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Gary Barlow has asked the public buy Matt Cardle's single and album sales saying "Please support him, he's a top bloke". 1 hour ago
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30 Reasons We Love Gary Barlow – X Factor Take That – celebrity pics
http://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/celebrity/celebrity-galleries/2011/10/30-reasons-we-love-gary-barlow via @glamourmaguk <--now I'm a #thristbucket 2 hours ago
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http://bit.ly/nAT6oj Best band reunions via @gigwise 15 minutes ago
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Top prize record deal axed
http://bit.ly/ngnSCB 25 minutes ago

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X Factor contestants' house faces closure due to fire safety failings
http://goo.gl/fb/tO0Ot @CelebsAndTV #celebsnews 5 minutes ago

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Reminder- Three Musketteer movie premiers in the US this Friday Oct 21st. Tell us if you hear "when we were young " on the big screen 16 minutes ago

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Glamour Magazine UK listed @KELLYROWLAND's X-Factor fab hair by HMA's Charley as a "Do"!
http://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/dos-and-donts/hairstyle-pictures-today/2011/10/17/kelly-rowland-half-up-half-down-styleuk/dos-and-donts/… 1 hour ago
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Do you hope that Robbie Williams has left Take That for good ...: I too went to see them and I really wished Rob...
http://bit.ly/reJOaM 18 hours ago
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Gary Barlow's no perfectionist
http://bit.ly/oYSbF8 7 minutes ago
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http://bit.ly/nxVLRt Gary Barlow 'insincere and patronising' as Strictly wins back viewers via @dailymail 6 minutes ago
Women of a certain age may like Gary Barlow, but he comes across as insincere and patronising.

Tulisa and Kelly Rowland show too much cleavage for anyone to take them seriously, and Louis Walsh just witters too much.

As for the show itself, at two hours and ten minutes it’s way too long.

It sags like a pair of teenage boy’s trousers, and is just as unappetising.
There are too many adverts and not enough good music.
Read more:
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Already heard @takethat instrumental versions of "Hold up a light" and "Said it all" on US XFactor 5 minutes ago

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PLS RT You can download "when we were young" by@takethat on US Itunes and Amazon US today. 20 minutes ago
--------------------aMurrayMusic Andrew Murray
Gary Barlow is such a massive talent on every level, and knows what he is doing. I can only assume he's had to tow some kind of ITV line. 9 minutes ago

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X Factor 2011: The Risk "honoured" to be a part of this year's charity single!
http://tly.mx/pC3c4f #xfactor 12 minutes ago
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WIN: Three copies of The X Factor 2011 official book to give away!
http://tly.mx/n3Htl2 #xfactor 1 hour ago


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