Hello --Happy Weekend...Happy Autumn.

.we have been rumbling thru CATT Senior Admin Lisa T. desk again...today we find our first of Autumn surprises and games....

"It's fall and that makes me think of road rallies, although I admit I've actually only participated in one. It's on my bucket list to do again before I die. I thought it might be fun to do a virtual road rally with CATT members searching the internet super highways for the answers. " .....................Sounds like a Plan..Here are the first questions......................
----Question 1: What color is the logo on the back of the ladies gray reunited t-shirt?

---Question 2: What is the 19th album featured on which Gary collaborates as a writer?

----Question 3: How many styles of jeans does Ferrell offer and what are they?

----Question 4: What is Howard holding and looking at in the WWWY video still?

So this weekend we will look for Rally answers to these questions..no worries

Saturday we have more questions and Today's answers.. enjoy the game and the videos below *********************************

--Take That - «Clown Medley*» [At Wembley / The Circus Live ...


--Take That - Beautiful World Tour - Relight My Fire



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