X Factor Australia 2011: Top 9 Perform: The 90s


Mel lost yet another girl last week when Jacqui Newland found herself in the bottom for the third time along YMS. Despite the elimination was a little unfair, Jacqui hasn't been delivering strong performances since her first final showdown and the elimination was just a matter of time for her. Tonight the remaining contestants will sing 90s hits in order to win another week in the competition. Who will shine? Who will disappoint? ... It's time to face the music!

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Hi guys, I've decided to hang over the XF AU recaps to Charlie given that I have a lot of other recaps to do and that I'm getting a little bored with this show. And given that Charlie loves it, I'm sure he'll do a better job than I! - MDS

Hello everyone, CharlieX here again. MDS has decided he no longer wants to recap XF AU and has handed the reins over to me to finish recapping for the rest of the season. I think he's discouraged with the show but I'm certainly not, I love X-Factor Australia. Charlie time! Now, on with the recap...

Johnny Ruffo


"I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)" (Meatloaf) - 4.5/10 - I actually liked Johnny's version better than the original, but that's not saying much 'cause I can't stand the original. I don't think that this was a very good choice of song at all. I liked his vocals here better than I did last week but he is still one of the weakest singers remaining. "Vocally, it wasn't bad, but towards the end, I wanted to hear you show off a little bit... It was a solid performance, I'll give you that." (Mel) "For me, it was like a bad Cher cover... You gave it your all, it was a good performance from you but I just don't feel the song worked" (Ronan) "I actually think you did a good job. I thought vocally you were more solid than you have been ever." (Nat)

Mitchell Callaway


"Everybody Hurts" (R.E.M.) - 4/10 - I did not care for this at all. He has a really weak voice, even for a Country singer. However, I do think that this was a very good song choice for him and fitting for his vocals. He had a few good notes but really, nothing amazing. "Great song choice, I mean that was almost vocally perfect and it was moving. That's definitely where you need to be." (Guy) "I do think the song choice was a good one but I just felt it didn't really go anywhere... It was a little bit of a dull over-all performance but good vocal." (Mel) "I think you were singing for your life tonight and you did an incredible job. Well done." (Ronan)

Three Wishez


"Ghetto Supastar (That Is What You Are)" (Pras/ODB/Mya) - 6.5/10 - This was a great song choice and another great showing by Fred. I liked Joe a lot more this week, I think that he's gaining a little more confidence every week. Even Sophie sounded great and I don't usually like her vocal performances. "The reason that we've been giving you a hard time, probably week after week, is because you can be so amazing. We've seen glimpses of that and I tell you, I just saw some of that right then." (Nat) "That's definitely the first time that I think we've seen you guys gel as a group. Great song choice." (Guy) "In rehearsals, you weren't that good, Joe. Tonight, you were a little bit better... So I know you can bring it when it comes to live performances but I still think you need to be more confident and focus a little bit more." (Mel)

Reece Mastin


"Ironic" (Alanis Morisette) - 7/10 - I loved this song choice. I expected this song to compliment his vocals nicely and they did. Loved the intro and the sped-up chorus. Simply another solid performance from Reece. "It was kinda manic and all over the place but vocally, I can't fault you... So I'm not quite sure if I loved it or hated it." (Mel) "This is your home, you belong on the stage... Unbelievable, brilliant performance, great voice, you owned the stage. I love you, you're brilliant." (Ronan) "We know that you're amazing but that was just insane... This is probably my favorite performance you've done so far." (Nat)

Audio Vixen


"Chains" (Tina Arena) - 6.5/10 - These guys are my favorite group in the competition. The stage set-up seemed slightly boring to me but their vocals were perfect. Really nice harmonies. As others have noted, they are flawless vocally but they seem to be missing the X-Factor that the show is out to find. "I just felt daggy to me. You did it well, it was great, but it just didn't fit for me, you guys." (Nat) "I think you guys need to think about what people haven't seen from you yet... But otherwise, it's great, I could listen to you guys all night but we need more." (Guy) "I could see you having your own show in Vegas, I think you're that vocally entertaining, I really do." (Mel)

Andrew Wishart


"Nothing Compares 2 U" (Sinead O'Connor) - 5/10 - I did like this but it was far from being my favorite performance of his. He had a few off-key moments, especially with the small high note in the chorus, but I do love the gravelly grind in his voice. "Every week, you nail the vocal. Your pitch is always amazing and I'm so glad you're in the competition." (Guy) "I don't understand why anybody would want to distract from his voice by putting dancers on the stage right now. If that was me, I would be pissed the attention was taken away from me 'cause that performance from you was the best performance of the night." (Mel) "When you have a voice like yours, Andrew, it just captivates. That's all we want, is to listen and watch you perform that song. Great song choice. That was really moving, beautiful, emotional." (Ronan)

Declan Sykes


"Smells Like Teen Spirit" (Nirvana) - 6.5/10 - Draco Malfoy, Nirvana and Dubstep all at the same time! I absolutely loved the arrangement for this, best cover arrangement of this song I have ever heard. Loved the cane, and the lasers for this performance make it my favorite of the season. Do I sense some inspiration from the film Batman Forever? Unfortunately, Declan's vocals just don't meet the expectations of the arrangement and special effects. However, I still find myself replaying this performance so that must mean something. "You guys, what were you thinking? I felt like somebody had spiked my drink and I was in this weird nightmare and I needed to wake up bloody quick." (Mel) "That was fantastic when it started with the lasers but man, you just got lost in all of it... You should be in a Tim Burton movie or something. You're awesome, I love you but I'm disappointed. That wasn't great." (Ronan) "Vocally, it was way under and I just feel the song choice was so not you... I didn't get it, this week." (Nat)

Young Men Society


"Black Or White" (Michael Jackson) - 5/10 - One of my favorite Michael Jackson songs. I really enjoyed the stage set-up and the choreography. the harmonies and vocals are alright, but don't do the song any justice. I'm just not amazed. They're your generic XF group. "Visually, that was awesome. I just loved how that looked but I feel like Ronan has completely shot you guys in the foot for picking a Michael Jackson song. It was way too hard, you didn't nail it at all." (Nat) "Tonight, once again, amazing stage performance as Nat said but the vocals really suffered. You guys need to get back into that rhythm where you can do everything." (Guy) "Overall, I thought that was a knockout performance... I was listening very, very clear on your vocals and I actually didn't have a problem with anything that they did tonight... I loved it." (Mel)

Christina Parie


"Zombie" (The Cranberries) - 6/10 - Good song choice for her, I like how it was stripped down to a piano version. This is definitely her best performance of the season but she did not do a great job on the falsettos in the song and was even off-key at times. First standing ovation from all 4 Judges this season! I think this is all a bit over-rated but it's definitely a move in the right direction for her. "It's nice to see a different side of you... Very, very brave move from Mel and from yourself... I think Mel has a real star on her hands with you." (Ronan) "I was so scared when I heard you were doing this song... I thought this is gonna be the end... but after that, there's no way you're going to be in the bottom 2, that was just beautiful." (Nat) "I think that's probably one of my most favorite moments of the entire series... I was mesmerized... You nailed it, incredible." (Guy)

  1. Reece Mastin
  2. Declan Sykes
  3. Audio Vixen
  4. Three Wishez
  5. Christina Parie
  6. Andrew Wishart
  7. Young Men Society
  8. Johnny Ruffo
  9. Mitchell Callaway

So the bottom two is Audio Vixen and Johnny Ruffo. This validates the apparent boredom that Australia is having with Audio Vixen, who have amazing vocals but not much else and Johnny, who has looks but one of the weakest voices and had the bad luck of performing first. Audio Vixen perform "Somebody to Love" by Queen and absolutely NAIL it. I've never heard them sound better. Johnny sings "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars and surprisingly, this is also the best I have heard him, weak falsetto though. Audio Vixen still sounded much better. Mel and Guy vote to eliminate Audio Vixen while Nat and Ronan vote to eliminate Johnny. We have a deadlock and go to the public vote to determine who goes home. Unfortunately, Audio Vixen received the least amount of votes and are eliminated from the competition. I'm not a big fan of the Groups category on XF but I thought Audio Vixen was the shit, so this bums me out. Looks like we have to deal with another week of Johnny boy. Damn teeny boppers ruining mah X-Factor show!


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