The X Factor X Factor bosses blame miming during group song on "technical nightmare"
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----------------------- BlackpoolNews4u Lancs Blackpool
Nu Vibe: we’re delighted to have come so far on X Factor – stv.tv
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--------------------------TM_XFactor The X Factor
X Factor 2011: Kitty Brucknell wants Simon Cowell to return!
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*****Monday's with Judge Barlow-Week 2-All the Latest ******
--------------------------------DS_Xfactor Daily Star
X Factor 2011: Frankie's so cheeky http://bit.ly/p8xkJf
1 hour ago

------------------------TM_XFactor The X Factor
X Factor 2011: Craig Colton throws diva strop backstage!
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---------------------DS_Xfactor Daily Star
X Factor 2011: Viewers' fury over Johnny's lamp gag
http://bit.ly/qP2OHT 1 hour ago --------------xfactorreviewuk Xfactor Review
Simon Cowell explodes as X Factor in crisis: By COLIN ROBERTSON, TV Editor SEETHING Simon Cowell exploded in fur...
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-------------------------*Mverynetwork Very.co.uk
New on Very Blog: Tulisa Shows Off In Shorts And Talks X Factor Fashion
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-------------------DS_Xfactor Daily Star
X Factor 2011: Sad Janet Devlin turns to pal Sami
hour ago
-----------------CelebsAndTV Celebs And TV
X Factor 2011: Tulisa and Kelly both bare cleavage with plunging necklines
http://goo.gl/fb/jjSep @CelebsAndTV 15 minutes ago
--------------------------Tulisa Contostavlos slammed over late night... then band is axed: JUDGE Tulisa was blasted for turning up exhaus... http://tinyurl.com/6k6y7dq ----------------------------*MYahooOmgUK Yahoo! Omg! UK Did Tulisa look a treat on Sat and a dressing disaster come Sunday? Which night did the X Factor fashion flop? http://yhoo.it/nvCvsd 32 seconds ago
---------------------------SlaveToTheTunes ♫ Slave To The Tunes
Katy Perry ditches the latex and lollipops for a soulful acoustic performance ...
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----------------------------------throng_uk Throng UK Do you agree that Nu Vibe should have been eliminated from The X Factor?: http://ping.fm/rVfGQ 2 hours ago

----------------------------------XFactorDaily11 X Factor News
The X Factor results show 2: Live blog
2 hours ago

----------------------------TittleTattleUK Tittle Tattle UK
‘X Factor’ Dermot ‘protects Tulisa from rowdy fans’
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-----------------------------unrealitytv Gerard @ UnrealityTV
X Factor 2011: Frankie Cocozza promises ‘big’ performance next week
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judges need to be more mean, says vocal coach Yvie Burnett - X Factor 2011 by TellyMix
http://xfactor.tellymix.co.uk/judges/52863-x-factor-2011-judges-need-to-be-more-mean-says-vocal-coach-yvie-burnett.htmluk/judges/52863-x… via @TM_XFactor 3 hours ago --------------------------Moffy3785 Ian MOFFITT Gary Barlow tells Katy Perry to go to the Grafton in liverpool. Even she would have been shocked by the Grafton and she's married to a loon!
2 hours ago
------------------------------*M-Daily Mail UK-
Two million viewers gone, phone votes plummet... but Simon Cowell IS happy ...
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---------------------------------------------------*M addiscombe addiscombe
JoannaTill published X Factor: Derry Mensah and The Risk through to next round: Article
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-----------------------------3am 3am We’re kicking our own leg for not voting on The X Factor http://www.3am.co.uk/Ooh/nu-vibe-get-voted-off-x-factor-in-first-public-vote-while-frankie-makes-it-throughuk/Ooh/nu-vibe-ge… 4 hours ago ----------------------------notsignedtv NotSigned.TV
Nu Vibe Go Home On X Factor UK But Frankie Cocozza Shows How Vulnerable Everyone Is
6 minutes ago

--------------------------------Wd54Del Wesley Davis
Frankie Cocozza in X Factor bottom two SHOCKER: By Eleanor By Eleanor 110% pop – 15 minutes ago We had a major...
http://bit.ly/pgVQQv 1 hour ago -----------*M Bucks_News Buckinghamshire News
X-Factor group could be \"next big UK girl band\": RHYTHMIX has survived the first public vote ...
http://bit.ly/qBObwb #Buckinghamshire 6 minutes ago

------------------*M@unrealitytv: X Factor: 2 Shoes in talks for The Only Way Is Essex http://bit.ly/r3340f” < They'll only get £50 per episode‽ I'd say no! 10 minutes ago

---------------*M ManchesterNews Manchester News
Rio Ferdinand backs Manchester’s Misha Bryan as Nu Vibe get the boot on X Factor
http://ow.ly/1faPj8 11 minutes ago -----------*Mprospect_uk Prospect Magazine Cowell the Kingmaker? In the future we may elect our leaders in X-Factor-style television talent contests http://bit.ly/oEKZFc 13 minutes ago

------*M FizzyPop Reviews-X Factor Weekend
The X Factor 2011 ~ Live Shows: Week Two (Love & H...
THE RISK ~ It's the ladeez fave, The Risk. ladeez and this gay right here. Yes, i'm being all hypocritical and abandoning my anti-made up group stance just for The Risk. But (weak excuse alert), that's what the x-factor is about - changing your perception of acts, one amazing performance at a time. The VT is a little 'too' focused on them being a buff boyband but they get their tops off so it's forgiveable. They do a very lovely harmonised version of Just The Way You Are. Nice individual vocals in the middle 8 and a rousing finish. I'm still ever so smitten with them. Louis can't remember the name of Risk 4, who looks absolutely crushed. Louis was very overstimulated at the time, so it's understandable. Gary says this is what hard work and commitment looks like. I disagree. This is what talent looks like. (I'm ignoring Tulullah's bollocks about them not being manufactured because it's too ridick to contemplate)...
--------------------------*M-The X Factor 2011 ~ Live Shows: Week Two (Results)...
http://myfizzypop.blogspot.com/2011/10/x-factor-2011-live-shows-week-two.html RECAPS ~ The Criminal from No Vibe disses Gary and says it's the fans keeping Nu-Vibe in. Even though THERE HAS BEEN NO PUBLIC VOTE YET. This means No Vibe will be bottom two. (Edit - they were! Hurrah karma karma dalai lama!) Frankie is even more awful than I remember and I feel Gary is a bit blinkered when it comes to his acts. At least Simon would say, oh yeah that was a bit of a shit song choice. Kylie's tweet to Jonny was sweet, but hardly a ringing endorsement of his talents. preFIX will get through so Tulullah can be smug and the producers can feel good about the nonsense that is the group's category/breaking the girl group curse. ---------------------------*M unrealitytv Gerard @ UnrealityTV
X Factor: The Risk replace Janet Devlin as bookies favourites to win
http://bit.ly/pSK9UF 6 minutes ago

--------------- *M-TM_XFactor The X Factor
X Factor 2011: Tulisa says she's got "too emotionally attached" to her acts
http://tly.mx/qJUTWG #xfactor 25 minutes ago
---------------*M -infotectravel1 infotectravel1
#ITTN : X Factor: Kelly Rowland p*sses off Louis Walsh and Tulisa Contostavlos! - Unreality TV (blog)
http://bit.ly/qYQjWv 34 minutes ago--
*M Daily Mail hysterics over 'bad taste TV', accompanied by many stories on X-factor, Essex show, etc, etc, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2049740/Body-terminally-ill-man-mummified-Channel-4-documentary.htmluk/news/article-2
10 minutes ago
-------------------------------*M digitalspybrk DS Breaking News
'X Factor' Nu Vibe's exit seen by more than 12m

11 minutes ago

------------*M digitalspyent DS Entertainment
'X Factor' Kitty Brucknell wins fans over with eccentric Bjork cover
18 minutes ago
----------*M "X-Factor judge and recently acquired national treasure, Kelly Rowland".... Couldn't agree more! @TheChicGeekcouk
http://j.mp/oGzJD7 #fb
24 minutes ago

-------------*M XFactorHQ X Factor News
X Factor 2011: Watch out Misha B, that taffeta could choke you: By Jan Moir There is something astoundi...
http://bit.ly/mS6Fhm #xfactor 16 minutes ago
div>----------*M LBiMedia LBi Media
LBi still recovering from w/e X Factor lobotomy. Thanks to Guardian for antidote - media convergence in perfect harmony
http://tinyurl.com/5rzqvjh 17 minutes ago
-------------*M Daily Mail UK Frankie Cocozza has apparently slept with 67 girls. Says his DAD. Ugh. http://bit.ly/oK8XW8

21 minutes ago

------------------*M NowMag Now Magazine
What do you think, has X Factor got worse this year? Tell us why...
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--------------------------------------*M unrealitytv Gerard @ UnrealityTV
X Factor 2011: Contestants provide ‘massive support’ for grieving Janet Devlin
http://bit.ly/oAy7lE 25 minutes ago


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