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 ----X Factor 2011: Nearly half of contestants axed at bootcamp before even singing: Every year on The X Factor, the ... http://bit.ly/pNEnXL
-------XFactor_XFactor X Factor: Kelly Rowland in turmoil after contestant is booted off show due to ...   http://bit.ly/oQgigx   34
-----JamesM_ArmyJames Michael Gary Barlow raves about James Michael at X Factor bootcamp | Unreality TV  http://www.unrealitytv.co.uk/x-factor/gary-barlow-raves-about-james-michael-at-x-factor-bootcamp/  3 hours ago
Rumor-------------------------------------------NOOOOOpopledge Sarah H
Spoiler...pretty sure they split up the Keys later... 2 minutes ago Favo
-----------------------LOL3am 3am
Can he see Tulisa headlining festivals, is the real question. #xfactor 3 minutes ago 
--------------------OMKelly Kelly Rowland
Be sure to tune in to ITV1 to watch Kelly on the X Factor now or click the link [  http://goo.gl/fb/K8tWu ] to view the show!   4 minutes ago
XFactorDaily11X Factor News
X Factor battles begin as Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh argue over role http://bit.ly/p9WM3F    2 hours
-----XFactorDaily11X Factor News Tonight's X Factor bootcamp filmed at Selsdon Park Hotel  http://bit.ly/nZoYeR 
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-----unrealitytvGerard @ UnrealityTV X Factor 2011: Caroline Flack and Tulisa Contostavlos feel eachother’s boobs after Louis Walsh questions if they...  http://bit.ly/pN6jXX  16 minutes ago
-----TheSunNewspaperThe Sun Newspaper X Factor star Lascel Wood's porn past shame -  http://bit.ly/nQynmv 46 minutes ago
--ManchesterNewsManchester News
X Factor hopeful takes rebuff badly – The Press Association - Daily Mail X Factor hopeful takes rebuff badlyThe...  http://fb.me/109oR0zcg
-----TM_XFactorThe X Factor X Factor 2011: Sian Phillips axed from judges' houses due to criminal past  http://bit.ly/ormgxR  #xfactor 53 minutes ago 
--------TM_XFactorThe X Factor Luke Lucas disappoints the judges at bootcamp! http://bit.ly/pKvKLq  #xfactor 1 hour ago
-----------------------stephensaulStephen Saul This @Guardian article presumes fans of @TheXFactor are brainless consumers:  http://bit.ly/r3igzk #XFactor
2 hours ago
----------------------glasgow1967D M Gordon X Factor judge Kelly Rowland hints at finalist from Glasgow audition: After Jade Richards ..  http://bit.ly/n57Wk9  #News #Scotland #UK 2 hours ago
-----------------------BlackpoolNews4uLancs Blackpool X Factor 2011, episode 8, preview – Telegraph.co.uk - Telegraph.co.uk X Factor 2011, episode 8, previewTelegraph.co.... http://ow.ly/1eOPlB   2 hours ago
------------------------------whodofthunkitericrip1 X Factor: One day soon someone will commit suicide over being humiliated on show - mirror.co.uk:  http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/columnists/parsons/2011/09/24/x-factor-one-day-someone-will-commit-suicide-over-being-humiliated-on-show-115875-23441716/#.Tn1_kNdmzGE.twitteruk/news/columnist… via @DailyMirror
2 hours ago
-----------------------------popledgeSarah H X FACTOR PREVIEW: VIDEOS FROM SATURDAYS SHOW! http://bit.ly/pVh9Pb  #garybarlow #xfactor 31 minutes ago
*popledge ---------------------Sarah H
X FACTOR 2011 REVIEW - BOOTCAMP EPISODE ONE   http://bit.ly/ruvP2I  #bootcamp #garybarlow
1 minute ago -----------------------------------XFactorCentral X Factor Central
Kitty Brucknell and Honey Shazab clash during group task at #Bootcamp2011  http://www.xfactorcentral.net/news/uk/kitty-brucknell-honey-shazab-clash-at-bootca.xfc #xfactor
3 minutes ago 
--------------------------------------SORTEDPA SORTED PA
Interesting profile: “@guardian: Reality check: Simon Cowell on music + the X Factor  http://gu.com/p/323ab/tw  (via @guardianweekend) #longreads”
6 minutes ago 
X factor bootcamp twist harsh!!! But oh well. At least they got a glass of champers & a bus ticket home! #xfactorXFactorCentral ----------------------X Factor Central
Kitty Brucknell, Candice Barron, Terry Winstanley, Lascel Wood and Honey Shazad are in the first group to perform at #Bootcamp2011 #xfactor  1 minute ago 59 seconds ago 
--------------------------------------TheTVDiaries TheTVDiaries
X FACTOR UK: Are you favourites still in the competition??
12 minutes ago  
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GA247 Girls Aloud 24/7
Cheryl Cole snubbed by 'The Voice' - What's On TV http://bit.ly/roySSr #girlsaloud 7 minutes ago : 
-------------------------------XFactorCentral X Factor Central
Things have take a turn for the worse at #Bootcamp2011... the judges are on a downer and not even Luke Lucas can cheer them up #xfactor 2 minutes ago

--------------TM_XFactor The X Factor
X Factor 2011: Lizzie Colbourne breaks down at bootcamp after forgetting the words  http://bit.ly/nWATaG #xfactor
1 minute ago 

------------------------------------XFactorCentral X Factor Central
Things don't get much better as Johnny Robinson and Lizzie Colbourne forget their words... Come on guys!! #xfactor  1 minute ago
---------------------------------TheXFactor The X Factor
For the record, #Twitter guy has never felt like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again. #FireworkLyrics
2 minutes ago 
-------------------------XFactorCentral X Factor Central
Nicole Simpson, Joe Cox, Jade Richards and The Keys and next on stage singing 'You've Got The Love', and all impress the panel #xfactor  55 seconds ago
=======================XFactorCentral X Factor Central
The Keys, Goldie, Kitty, Janet and Jade are all amongst those we will be seeing again on tomorrow's show #xfactorbootcamp
8 minutes ago 
----------------------------XFactorCentral X Factor Central
Day 1 of #Bootcamp comes to an end at 1.30am... after the break, the judges will be sending two-thirds of the acts home #xfactorbootcamp
1 minute ago


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