Hello..Welcome to the second part of CATT's Oct2011 segments...Take 1&Take 2.. The Books of Record on Take That
Amazingly it been two years since the boys released Take 1 7 Take 2 for the Christmas season and these books of record have been touchstones for Thatters as the Boys give tidbits from over Twenty years of Take That Product Description Amazon UK
Product Description
Take One and Take Two published together, each with a specially designed jacket, in a limited edition slipcase. With a print run of only 1,000 copies, each of the slipcased editions contains a gift certificate signed by the four members of the band.
Take One gains you exclusive insight into life on tour during Take That's early years, with over 150 never-before-seen photographs. To accompany these exceptional unseen images, a narrative, written by the boys runs throughout, candidly and humorously documenting the highs and lows, the frenzy and hysteria - and the often surreal moments - of the meteoric rise of the world's greatest boy band.

In Take Two the boys tell the amazing story of their incredible comeback in 2006 for the first time. With over 150 exclusive and personal images, and accompanied by humorous and revealing commentary written by the boys, relive first-hand the exceptional, and often heart-warming experiences that make up the second part of the Take That story.

So we will post over the next few weeks our fave photos and quotes from Take 1 & Take 2..but with a twist.... we will post a quote..but "Who said it" Let's get started
"There were two places that always went down best on our early club tours.One was Newcastle and the other was Hollywood in Romford. Whenever we turned up there was absolute chaos."

"Nobody was allowed in Mark's hotel room on the tour Lulu did with us.He'd hide himself away and light his joss stricks and meditate.that was what he told us,anyway,Lulu definitely had an influence on him"

"We sang "How Deep is Your Love" on our last ever TV show in Holland.At the rehearshals we were so bored we dropped our trousers to keep us entertained.It was way before You Tube and you really didn't think for a second that any of this stuff would be seen again."

"A Danish girl game me my ring when we were on promotion.It said "Veni,Vidi,Vici" We Came, We Saw,We Conquered" She's probably married now with seven kids,but we were close for a while"
Take That - Back For Good
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2ICtCO8TCw ---Take That - When We Were Young http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlVw6eGpY5g


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