Hello...Welcome to My Lad is Hotter Than Your Lad /Howard Donald Week...Join us for a look at Howard Paul Donald

Howard Paul Donald (born 28 April 1968) is an English singer-songwriter, drummer, pianist, dancer, DJ and house producer. He is a member of English pop band Take That. ------------------As you can see by the scenery/photos ..Howard Donald has a lot to offer in the Hot category.. Talented DJ, musician, singer /dancer and as the oldest member of Take That ,Howard has turned back the hands of time in being physically fit, handling the rigors of touring , the pop star life well. ....as his legion of fans will attest too. --Howard Donald epitomises well toned features, strong muscular structure, and a lean ,mean look....the phrase"You wear it well" certainly applies here....

To present her case and the views of millions of Howard Donald fans around the globe, CATT Networks Co-Admin/Admin of US_Take That Fans Twitter Page Maria

(CATT Network thanks Maria for the photos& content of this segment)

-----------------------------My Lad/Howard Donald Week/Post #1---------------------- This week we will feature Howard Donald in the My lad is hotter then yours . The pictures and the videos say it all but here are the top 4 reasons why Howard is HOT HOT HOT !!!!!!!. Today we feature

"Howard the bod" His nickname from the start of Take That and we can see why . Always "fit" no matter what the age


---Howard Donald Tribute - Affirmation


--Kidz - Jason & Howard dance off (The Progress Tour - 23.06.2011 ...


-----Take That's Howard Donald proves he's still got it as he shows off impressive physique on the beach in Barbados Mail Online

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1342248/Take-Thats-Howard-Donald-proves-hes-got-shows-impressive-physique-beach-Barbados.html ----------------------Howard Donald's videoclip


------------------------Making of Said It All HQ

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQVMHbdfNiQ ----Take That Progress Tour- London 2011 (Behind the Scenes) Part I



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