Robbie Williams fan de Port Vale est 51ème de la 442 The Football Rich List - - mieux que Bruel au PSG
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51. Robbie Williams £90m
Port Vale (Last year £85m, 52nd)

The artist formerly known to Noel Gallagher as a "fat dancer" could be in for a bonanza – and Port Vale's faithful will no doubt be hoping he will spend some of it on the Valiants. Williams is not just the Burslem club's most famous fan, he's also their leading shareholder, having in February 2006 bought £240,000 worth of the £250,000 of available shares in the club (the other £10,000 was bought by a stairlift firm).

Williams' previous six-album deal with EMI – worth a record-breaking £80m which may never be topped – has expired, but the record company are negotiating a £40m tie-up with Williams that would give them a slice of the Take That star's income from touring, merchandising and publishing rights. The deal is expected to include another three albums plus a further greatest hits package.
The fruits of his last EMI record deal in 2002 are evident in Williams' disclosed income, which exceeded £89.1m over the period from 2002 to 2009. With the proceeds of 95m album sales and 40m single sales before and after the EMI deal, accumulated earnings and the money now flowing in, Williams should be worth £90m but will go higher if and when a new deal is signed.

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