Best and worst group performances!

During the X Factor auditions, we learned that our judges have a favorite term for when a performer is doomed from the start: "DOA," or "dead on arrival." Morbid, but it certainly gets its point across. Which is probably why we saw them repeatedly whispering the word to each other throughout auditions. No doubt there were way too many DOAs during those long days.

Last night, X Factor Bootcamp began, and while no original DOAs remained from auditions, the stakes and pressure turned a few seemingly solid performers in that direction. After making their first cut down to 100 acts, the judges split the acts into eight assigned groups, then assigned each group a song to perform together. The challenge tested each performer on a variety of levels: How quickly they could learn and master a new song (in some cases, a new, unfamiliar AND outside-their-territory song), how well they could work with others, and whether they could shine under that kind of pressure and in that group scenario.
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