTJ4K 11 minutes ago
----------------------------------------------XFactorToFind X Factor
Tonight The _X Factor_ 2011 goes global, as the judges jet out around the globe with their final eight acts. Joining...
http://dlvr.it/nrt2r 2 hours ago

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So it seems Tulisa only likes The keys' lead singer!
http://www.unrealitytv.co.uk/x-factor/x-factor-2011-tulisa-contostavlos-and-jessie-j-take-a-shine-to-the-keys-charlie-healy/uk/x-factor/x-fac… #xfactor 8 minutes ago

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X Factor 2011: Robbie Williams won't leaf it to Sinitta
http://bit.ly/pQt66m 2 hours ago

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X Factor 2011: Goldie shocks at judges' houses with J Lo cover!
http://bit.ly/nsmgtD #xfactor 2 hours ago Favor
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X Factor judges houses: Kelly Rowland points out Misha Bryan’s ‘bad habits’
http://bit.ly/qWeMih 2 hours ago
?!?--------------------------------TopTomGun Tom Cruise
Sinitta proved that she really is mad as a brush, when she compared Louis Walsh to a Hollywood hunk recently. The...
http://dlvr.it/nrfPy 10 minutes ago
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Please RT Latest X Factor odds
http://www.xfactorodds.co.uk/xfactorodds.htmluk/xfactorodds.ht…, @JanetJealousy now just 2/1 #janetdevlin #xfactor 3 hours ago

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X Factor 2011: Tulisa brands Girl v Boy 'boring' at judges' houses
http://bit.ly/qzQB7z #xfactor 3 hours ago
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Be prepared for a couple of shocks over the Judges Houses weekend! One particular 'Gamu' moment! #xfactor 16 seconds ago
tammyinlalaland tammyinlalaland
@ @popledge are you suggesting the X Factor cheats? Frankie's mom is editor of UK Brides and a friend of Jason's #justsaying 1 minute ago

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make this year’s X Factor 2011 Final 16?
http://bit.ly/oqt3nM 47 seconds ago

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Liverpool girl group Estrelles: 'Why we made Jessie J cry on X Factor' - Liverpool Echo
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Kelly Rowland isn’t sure Sarah Watson is ready for The X Factor….
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DTN UK: X Factor 2011: Tulisa Contostavlosis says being a judge is turning her into a softie: TOUGH Tulisa Conto...
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X Factor 2011 judges houses: Amelia Lily wows with Katy Perry 'Extraterrestrial': After Lily's rendition of Katy...
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#XFactor Jessie J "I know I was very honest and I also got to hang out and give advice to all of them and yes, the right ones went through."
55 seconds ago
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BIG story surrounding The Risk will break on tomorrow's show #xfactor
http://www.unrealitytv.co.uk/x-factor/x-factor-2011-the-risks-marlon-mckenzie-replaced-by-the-keys-charlie-healy-at-judges-houses/uk/x-factor/x-fac… 2 minutes ago

http://www.bridesmagazine.co.uk/real-life-weddings/city-wedding-reception-ideas 3 minutes ago

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John Wilding disappoints at X Factor 2011 judges houses
http://bit.ly/qtx7ml 26 minutes ago

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RT @heatworld: Frankie is basically a young Robbie Williams isn't he? LOVE IT! #xfactor 37 minutes ago

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X Factor 2011: Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow recorded new music at judges houses
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Twitter goes wild as X Factor judges are joined by celebrity mentors
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X Factor 2011 judges houses - all of the drama!: Emotions are running high after the final 32 sang their hea...
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_X Factor_ UK contestant Misha Bryan sings the hit single by Nicki and Rihanna, “Fly”, in front of Kelly Rowland and...
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New x factor controversy as Luke Lucas break down after crumbling under pressure of judges houses http://bit.ly/pi83rd 2 minutes ago

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Torrent The X Factor UK - Judges Houses
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X Factor 2011: Tulisa Contostavlos insists N-Dubz have not split!
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---------------------Take That Progress Live Tour DVD gets a cover, look for DVD Nov 21,2011 package includes concert and behind the scenes footage.
------MSN Exclusive: Take That - Progress tour on MSN Video http://goo.gl/RgPfa

---------------------Gary Barlow -spotted with Sir Phillip Green , in Liverpool for possible X Factor ?!?
--------------------------------------Robbie Williams has a man-crush on Essex's Mark Wright, looking for celeb spokes- model for Farrell UK clothing line.

--------------------------------------Gary Barlow & Boys (X Factor ) head for LA and Robbie, Robbie reveals he is not tough enough for X Factor job.....Barlow to write winner's Christmas single(X Factor).

--------------------------Children in Need single (Nov 13) -"Everyone left their ego at the door" according to Labrinth.

-----------------------------------Take That 2012 calendar first look...available Oct 31, 2011....



The semi-final rounds have come to an end and we now have our top 8 selected but it's far from complete. The judges now have to decide which 4 contestants will be joining them to perform in the final qualifying round. The top 12 will perform tonight and one of them will leave us not having made it to the weekly finals. Who will wow us tonight? Who will dissapoint? ...

Recap after the JUMP ...


You can watch the full episode HERE (using what I explained in the comments) All the performances videos are taken from the Idol site too.

Before starting with the performances, there are still 4 lucky contestants that will be given another chance in the competition as a wildcard. If there's any justice, Roshana Hoss and Amanda Persson  have their spots assured and then I think it's between Mikael Fogelberg, Emil Elton, Denise Azemi Brasjö or Frida Josefsson will be given the two remaining spots. The judges will make them suffer all the show as they'll announce them during the show's run.

Molly Pettersson Hammar


"Where the streets have no name" (U2) - 7/10 - This isn't a good song for her. She should have picked the soulish stuff she can nail, despite her voice is wonderful, this rock thing isn't working. It's sounding a bit plain and there's no feeling in it. I fear this may be forgettable. Where are the huge notes and the Joss Stone-ish tone? She'll stick around but she needs to pick better songs. - VIDEO

André Zuniga-Asplund


"Closer" (Ne-Yo) - 8,5/10 - Oh, he changed his hair! Well, he toned down the massive amount of gel he uses. The song choice is horrible but his voice works perfectly with it for some odd reason. His tone is amazing and really unique. He's like Olle Hedberg but fresher and more contemporary. Though this sounded great, I want him to stay away from this songs and bring me something not so electropop sounding.  - VIDEO

Roshana Hoss


"Separate Ways" (Journey) - 6,5/10 - Yay! She deserved the wildcard spot and thankfully, she's the first contestant gettting it, I hope she gets enough votes to advance tonight cause she's a great singer, and after this weird performance, she'll need them. What's up with this song choice Roshana? This is just too dark for everyone, even for your fans. You should have sang something like Jessie J, again, or a big song where you could scream and hit every kind of notes, and not whatever you just did. - VIDEO

Maikel Yüksel


"Carrie" (Europe) - 6/10 - After his atrocious performance last Monday, I think I'll never like him. This song seems something he'll do, at least it's not as stupid as his first performance. He's actually showing his voice and though I found this very boring and there are some notes that are not working, this is quite a good performance. He's still very decent and I'll keep my prediction that he'll be the first out. Plus the judges ditched him. - VIDEO

Robin Stjernberg


"Animal" (Neon Trees) - 7/10 - Someone has too much make up on ... I like this song, it's fun and I bet he does something entertaining with it. It's definitely not "Breakeven" level, he's sounding a little off at parts but he's still doing a good job overall. There's not an unique arrengment, or unique vocals, but it's something fun and crazy and his voice always sounds good despite the off moments it had. - VIDEO

Amanda Persson


"Empire State of Mind" (Alicia Keys) - 9/10 -  Definitely she was the most deserving contestant of a wildcard, her last performance was amazing so there was no chance she wouldn't get one. I'm loving this song for her. Her voice is sounding fenomenal, she's really unique and this song allows her to show it, even if it's full of big notes, which she can pull like a professional. And she's really likeable so I expect her to get lots of votes. The reason she didn't advance in her semi was that Moa and the other Amanda were much more popular than her, but I bet she was third in that voting.- VIDEO

Olle Hammar


"The Scientist" (Coldplay) - 9/10 - Another good song, he definitely can pick them. I'm prefering this performance to his past one, his voice is sounding so much better here but he always has the same face, so he needs to improve that, he needs to show more emotion and a little edge. Those soft notes were sublime and I like his falsetto a lot. - VIDEO

Amanda Fondell


"Hey ya" (OutKast) - 10/10 - Her "Womanizer" performance will always be remembered as one of the best that has ever touched the Idol stage and I bet there are plenty of them to come. Her voice is the quirkiest thing among the contestants and I love the fact that she's always bringing something new. Her arrengments are amazing and make song that are otherwise very pop into an indie masterpiece. Plus she shows lots of emotion and connection! LOVE HER! Pelle even called her her favourite artist, or that's what I understood. Haha. - VIDEO

Denise Azemi Brasjö


"Carry Your Home" (James Blunt) - 8,5/10 -  Let's give prop to the judges, they've been making fabulous decisions this far. Nor a single one of the wildcards didn't deserve it and I like that. Denise is bringing us once more her soft sweet performance. I'm loving the feeling in her voice, it's better than the previous one cause that Adele song is very hard to sing. She did a good job there but she's nailing it now. She just had a sweet little moment there, lovely.- VIDEO

Moa Lignell


"Make you feel my love" (Bob Dylan) - 8,5/10 - I'm glad she picked a song that was more fitting for her, "Price Tag" was a huge mistake where she couldn't show her beautiful voice. Well, she's now and it's sounding wonderful. I knew she had potential! She's getting all emotional and even a bit teary and it made that performance a whole lotta better. I also like the fact that it was something very quite and soft, she didn't overdo it, it was just a simple cute performance. - VIDEO

Linni Barresjö


"She will be loved" (Maroon 5) - 6,5/10 - After yesterdays trainwreck, she needs something really good to stand out tonight, considering there have been some amazing performances earlier. It's definitely an improvement over "The Edge of Glory" and her voice is sounding good but she's not the strongest singer here, all the other girls are better than her and I don't think she should advance much in the competition cause she's just not a great singer. Yeah, that sounded ok but I didn't felt anything. - VIDEO

The final wildcard is going to be announced and with that, the other contestants will be eliminated. The final wildcard goes to: Emil! And that means that Dounia Arhzaf,  Magdalena Reise, Leonard Löfstrand, Jafet Samson, Hampus Engelhardt, Frida Josefsson, Tony Weseth and Mikael Fogelberg are all eliminated from the competition.

Emil Elton


"Isn't She Lovely" (Stevie Wonder) - 7/10 - Glad he's singing in english now, still not the song I'd have picked but this sounds more like him. Not the incredible performance he should have given but it was much better than others, Maikel and Linni for instance. And it was quite fun to watch too! His voice is definitely something special and much more current than Mikael Fogelberg's also unique voice. And his audition is one of my faves this year so well deserved wildcard. - VIDEO


I think it's between Maikel , Emil, Roshana or even Linni. Their performances were the weakest and I don't think they earned them enough votes to advance. But we'll know very soon ...

First contestant safe is Moa, as expected. She's soon joined by André!! Yay! I was starting to fear for my fave. Haha. Next safe is Amanda Fondell! Sweden definitely love the quirkies. Well, I can breath a little more now. I just need the other Amanda and Molly and I'll be really happy. It's between Robin and Olle now, but they are faked out, cause they are both safe! First wildcard safe is sweet Denise and that was a great choice. Emil and Linni are also safe! Cute Amanda Persson is safe too and I'm glad she is. Only Molly, Roshana and Maikel are left. Roshana is also safe and I can't believe this. Molly and Maikel are in the Bottom 2? Molly, who is clearly one of the best? No way that's an actual B2. Final contestant safe is Molly!!!!!! 

That's some great news, the girls are dominating this top 11 and as I predicted, Maikel Yüksel is the first eliminated contestant. This is a great top 11 overall, none of this people didn't deserve their spot and they are a very talented bunch.
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--When We Were Young (The Three Musketeers Version)

--The Three Musketeers 3D - " Notre Dame" CLIP #3
------CinemaTunes Cinema Tunes
"THE THREE MUSKETEERS" 2011 Movie Trailer
2 hours ago britsunited LoBA
-------------------------------Luke Evans is Aramis. New stills of The Three Musketeers
-- txtmovieclub txtMovieClub
Just added a new free movie screening @txtMovieClub. RSVP now to see The Three Musketeers 3D in Tempe, AZ http://ning.it/qfbcJu
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Free Movie Screening The Three Musketeers Las Vegas NV: The Three Musketeers October 18, 2011 at 7:00PM Las Ve...
http://bit.ly/pJBV6t 5 hours ago

-------------------------britsunited LoBA
so far we know that these stars will be at the premiere of The Three Musketeers @Mr_Luke_Evans @MillaJovovich and
http://britsunited.blogspot.com/2011/09/ray-stevenson-talks-thor-2-gi-joe-2-and.html2011/09/ray-st… 15 hours ago
---The Three Musketeers "Making Of A Musketeer" Official [HD]


---The Three Musketeers 3D - Trailer 3

-------------------The Three Musketeers Orlando Bloom on the film and the locations (2011) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCZdqnze2Ug
-------------------------Video-Interview mit Mads Mikkelsen zu Die drei Musketiere.


-------------------------------Matthew MacFadyen interview The Three Musketeers

Music Video: Adele: Someone Like You


The beautiful "Someone Like You" has finally get it's music video! The video is quite simple, just shots of Adele walking round Paris in black and white but the amazing vocals of the song match up for the lack of special effects the video has and it's just stunning. I wonder how they managed to make Paris completely desolated, it certainly was quite crowded when I visited, but that's one of the things that make this video even better, you almost feel how lonely she feels and it just makes it simpler and prettier.

Video after the JUMP ...

Buy "21" HERE (UK) or HERE (US)



With the top 20 finally selected and with some great decisions, and some not so great, the contestants will now face the semi-finals where they'll fight for the public vote in order to advance to the finals. Only two contestants from each semi will advance, with four more contestants selceted by the judges as wildcards. Who will succeed? Who will crumble? ...

Recap after the JUMP ...


You can watch the full episode HERE (using what I explained in the comments) All the performances videos are taken from the Idol site too.

Dounia Arhzaf


"Fighter" (Christina Aguilera) - 7/10 - I guess this is a fittable song for her cause she's got sass but somehow, it's not showing tonight. This is a very bland performance from her, I'm not feeling anything at all and it took me back to the first time I saw her, great singer but no connection or emotion and it's a pity, cause I think she just runied all her chances. And I'm not even sure this is worthy of a wildcard spot. - VIDEO

Linni Barresjö


"The Edge Of Glory" (Lady Gaga) - 5,5/10 - She looks different, it's a bit weird. And so is this performance. Her vocals sound totally off and I can't help it but she looks like the swedish Sarah, who won the danish XF. This is probably one of the weakest female performances I've seen this far. She's sound plain and karaoke, I don't think she should ever touch Gaga again. - VIDEO

Roshana Hoss


"My Heart Is Refusing Me" (Loreen) - 8,5/10 - Perfect song for her and I love the red hair, it makes her stand out and it doesn't look as tacky as it could. She's got a great voice and the slow tempo on this song is a fantastic idea. She's connected with the song and she's delivering an emotional performance, a thing Dounia lacks. She deserves to be in the finals. - VIDEO

Magdalena Reise


"I Have Nothing" (Whitney Houston) - 6/10 - I hope she remembers her lines this time around. Haha. The song choice is good for her but unfortunately, her voice isn't delivering as it should. There are many bad notes in this performance, too much pitchiness. She sounds like Molly at times and I like that but she's either too nervous or her voice isn't prepared for this. - VIDEO

Molly Pettersson Hammar


"A woman’s worth" (Alicia Keyes) - 10/10 - Wow! Molly is definitely the breakout star tonight. The most impressive thing is that she's just 15!! She sounds so mature and her voice is so fantastic! She's like the lovechild of Adele and Joss Stone. Fabulous performance, probably one of the best I've seen in a while. Soul, passion and the pipes to match them. You are looking at a talented lady here.  - VIDEO


Incredible Molly and Linni are the contestants advancing to the finals tonight. Molly was just breathtaking and Linni despite being average, and the worst of the episode, has shown some promise in the past weeks so I get why people voted for her. Poor Roshanna deserved a spot in the finals and I bet she gets a wildcard tomorrow. And final result, the girls are so much better than the boys, I think they'll dominate this season.