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Popledge returns with a Fortnight of TakeThat News & Notes:

Hi all - I wanted to write a bit this week as there have been a few big changes for PopLedge. We have now launched to a self-hosted .co.uk site!
 *****************We are always open to feedback so if anyone visits and wants to say anything then please feel free either @popledge on Twitter or you can get our email address from the 'PopLedge People' section.
*************I am also saying 'we' as I have another busy bee on the team in the form of Matt - he is helping when he can and although he doesn't like Take That as much as me he likes Robbie and also likes Progress so he's pretty much ok ; )
With the introduction of the new site it is now much easier to check on our Take That news! It is all under the section 'Thatters' and also the search button is much better!
So here is the most recent Take That news from the new PopLedge site!************************

•Mark Owen 2am interview from Wembley
•Gary Barlow - we set the record straight over 'bullying' stories
•DJHD promotional poster for Pitu Club
•New mixes of Love Love with WWWY and I Found Heaven
•Gary Barlow interview dates
•Manchester Rocks and all Children in Need news
•Robbie launching his clothing range
•Gary Barlow Hyde Park Review and videos    --
Pop + Knowledge = PopLedge!
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popledgeSarah H LISTEN: TAKE THAT - NEW EDIT - 'LOVE LOVE' FROM PROGRESSED + MORE!  http://bit.ly/q5yFDI #garybarlow #howarddonald 22 Sep

popledgeSarah H DJHD HOWARD DONALD PROMOTIONAL POSTER! PITU CLUB GERMANY.    http://bit.ly/qY8RfE #DJHD   #howarddonald 22 sept 

----popledgeSarah H GARY BARLOW AND JOHN SHANKS WRITE WESTLIFE'S NEW SONG  http://bit.ly/pk1uso #garybarlow #greatesthits 19 Sep

--popledgeSarah H X FACTOR BLOG/REVIEW 18 SEPTEMBER 2011- BRADLEY AND TERRY SHINE!  http://bit.ly/rjvFrS #garybarlow #jasonorange   18 Sep  

--popledgeSarah H TAKE THAT CHAT THE THREE MUSKETEERS!  http://bit.ly/naktom #garybarlow #howarddonald   18 Sep

--popledgeSarah H PL: X Factor UK Review/Blog 17th September 2011 - JOHN ADAMS AND JOHN WILDING IMPRESS!   http://Po.co.uk/?p=545  #2shoes #garybarlow #johnadams   17 Sep  

----popledgeSarah H PopLedge: MARK OWEN TALKS ABOUT GOODBYES : (  http://popledge.co.uk/?p=473 #garybarlow #howarddonald #jasonorange   16 Sep

----popledgeSarah H POPLEDGE IS MOVING! - So I haven’t been posting as much recently as I’ve been working on a NEW SITE!! It’s... http://tumblr.com/xzp4pw7coa       16 Sep      


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