Hello...We have reached the end of our Sept/Oct segment Take That Fave Moments/ Insight Interviews....as we have taken a look at key interviews from the Take That Boys spanning 20 years..thanks to the interest of everyone, this has been quite rewarding to see the progression of our fave bands..Today we take on the Q Magazine interview the first look at Take That after the announcement that Robbie Williams have returned to the band....

Coming Soon: Take 1 & Take 2 a Look back at the Chronicles of Take that and "Who said it" our game of Take that quotes taken from the books.... (Some Photos for this segments courtesy of CATT Archives)

==Robbie Williams rejoins Take That
**Just announced! Q Magazine has a world exclusive for it's December issue, which will feature the first print interview with Take That including Robbie Williams for more than 15 years. Q293: Take That - Exclusive behind the scenes cover shoot photos.

--Q293 - Take That: Interview transcripts - Howard Donald. http://news.qthemusic.com/2010/11/q293_take_that_-_howard_donald.html
---Q293 - Take That: Interview transcripts - Gary Barlow.

The interview was conducted by Q's Editor-in-chief Paul Rees, who amongst other things covered the topics of how the once unlikely reunion with Williams came about and the recording of their new album Progress, the band's first with Robbie since he quit 15 years ago. ******************
Talking about the issue, which is out on Tuesday, October 26 Paul said "The Take That reunion has unquestionably been the biggest story in music this year and Q is delighted to be the first to tell it in depth. Personally I think everyone is at least curious about Take That right now. Over the course of the last couple of records they've successfully reinvented themselves - and they also put on a genuinely great live show."
He added, "Even before Robbie returned they were arguably the biggest band in Britain. On those factors alone they'd be a Q cover band. The return of Robbie has only magnified that."
In the interview Robbie Williams describes the moment of speaking with Gary Barlow for the first time properly since the Take That split:

"[It was] One of the most amazing nights of my life, I went from having a real problem with this person to literally rolling on the floor laughing with him 10 minutes later. We were genuinely sorry that we'd upset each other."

In the candid discussion, when asked if he was envious of Robbie following the demise of Take That, Gary was frank:

"Fucking right I was. The thing I've learned from having Rob back in my life is that it wasn't being envious of him, it was more that I love being in the industry. I love days like today, doing a photo shoot, being driven here in a nice car. It's a nice life. And it's fucking temporary, unless you're incredibly lucky. He was getting all the stuff I wanted. I hated it when he had a pop at me, but it didn't keep me awake at night. I was just longing to get back into the industry. It was snatched away from me overnight."
The band also describe how new album Progress marks a new, more collaborative phase for Take That, with each member of the band contributing to the songwriting and musical direction.

Gary Barlow: "We literally wrote it in the same way as the hip hop guys do."
Mark Owen: "And which hip hop guys are those. Jay Zed?"
Gary Barlow: "Dr Dre, and erm Will.i.Am"
Robbie Williams: "Who else"
Gary Barlow: "Lionel Richie"
--Take That - The Flood

---Q293 - Take That: Interview transcripts - Jason Orange.
http://news.qthemusic.com/2010/11/q293_take_that_-_jason_orange.html ---Q293 - Take That: Interview transcripts - Robbie Williams. http://news.qthemusic.com/2010/11/q293_take_that_-_robbie_willia.html

--Q293 - Take That: Interview transcripts - Mark Owen. ---- http://news.qthemusic.com/2010/11/q293_take_that_-_mark_owen_int.html

------Take That - «The Flood» [Skavlan] [HD]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y35goPqZbi0 ---Take That - «The Flood» [The Royal Variety Performance 2010] [HD]


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