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The Wonderful Take That the Party*************** Wikipedia ****************************1989–93: Take That & PartyIn 1989, Nigel Martin-Smith sought to create a British male vocal singing group. Martin-Smith's vision, however, was a teen orientated group that would aim across more than one demographic segment of the music industry. Martin-Smith was introduced to young singer songwriter Gary Barlow and was so impressed with Barlow's catalogue of self-written material he decided to build his new look boyband around Barlow's musical abilities.

--------------------------- A campaign to audition young men with abilities in dancing and singing followed and took place in Manchester and other surrounding cities in 1990. At twenty-two, Howard Donald was one of the oldest to audition, but he was chosen after he got time off work as a vehicle painter to continue the process. When asked to recruit other possible candidates, Donald recommended fellow street dancer Jason Orange, who had appeared as a dancer on The Hitman and Her. Mark Owen and Robbie Williams met on the day of their audition and interview. Barlow announced in later years that Martin-Smith's original name for the band was Kick It, however the members of the band did not like it and instead decided to switch it to Take That.[16] Gary Barlow later stated that the name Take That was the "worst of a bad bunch."

“ Once you're famous it doesn't matter what you're called. ”
— Nigel Martin-Smith

Take That's first TV appearance was on The Hitman & Her in 1990, where they performed Barlow's self written unreleased songs "Love" and "My Kind of Girl". They later appeared a second time to perform "Waiting Around", which would become the B-side for the first single, "Do What U Like". "Promises" and "Once You've Tasted Love" were also released as singles but were minor hits in the UK. Take That initially worked the same territory as their American counterparts, singing watered-down new jack R&B, urban soul, and mainstream pop. However the group worked its way toward Hi-NRG dance music, while also pursuing an adult contemporary ballad direction. As they aimed to break into the mainstream music industry they worked a manner of small clubs, schools and events across the country building up a fanbase as they travelled to gigs constantly for months.

The band's breakthrough single was a cover of the 1975s Tavares hit "It Only Takes a Minute", which peaked at number 7 on the UK Singles Chart. This success was followed by the track "I Found Heaven", then by the first Barlow ballad "A Million Love Songs" which again reached number 7. Their cover of the Barry Manilow disco hit "Could It Be Magic" gave them one of their biggest hits to date, peaking at number 3 in the UK. Their first album, Take That and Party, was released in 1991, and included all the hit singles to date.

---------Take That - The Party - Opening/Take That & Party (1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XnOs_k26ik ----Take That - The Party @ Wembley - Satisfied (4)

----------Take That - The Party - Do What You Like (6)

------Take That & Party - The Video (2)


--------Take That - The Party - Give Good Feeling Pt2 (14)

---------------Take That - The Party - Motown Medley Pt1 (9)

----Take That - The Party - Give Good Feeling Pt1 (13)


---Take That - The Party - Take That & Party Medley (20)



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