August/Sept 2011/ My Lad is Hotter Than Your Lad /2011/ Winner is......

Hello ....we have reached the end of My Lad is Hotter than Your Lad for 2011..and our winner is..Robbie Williams...who edges Jason Orange by a hair !************************************ After a month of posts on the individual talents of the Fab Five..time for the decision ! 2011 My Lad is Hotter Than Your Lad Poll Which Take That Member is the Hottest?
Gary Barlow 30 (19%) - Howard Donald 20 (13%) - Jason Orange 38 (25%)
Mark Owen 24 (15%) - Robbie Williams 40 (26%)

Votes so far: 152
Poll closed
****Congrats to CATT Network Senior Admin Advisor Lisa T & Robbie Williams fans world- wide for a winning presentation & voting Robbie on to victory !

Thanks to everyone for voting..Roll on My Lad 2012

(To relive My Lad 2011
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