Take That Progress Live Tour/Ekstra Bladet - sultry lobster

Follow-up to the PLT story of Take That canceling 2nd Copenhagen show

internationally renowned chefs and streamlined service, is again found itself in the spotlight. And did not this time, the interest used for marketing purposes.

FOOD police were yesterday at the control visit in the kitchen, and it has resulted in an angry smiley, and a fine of 10,000 kroner Why? Because the restaurant kept the raw lobster and fresh fish at too high temperatures - which of course is a very unfortunate combination that can result in serious food poisoning. Last time, restaurant Nimb Bar'n'Grill in the amusement park did earn mention was when Robbie Williams recovered from the Take That hit the road passing in July after a successful concert in the park. Robbie and his company were eating seafood - half lobster to be exact - and the day after Take That had to cancel the group's second concert in the park. Robbie was pale and woe-sick at the hotel and broke up, etc.

Now it could not be established with certainty that Robbie's stomach poisoning was due to the lobster. It was good enough an obvious idea, but direct evidence could not be generated. The Tivoli was not slow to point to. A waiter at Nimb went a step further and said that the singer's indisposition was linked with the consumption of drugs.

This time, notify Tivoli, to the too hot raw lobster and fresh fish have been destroyed and that the acid smiley into 'super-seriously'. However, not more than smiley by Ekatrabladet control plug against the rules were placed in the lobster-height - that is very close to the floor.

RESTAURANT Nimb is not alone in violating the most basic food rules. The new list of madsvin is again cubits long and includes for example the popular Jensen's Steakhouse on Axel Torv in Copenhagen. Here, food control along a sour smiley out and topped with a fine of 15,000 kroner

IT'S not just for fun, the food control authorities check on restaurants, cafes and supermarkets handling food properly. Food poisoning can be fatal. Therefore, Ekstra Bladet continue to confront sinners.

A sultry lobster is not something to joke about.

Sweating roast beef and mold in the kitchen 11:33, 21 September 2011 Lunch Partner ApS: We apologize and move 11:33, 21 September 2011
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Original Text:Fordi restauranten opbevarede rå hummer og fersk fisk ved alt for høje temperaturer – hvilket som bekendt er en særdeles uheldig kombination, der kan resultere i alvorlig madforgiftning. Show alternative translations
Ekstra Bladet - sultry lobster


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