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X FACTOR REVIEW/BLOG - LIVE SHOWS WEEK 1 - Saturday 8th October 2011 http://bit.ly/pKO3yB #review #xfactor
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------------------------------- X Factor Saturday-Live show Tonight-The Latest: Spoilers
Today on ITV1 from 7:30pm to 10:00pm
enjoy the X FACTOR UK:

(Photos from Daily Mail UK & Radio Times UK )
--------------------TM_XFactor The X Factor
X Factor 2011: It's the first live show TONIGHT! The latest backstage gossip...
http://tly.mx/pzMX5l #xfactor 2 hours ago
-------------------------------NowMag Now Magazine
PICTURES The X Factor finalists make last-minute preparations ahead of live shows: The X Factor contestents head...
http://bit.ly/ori6Dh 2 hours ago
------------------------------------DTNUK DTN UK
DTN UK: Kitty Brucknell gets her first taste of showbiz glamour in her X Factor makeover: The 16 finalists were ...
http://bit.ly/nSQJpv 19 minutes ago

--------------------MirrorTVNews MirrorTVNews
JUDGES Tulisa and Louis are going head-to-head in a war to “out-camp” each other on tonight’s show, wit...
http://bit.ly/oqSiWI #xfactor 2 hours ago
-------------------------FrankieCocozza Frankie Cocozza
sorry to all the people who waited outside for us, if it was down to us we would have definately come to see you.. It was out of our hands 3 hours ago

---------------------------------------TM_XFactor The X Factor
Kitty asked to leave X Factor 2011 house after "romp" with Frankie!
http://tly.mx/qbnFrG #xfactor 4 hours ago
----------------------------------------------TM_XFactor The X Factor
X Factor 2011: Jonjo to head to Afghanistan if he flops on the show!
http://tly.mx/qdzsKs #xfactor 2 minutes ago

-----------------------------MENnewsdesk MEN Media News Desk
TV/SHOWBIZ I won't let my Manchester fans down: Misha Bryan ready for first X Factor live showdown
16 minutes ago

----------------------------------------247Gossip1 247 Gossip
X Factor Frankie Cocozza And Kitty Brucknell Secret Jacuzzi Romp -
http://goo.gl/CEMpc 21 minutes ago
-----------------------------------------------popledge Sarah H
http://popledge.co.uk/2011/10/07/x-factor-final-16-glamour-shots-revealed/ #xfactor 3 hours ago
-----------------------TM_XFactor The X Factor
X Factor 2011: Gary reveals all on his final four boys!
http://tly.mx/qbs9JI #xfactor 2 hours ago
-----------------------------TM_XFactor The X Factor
More of tonight's song choices
http://ow.ly/6RfuO < Johnny + 2 Shoes will both be amazing! 33 minutes ago
---------------WestIife Westlife Westlife were first signed by Simon Cowell and are currently managed by Louis Walsh from the UK X Factor. #Westlife 1 hour ago

----------------------------MirrorCelebs MirrorCelebs
X Factor: 16-year-old Janet Devlin says she's coping with the pressure
http://bit.ly/oyHsAw 2 hours ago ---------------------ThePulseOfWY The Pulse
News: X-Factor hopefuls go live: It's set to be a nerve-wracking weekend for two Huddersfield lads who've made ...
http://bit.ly/mYHuZG 2 hours ago
-----------------------------------unrealitytv Gerard @ UnrealityTV
X Factor 2011 POLL: Which boy should Gary Barlow eliminate on Sunday?
http://bit.ly/r5yInH 2 hours ago

------------------------------digitalspy Digital Spy
View our interviews with the groups from #XFactor, inc @rhythmixoffic, @theriskoffic, @nuvibeoffic & @2shoesOfficial:
http://dspy.me/pQbaAM 2 hours ago
------------------------MirrorTVNews MirrorTVNews
Sami Brookes has refused to lose weight for the X Factor - and she is being backed up by her mentor, Lo...
http://bit.ly/n5UedH #xfactor 2 hours ago

------------------------------TM_XFactor The X Factor
X Factor 2011: Song choices and spoilers for Week 1!
http://tly.mx/okOUk0 #xfactor 1 hour ago

---------------------------------------GQRecommends GQ Recommends
Gary Barlow scrubs up well, doesn't he? See the @takethat star and X-Factor judge in this week's Most Stylish
26 minutes ago

---------------------------------------fashionknitsta Kristabel P.
lol-ing at this @guardian article on x factor makeovers
http://www.guardian.co.uk/fashion/fashion-blog/2011/oct/07/the-x-factor-makeoversuk/fashion/fashio… 3 minutes ago
--------------------XFactorDaily11 X Factor News
'X Factor' 2 Shoes to sing Girls Aloud track?
http://bit.ly/r6Y8ya 38 minutes ago
-----------------unrealitytv Gerard @ UnrealityTV
X Factor 2011: Misha Bryan losing her voice before week one show?
http://bit.ly/pAVtAe 29 minutes ago

-----------------------XFactorToFind X Factor
The choregrapher behind Cheryl Cole's infamous Fight For This Love dance routine will join The _X Factor_ this year...
http://dlvr.it/psWYL 30 minutes ago
-------------------------------------------TM_XFactor The X Factor
X Factor 2011: Marcus Collins wants to win the show for his mum
http://tly.mx/rfYhat #xfactor 9 hours ago

------------------unrealitytv Gerard @ UnrealityTV
Our polls, vote on who you want eliminated here.

----- Boys: http://www.unrealitytv.co.uk/x-factor/x-factor-2011-poll-which-boy-should-gary-barlow-eliminate-on-sunday/

----- Girls: http://www.unrealitytv.co.uk/x-factor/x-factor-2011-poll-which-girl-should-kelly-rowland-eliminate-on-sunday/
------ Groups: http://www.unrealitytv.co.uk/reality-tv/x-factor-2011-poll-which-group-should-tulisa-contostavlos-axe/ 1 hour ago ***********************************************************************************
-----------------------------------------------------------XFactorCentral X Factor Central It's 'UK vs US' week! Check out the list of tonight's song choices here: http://www.xfactorcentral.net/news/uk/week-1-song-choices.xfc #xfactor
2 minutes ago

-------------------------------------deanpiper deanpiper
X Factor/Sunday Mirror poll exclusive: Tell us your favourite acts and WHO should go home. .
31 minutes ago
--------------------------------------------------------------liveblogomatic liveblogomatic
Just spotted: The X Factor liveblog - first live show

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----------------------------------XFactorCentral X Factor Central
Wow. Gary describes Johnny as a "circus act", but Louis says he's missing the fun... Do you 'Believe' in Johnny? #xfactor 50 seconds ago

-------------------------------------XFactorCentral X Factor Central
Gary says Rhythmix are the best girl group to have ever been on The #XFactor, what did you think? Has Tulisa done a good job? 1 minute ago
--------------------------------XFactorCentral X Factor Central
Next for the Girls, @sophiehabibis with her rendition of Teenage Dream... What do we think? #xfactor 3 minutes ago
-------------------------------------------XFactorCentral X Factor Central
You Really Got Me is the next performance, sung by @Jonjosephkerr #xfactor 2 minutes ago
-----------------XFactorCentral X Factor Central
The judges are unfortunately rather critical of Jonjo
, but what did you make of his performance this evening? #xfactor 1 minute ago
------------------------------------------------------XFactorCentral X Factor Central
It's an upbeat song and they're just standing still... what's going to happen when she's heavily pregnant?! (if they get that far) #xfactor 2 minutes ago
-----------------------------------XFactorCentral X Factor Central
Louis blasts Gary over James Michael's performance - Honest judging or a bit of revenge for Johnny Robinson and 2 Shoes? #xfactor 1 minute ago

---------------------------------------------XFactorCentral X Factor Central
Singing Rolling In The Deep, for Kelly and the Girls, it's @MishaBRYAN #xfactor
5 minutes ago

---------------------------------------------gordonsmart Gordon Smart
Gary is the only judge on the money tonight. Two orthopaedic Shoes were pish. James Michael, great song choice. Louis doesn't have a scooby
24 minutes ago
---------------------------------------------------------popledge Sarah H
Gary loves this song - he chose it on Radio Rudebox with Robbie!
2 minutes ago
---------------------------------------------XFactorCentral X Factor Central
Great work from Misha, and now the third of tonight's Groups - @nuvibeoffic, singing Beautiful People #xfactor 1 minute ago
-----------------------------------------------------XFactorCentral X Factor Central
The judges are getting rather raucous over Nu Vibe's performance! Do you think they can be the next JLS and One Direction? #xfactor 1 minute ago
--------------------------------------------deanpiper deanpiper
I SO AGREE WITH GARY!!!!! They were not a band. Tulisa is very wrong. #xfactor
3 minutes ago
--------------------------------------XFactorCentral X Factor Central
Gary claims if Sami isn't back next week, he will quit! #xfactor
1 minute ago

---------------------------------------------XFactorCentral X Factor Central
12 down, 4 to go... Tulisa's Risk now - how can the recently formed boyband do? #xfactor 1 minute ago

---------------------------------------------popledge Sarah H
Amazing Kelly comment - means I can now throw my pen at people! 4 minutes ago
----------------------------------FrostyTT Janet M Simms
I am going to download #craig colton brilliant . Well done for #teambarlow
5 minutes ago
--------------------------------------------XFactorCentral X Factor Central
Controversial @kittybrucknell up now then, singing a Queen classic #xfactor
3 minutes ago

=========================XFactorCentral X Factor Central
Closing the show tonight, @JanetJealousy, performing Coldplay's Fix You... See us out Janet! #xfactor 4 minutes ago

-----------------------------------------------XFactorCentral X Factor Central
The judges are full of praise for Janet... She seemed to have much more confidence tonight #xfactor 2 minutes ago


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