Popledge repport on the Gary Barlow Radio Times interview

Gary Barlow’s Radio Times interview has been revealed today, we have a copy and we’ve read it all. No doubt Captain Barlow is having the time of his life at the moment is the first thing that jumps out of the page along with his love of the industry and the two women in his life Dawn (his wife) and his mother Majorie who now travels everywhere with him since the death of Gary’s father.

Another thing that really comes across is that Take That are a fluid being and that Take That are once again a four-piece. The quote is undeniable. It is written as Gary said it, nothing has been changed. He confirmed that Robbie Williams is now working on his solo record which will likely be out in early 2012 and that Take That four will be carrying on the Take That name. Dawbell (Take That’s PR company) we quick to deny that Robbie has left the band….and to us he hasn’t left he’s just having a year or two out for his solo career. No-one has left the band, the band is fluid and surely that is a good thing. As long as there is music being produced by Take That then all is good.


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