So for the Final word on X Factor BootCamp CATT Network Co Mod-US_Take That fans Twitter Page Mod and Gary Barlow fan Maria

Okay it's my take on X Factor this week on our weekly Monday with Judge Barlow segment

Let me tell you this one was the best so far. It was a double bill of boot camp. The first shock came when one group was eliminated before boot camp ever began . So what do you think these people did . Go find the judges of course. What are they going to tell them ? They reviewed the tapes and your group did not meet par with the rest. Simple . Gary let them know I am not wasting my time or yours .

Then the boot camp was in full swing where the contestands found out they need to group up in mixed groups . Nice idea. Very American Idol like though. I am not sure I am crazy about hearing the same song sang 10 times though unless it was a Take That song lol.

Some of the favourites did well and some not so good. Janet is still wonderful. Gary really loves her. Who can help it . Frankie is a fan favourite bum or no bum . Goldie well what can we say about Goldie . She has good taste in men . She made she she stood out with her
floor dancing and when she made it through the solo stage the next day she proceeds to chase Gary around the stadium to get to him . Okay you would think he could run a little faster by now . He has been chased by fans for the last 20 years. Where is Paul and James when you need them lol

The groups have been announced finally after couple of weeks of twitter rumors. Gary has got the Boys. He will do well . If he needs any help dont be alarmed because uncle Robbie is coming to the party.

Next week we see our X Factor boys sunning it up in LA with Robbie and Gary . If you believe all the rumors so far , Robbie could also make an appearance in his birthday suit. Who is there ?


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