Linnea Henriksson: "Väldigt Kär/Obegripligt Ensam" Out Now!


UPDATE: Amazing music video added!

Favourite Idol Swden, if not any Idol series, contestant ever, the unique Linnea Henriksson is the latest S7 hopeful to put out a single, after Jay Smith, Minnah Karlsson and Olle Hedberg, who placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively, all went on to release their music. Linnea has without a doubt the most quirky voice I ever heard, up to the point where people may confuse her vocal greatness to simple mediocrity. Coming 4th was definitely a dissapointment for her, but things were looking great for her ... She singed a record deal with Sony and her debut single, the outstanding out of this world "Väldigt Kär/Obegripligt Ensam" was released, charting at a surprising #13, which is really great conisdering the lack of promotion she's been getting. Things look great for this young amazing artist, and if she keeps impressing with her originality and unique musical style, I see her going really far ...

Listen after the JUMP ...

 Buy "Väldigt Kär/Obegripligt Ensam" HERE (SE)


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