Sunday Part 1

Here at CATT we like to offer a secial remembrance to all the people affected by 9/11 . Let's hope all the love gets spread around the world and no more violence This Sunday in Take Take That land
a. Gary will be playing Hyde Park tonight. Look out for news on this all day. Listen live BBC Radio 2
> b. More on X Factor double bill
&; Notes &&; Hyde Park, London. Will be filled with 40.000 people in a couple of hours and
I will be playing! @BBCRadio2 > Caro Emerald

> Are you >\ ndro/ > ; 576/ > > > Getting ready for the off to Hyde Park. Thank goodness the sun is shinin g. Bring it on... @BBCRadio2 @achrisevans
> Slinky Lynn Ellis
& -crush


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