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Hi everyone Sarah here!
Welcome to week 10 of Bloggers Corner with PopLedge!

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Again it's been a great two weeks to be a Thatter...it's still Gary Barlow mania here in the UK with the X Factor but we also got to see the lovely Howard and Mark at the Three Musketeers film premiere! Here's what we've covered on:
•Jason Orange - snapped with a new dog!
•Radio Rudebox - Robbie interviews Gary!
•Gary Barlow - Ultimate X Factor judge!
•Robbie Williams photos from his 2012 calendar
•Film footage of Gary, Mark and Howard at The Three Musketeers Premiere plus all the photos!

•Gary Barlow - Radio Times photoshoot and our thoughts on a TT5 or TT4 set-up
•Progress Live DVD trailer
•Sideways Sunday this week was a retro Gary Barlow solo track 'For all That You Want.'
•Gary Barlow and Tulisa on Jonathan Ross's chat show
•Peter Kay welcomes Gary Barlow on stage in Manchester - video
•Tracklisting and contents of the Progress Live DVD - plus front cover artwork
•Lots of X Factor gossip/photos of Gary - writing the winners song, photos at rehearsals etc

•Mark Owen's old car on ebay! (it went for £4,400 in the end!)
•X Factor reviews - we produce this every week with some Gary Barlow quotes and photos etc

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