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Mark Owen Fanmeeting January 2012, London. Tickets on sale right now via Paypal. Can't miss it!
1 hour ago
-------------------------NowMag Now Magazine
We can't wait to hear what music Tulisa and Gary Barlow produce!
1 hour ago

-------------------teambuilding_co TeamBuilding Company
Dont forget to tune into the X Factor this weekend to see @PrincipalHayley Selsdon Park Hotel. If the venues good enough for Gary Barlow...
1 hour ago

----------------------take_that_news Take That News
6 minutes ago

--------------------------Bell DawBell (Gary Barlow mention)
Well check us out! On the ball this week, earliest DawBell News ever!! Celebrate with us by having a quick gander - 20 Sep
----------------------------bangtidyshirts TEAM GARY BARLOW X Factor 2011 T-SHIRT Take That robby 4 hours ago

------------------------XFactorCentral X Factor Central
The #XFactor UK is to receive new titles for the live shows - could they be based on those for The #XFactorUSA? What did you make of them? 4 hours ago
-------------------------Rock4UMusic Rock Music
The death throes of the great American songbook: In the X-Factor history of pop, of course, everything gets smoo... 2 hours ago
---------------------------------------------------OG_Sunglasses Oliver Goldsmith
Robbie Williams in OG Lord again (Black Quartz) via @twitpic 16 Sep
--------------------------------------------popledge Sarah H
GARY BARLOW X FACTOR - DID HE BULLY CERI REES? #cerirees #garybarlow 15 minutes ago 
 -----xfactorreviewukXfactor Review 
X Factor UK v X Factor USA: Celebrity Face Off: X Factor UK boasts Kelly Rowland, Tulisa Contostavlos, Gary Barl...    28 minutes ago  

Good Friday all..Today's Take That News:
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---------------------TM_XFactor The X Factor
X Factor 2011 bootcamp: Hopefuls struggle with dancing! #xfactor 1 hour ago
-phlippanaylorPhilippa Naylor                     
Just smiled at Jason Orange because I thought he was someone I knew. #awkward                  5 hours ago       -----TracyLovesTT_OM╪ Tracy ╪ GARY BARLOW CALENDAR       21 minutes ago       ---- EgansJimmyEgansBoxing Jason orange from take that is coming to support the show tonight. 5 hours
------------------xbritney X-Britney
O diretor de fotografia do vídeo de Criminal é Will Bex, q já trabalhou com Kylie Minogue, Cheryl Cole, Robbie Williams 5 hours ago-----------------JamesM_Army
i knew Gary Barlow wouldn't do anything so horrible, what really happened has been exaggerated read Comments below 4 hours ago
-----------------------------------------GradJobMarket Graduate News
X Factor 2011: Simon Cowell won’t ban criminals from either series - UnReality TV: Last week on the UK series we... 1 minute ago      
--------------------XFactorDaily11 X Factor News
X Factor's Gary Barlow takes Simon Cowell's Mr Nasty crown 1 hour ago         

-------------------3am 3am
An X Factor pregnancy! How delightful/awkward 34 minutes ago
----------Tulisa has already dismissed four X Factor contestants for partying too hard at the Judge’s Houses stages. No nonsense! 18 minutes ago

---XFactorToFind X Factor
The _X Factor_ is working it's magic on the charts once more this year, with songs performed on the ITV show,... 38 minutes ago
----Reminder-Vote for Howard Donald-LisaO2011 Lisa2011
I voted for HOWARD DONALD on @thedjlist!
4 hours ago    

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Ok! Magazine Kate Moss is throwing an X Factor party! 1 hour ago
------------------------INDABAHN Indabahn Club
Am 02ten Oktober ist es soweit, wir feiern 7 Jahre Indaba mit Howard Donald von Take That! Wir verlosen für diesen...    Sep      
------------------------------emmaorangebyrne Take That
Jason Orange was put on the not very nice list as he refused to have his photo taken in Kensington Park thats not nice Jay ;) xx
20 hours ago
---------------------------XFactorDaily11 X Factor News
Is the X Factor dream over for Scots hopeful Jade Richards?
2 hours ago


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