Hello..We are back to ourOct 2011/Take That Tour DVD's segment

...Today we journey back to 1994-- TakeThat is the #1 band in the UK/Europe/World ....(sounds like today..be we digress ) anyway..... The Boys hit Berlin during their UK/ European tour..and well it is a fave of the CATT Crew..so we will stop talking & ..get ready for Take That Live in Berlin**

----Everything Changes Tour -Tour by Take That -Associated album Everything Changes
Start date November 8, 1993 -End date April 24, 1994 -Legs 2 -Shows 43 (total)
Take That tour chronology -Party Tour-(1992-1993) Everything Changes Tour
(1993-1994) Pops Tour-(1994)

( Some photos are from CATT Archives,CATT thanks photos submitted by CATT members for this segment.)
*******Reminder-Take That Progress Live Tour release Day -Nov21,2011********

The Everything Changes Tour was the first European concert tour by British boyband Take That. The tour embarked to promote material from forthcoming album Everything Changes.

Tracklist .
1 Another Crack In My Heart 4:59 2 Meaning Of Love 4:30 3 You Are The One 4:32
4 Wasting My Time 3:54 5 Whatever You Do To Me 4:53 6 Everything Changes 3:35
7 Take That And Party Medley 7:11 8 Rock N Roll Medley 6:12 9 A Million Love Songs 3:53 10 Babe 4:55 11 If This Is Love 3:59 12 Love Ain't Here Anymore 3:57 13 Relight My Fire 4:12 14 Pray 3:41 15 Could It Be Magic

Take That - Berlin - Wasting My Time (4)
)------------------------Take That Rock'n Roll Medley (Live 1994)

-------5-Take That Live at Berlin(94)-Whatever You Do To Me
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INAMd6Vj4cs ---14-Take That Live at Berlin(94)- Pray

----Take That - You're the one (Live in Berlin)
---)Take That - Berlin - Relight My Fire (12)

---Take That - Berlin - Everything Changes (6)
----Take That - Berlin - A Million Love Songs/Babe (10)

--Take That - Berlin - Take That & Party Album Medley (7) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alNuNS5Z4SE
---Take That - Berlin - Could It Be Magic/End (15)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhYEuWRRY24 Take That - Berlin - Wasting My Time (4) - YouTube


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