X Factor Australia 2011: Top 10 Perform: Rock


Last week it was Tyla Bertolli's turn to say goodbye when she found herself in the Bottom 2 alongside Jacqui Newland, who was once more saved by the judges, this time by Mel, who decided to eliminate her own act for the competition. The final 10 will now be singing "rock" songs, which are actually not rock enough, but well, the theme is supposed to be rock. Who will nail it tonight? ... It's time to face the music!

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Young Men Society


"Walk This Way" (Aerosmith) - 6/10 - What the hell are they wearing? They are a fluorescent mess tonight. I'm finding this performance to similar to last week's and their vocals aren't doing anything for me tonight. Yeah, their vocals are always good but they just weren't good enough. Forgettable. "Do I think you can rock? Yes I do!" (Nat) "Keep doing that, I'd love to see your show" (Guy) "I thought it was really entertaining but I do think you overdo the dancing ... and I was listening you getting out of breath" (Nat)

Christina Parie


"Give You Hell" (All American Rejects) - 4,5/10 - Another contestant that doesn't give me anything new or special. This is a very flat performance, at least she did something midly different last week, this is just bad karaoke. Oh look, she's doing the rock star thing. Flat vocals, she sounded out of breath, yeah, that was bad. "That was fantastic" (Ronan) "You are already a little star, if there was something negative I've had to say, I'd have want you to sing a little more" (Nat) "You are the ultimate rock chick" (Guy) Really Guy?

Andrew Wishart


"The Flame" (Cheap Trick) - 6,5/10 - He's getting all emotional at the rehersals, he misses his family. Maybe it's time to quit man? The start was definitely very pitchy and this is actually an extremely boring performance. The most boring he's been. If I've to say something good about this, is that he was quite emotional, which was the only reason this performance was kinda memorable. "I love watching you sing and get lost in the song ... you moved me, you felt it and you're just a trustworthy vocalist" (Guy) "I feel you need to toughen up a bit .. I would've like to see you rock out" (Nat) "You moved me, it was incredible, well done" (Ronan)

Johnny Ruffo


"Here Without You" (3 Doors Down)5,5/10  - I never thought I'd say this, but Johnny is actually not sucking that much for once. He still can't sing but he's at least doing a better job than what we've seen him do in the past. He's sounding a little country actually. I'm still hoping he gets cut soon cause he's definitely one of the worst. "You are not the strongest singer in this competition .. but I've to say I liked what Guy did with you this week ... I do think your singing is getting better" (Mel) "You do have something, the longer you stay on this show, I think we'll find what it is" (Ronan) "I don't feel it showed you at your best at all" (Nat)

Three Wishez


"Numb/Encore" (Linkin Park/Jay-Z) - 8/10 - This is probably the best I've seen them. They are totally taking Mel's last week suggestion and the boys are singing much more than usual, good change. I'm still doubty of Joe, he seems to lack energy and really uncomfortable. Fred totally stole the show! He was intense there, almost psycho and I  really enjoyed him. My fave performance from them this far, I'm a little excited now actually. "I so wanna say I loved that but I can't ... I love your commitment, but vocally, it was all over the place" (Nat) "I don't think it was that disastrous ... but all of you have to have a part that's strong" (Guy) "You've done exactly what I wanted you to do" (Mel)

Jacqui Newland


"Shut Up And Drive" (Rihanna) - 7/10 - Poor Jacqui, she keeps landing in the bottom, hope she can avoid it this time around or she'll become the aussie Katie Waissel. She enters the stage in a motorbike, this looks really rocky. It sounds good this time but the song is horrible, worst pick ever. Mel should be fired or let her acts pick their own songs and Jacqui needs to tell Mel she hates the songs. Vocally better than last week but I don't think that performance was enough to save her. "I'm sorry but, welcome to the contest, that was fantastic" (Ronan) "Vocally that was the best you've performed this far" (Nat) "Keep doing that and keep getting better" (Guy)

Reece Mastin


"Dream On" (Aerosmith) - 8,5/10 - Well, this is the perfect theme for him and this is the perfect song, so I expect him to be the best tonight. I love how dramatic the stage looks and Reece sounds bloody great tonight. Finally, he brought me what I wanted to see! Definitely his best, and the best of the night by far. The crazy shout in the falsetto was kinda weird but I forgive him for that, that was a great performance! "You are definitely a showstopper, you are a superstar" (Mel) "You are so good man, you are not just gonna sell records in Australia, you are gonna sell records all over the world" (Ronan) "I can't speak, that was flawless" (Nat)

Audio Vixen


"Good Times" (Jimmy Barnes and INXS)  - 7,5/10 - Is this a rock song? I don't think song. They look very hippie, maybe they went for a 60s rock band? They probably have the best vocals in the competition cause they are flawless everytime but again, there's something missing about them, I don't get excited to see their performances, and I totally agree with Mel, she was spot on with her comment. They do look like a great pub act for me. "Vocally, Rea, OMG, you are fierce. I'm not sure about the styling tonight but vocally you rocked" (Nat) "I think it's just a matter of showing a different side now" (Guy) "As a group you do sound on point but I did feel like I was down the pub listening to a great pub act, I didn't feel that I wanted to stand up and listen to you ... I just haven't seen that extra something from you" (Mel)

Declan Sykes


"Life On Mars" (David Bowie) - 8/10 - Wow, the hair looks awful tonight man. I like the staging, it looks cheesy but it kinda works with Declan. His voice sounds as good as always and I just love his tone on this song. His falsetto improved a lot since his first audition, I do think the key was probably not right, but I enjoyed that. Great performance. "There were moments from that performance that were absolutely beautiful but there were moments I didn't feel it was you being at your best" (Mel) "Good job, I thought that was great ... I like the fact we saw something really different from you tonight" (Ronan) "I loved this direction for you. I really like you a lot" (Nat)

Mitchell Callaway


"Run To Paradise" (Choir Boys) - 3,5/10 - Shy country guy doing the rocker? Not good. As usual, this sucks. He's definitely the act I hate the most right now, he needs to go, period. This is painful to listen, it sounds like bad karaoke. What's wrong with you Australia? "I do think that that was the best I've heard you sing this far ... You've got to have the right attitude in this competition, you've got to be focused and to be honest, not be rude to people and have the work ethic. For you to not learn your lyrics and for you to at times be rude to crew, you really have to pull that in and rein that in because you won't last long in this competition or this industry if you do that" (Guy) "I did enjoyed that performance but I'm not sure about your personality now" (Mel) "You amaze me every week ... Get it together man, switch on, and what Guy's saying, drop it" (Ronan)

  1.  Reece Mastin
  2. Declan Sykes
  3. Three Wishez
  4.  Audio Vixen 
  5. Jacqui Newland 
  6. Andrew Wishart
  7. Young Men Society
  8. Johnny Ruffo 
  9. Christina Parie 
  10. Mitchell Callaway 

    Well, poor Jacqui ended in the Bottom once more, and the surprise was YMS did too. It's actually not such a big surprise cause their performance wasn't that good and they were really forgettable, plus they performed first. Jacqui is singing No Doubt's "Just A Girl" and it's really bad, she isn't hitting any note and it's really awful. Or the song just sucks.  YMS perform "Change the World" by Eric Clapton and it's also not good. Much better than Jacqui though and their harmonies sounded really good. This is a no brainer, Jacqui was third time unlucky as the judges decided that YMS deserved to stay over her, leaving Mel with just one girl and proving to her that she's the worst mentor ever.


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