Hello...... we recived this wonderful essay at CATT Yahoo from CATT member Marcelle regarding the Radio Times interview with Gary Barlow and in respnse to our Popledge post..we wanted to post it and say

" Well Done" to Marcelle....

Hi, just wanted to add my 2 cents worth:

I think it is also important to note the following re the Radio Times article

1) It was written before Gary's interview on the Jonathan Ross show, where according to Dawbell, his words were twisted and taken out of context. Take That are all on a break with at least 3 of the members (Rob, Gary and Howard) doing publicised solo projects.

2) Gary is co-writing with Rob, on Rob's album.

3) The emphasis should be placed on the 'fluid' nature of the group and not "Rob has left Take That". Unfortunately the UK press seem to think that this doesnt make for good headlines. It is completely inaccurate to say that Rob has left Take That, it is just that the current contract has ended and the group are taking a break.

4) Rob has made several comments during the last few weeks that he intends to remain a member of the group, and has even hinted at a 25th anniversary gig with TT. He has also stated that he wants to do a whole show instead of the 3 part format used in Progress Live.

5) Radio Times have made the very unusual move of releasing an audio clip of the Gary interview. However please dont put any value to this - we do not have the entire interview and it is very easy to make things look and sound differently to that of reality. Radio Times were caught in a position that could have embarrassed them, and in an attempt to save face, suddenly released that audio.

6) This is the most important point for me - Rob has NOT said that he has left, it would be unfair to rely on an interview by Gary which arguably was taken out of context and conclude that Rob has left, especially when both Rob and Dawbell have said the exact opposite.

7) The UK press are trying to create a rift between Rob and the rest of Take That, because it sells papers. The next headline will be Rob rejoins the group again after solo success/failure. The truth of course is that he never left, but hey, let's not let the truth get in the way of a good story.

8) With everything that Gary and Howard are doing, no one mentioned anything about Take That breaking up, so why all the fuss about Rob?

Anyway that's my 2 cents worth, we will soon see what happens!

Take care


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