pooh1978 Don’t panic, Robbie Williams HASN’T left Take That heatworld.com http://goo.gl/sIA6M 3 hours ago

Rumours were swirling on twitter today that Take That had released an official statement confirmed that Robbie Williams had left the band once again and Take That were again to operate as a four-piece for the foreseeable future.

Twitter is a problem though, one tweet can get re-tweeted 10 tens and then by those 10 people another 10 times and before you know it ‘Robbie’s left’ is trending worldwide and fans are in meltdown.
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Take That @takethat Update - TT4 without Robbie Williams back for good? http://bit.ly/qG0S2r #garybarlow #robbiewilliams 2 hours ago

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what's this rumour about Robbie Williams leaving Take That?
3 hours ago
-------------------------------heatworld heat & heatworld
It's ok, don't panic! We've spoken to Take That's people, and Robbie is still in the band. Yay!
3 hours ago
-------------------------------heatworld heat & heatworld
We're hearing gossip that Robbie has left Take That again - we're finding out what's going on.... 3 hours ago


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