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#XFactor Amelia Lily, 2 Shoes, James Michael, Jonjo Kerr first out:
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----------------------------------XFactorDaily11 X Factor News X Factor 2011: Simon Cowell is really being missed for the first time

14 minutes ago

----------------------------------MirrorTVNews MirrorTVNews X Factor finals 2011: two-and-a-half hour show sees viewers reach for the off button http://bit.ly/p5ihHf 56 minutes ago

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AMELIA Lily and her mentor Kelly Rowland were both inconsolable last night when she was one of four act...
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X Factor 2011: Gary Barlow insists 'I'm a big softie!' Unreality TV
http://www.unrealitytv.co.uk/x-factor/x-factor-2011-gary-barlow-insists-im-a-big-softie/uk/x-factor/x-fac… via @unrealitytv 1 hour ago

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X Factor 2011: Kitty Brucknell cries as she's booed on The Xtra Factor Unreality TV
http://www.unrealitytv.co.uk/x-factor/x-factor-2011-kitty-brucknell-cries-as-shes-booed-on-the-xtra-factor/uk/x-factor/x-fac… via @unrealitytv 1 hour ago

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X Factor: Phillip Schofield was 'sorry' that Kelly Rowland dropped Amelia Lily Unreality TV
http://www.unrealitytv.co.uk/x-factor/x-factor-phillip-schofield-was-sorry-that-kelly-rowland-dropped-amelia-lily/uk/x-factor/x-fac… via @unrealitytv

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X Factor 2011: Tulisa and Kelly break down as Jonjo, James Michael, 2 Shoes ...
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Do you want Misha Bryan’s newspaper dress or Kitty Brucknell’s Corset? Get the lowdown on X Factor fashion here!
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--------------------------unrealitytv Gerard @ UnrealityTV X Factor 2011: Amelia Lily ‘This is just the beginning for me….’ http://bit.ly/qJPtCQ 1 hour ago

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'X Factor' Results Show Week 1 - In Pictures
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Matt Cardle has claimed that Tulisa Contostavlos made the wrong decision on tonight's _X Factor_ show. The former _X...
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Former X Factor winner Matt Cardle gives advice to Gary Barlow's boys
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X Factor 2011: James Michael wants to start a band
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'X Factor' Dermot O'Leary: 'The twist was harsh'
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You can now pre-order the X Factor Winner’s Story 2011 book bursting with behind-the-scenes gossip today! Click on :
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X Factor contestants and judges weep as four acts are dumped from the show live on air in shockingly brutal scenes
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The X Factor off key as it falls to three-year ratings low
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The X Factor: Shocks as final 12 are chosen! - What's On TV

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X Factor: Give your man a Gary Barlow make over
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X Factor 2011: Louis Walsh insists Johnny Robinson is 'not a joke act'
http://bit.ly/o2gXhK 1 hour ago

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@GBarlowOfficial would like to thank you for being an amazing mentor x

1 hour ago

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@GBarlowOfficial Good Morning Mr Barlow! :) 2 hours ago

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X Factor 2011: Kitty's kinky secret

1 hour ago
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Another cracking Xfactor live blog from @stuheritage, albeit with a strange obsession to yoghurt.
http://www.guardian.co.uk/tv-and-radio/tvandradioblog/2011/oct/09/x-factor-liveblog-results-showuk/tv-and-radio/t… 1 hour ago

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Let's discuss each of the X Factor performances this weekend...
http://www.ok.co.uk/xfactor/view/40645/uk/xfactor/view/4… Who is your fave? 2 hours ago

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Gary Barlow joins Twitter to drum up support for his X Factor boys
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Fizzy Pop Review X Factor Weekend:

The X Factor 2011 ~ Live Shows: Week 1 (US vs UK)


-----THE BIG TWIST ~ Dermot then explains the big twist and the lights dramatically go down. There is no need for this. Every bugger who reads the Metro/Digital Spy/Twitter already knows that one act from each category will be binned off by their own judges tomorrow. GASP!

The X Factor 2011 ~ Live Shows: Week One (Results)...


•TULULLAH & THE POWER OF THE WRIST ~ It should be No Vibe & The Criminal, but will be Two Shoes because she didn't invent them. Bah. Tulullah gets "hard decision" and sniffles a lot. preFIX and the enormous weight of their hair are through. Phew - sexy Charlie and Cravat Boy from The Risk are also through. I'm so shallow

.----- Tulullah is genuinely upset - I feel a bit bad for her until she bins off Two Shoes on the premise that they were the better act on the night but she knows Nu-Vibe can do better. So they are penalised for being better than Nu-Vibe? How baffling. All the made up groups are through. The moral of this story is don't audition as a group!!

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Kelly Rowland will be sharing her @TheXFactor wardrobe with us ahead of each of the live shows via Facebook:
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Exclusive @TheXFactor final tickets on @eBayforCharity. Bid & help @HelpforHeroes:
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-------------------------Welcome back Matt! - The X Facto...


--------------------------------The X Factor / Cee Lo Green - The X Factor 2011 Live Results Show 1 - itv.com/xfactor


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#XFactor's Amelia Lily tells us: "I have it" but the "other girls , there's more of a journey for them". Yikes.
http://on-msn.com/oRENO7 3 hours ago

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X Factor 2011: Frankie Cocozza comforts Amelia Lily after she's voted off: Leaving the TV studios last night, th...
http://bit.ly/nKq9Tp 2 hours ago

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We're still "totes emosh" about The X Factor eliminations at the weekend
http://www.ok.co.uk/posts/view/40643/uk/posts/view/406… 3 hours ago

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Exclusive: 'X Factor' Jonjo: 'All the contestants are f***ing sick of Kitty': Eliminated X Factor act J...
http://bit.ly/q58Why #xfactor 5 minutes ago

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X Factor 2011: Adventurous Kelly Rowland overshadows safe and boring Tulisa in ...: By Sarah Bull When Cheryl Co... http://bit.ly/orW6PM 1 minute ago

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Loving the new advert from Yeo Valley who introduce farming-inspired boy band The Churned
http://bit.ly/nG9cAQ 18 minutes ago

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Friends again or veiled jab? Cheryl's been wearing some interesting trousers.....
http://www.heart.co.uk/showbiz/artists/cheryl-cole/news/x-factor-trousers/uk/showbiz/artist… #heartshowbiz 18 minutes ago

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X Factor 2011: 2 Shoes would have liked to perform a slow song
http://bit.ly/o8tOGW 22 minutes ago

----------------Daily Mail UK-The Daily Mail exposes its lack of understanding about TV ratings http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2047243/X-Factor-loses-1m-viewers-tire-ad-break-overload.html #xfactor

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X Factor 2011: Kelly Rowland thinks Amelia Lily will be famous ‘worldwide’
http://bit.ly/rsFIJ3 31 minutes ago

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What Gary and Dermot wore: GQ.com's X Factor live show blog: a weekly breakdown of Gary Barlow and Dermot O'Lear...
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Gorgeous Magazine: Frankie Cocozza Disappointed That Girl Friend Amelia Lily Is Axed From X Factor
http://shar.es/bb4vk 34 minutes ago

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On MSN today: #XFactor gets personal as four acts go home. Pics of all the performances, all shiny and glossy-like
http://on-msn.com/p0DJWf 42 minutes ago --------------------------unrealitytv Gerard @ UnrealityTV X Factor 2011: Amelia Lily thinks Janet Devlin is Kelly Rowland’s favourite http://bit.ly/r9Y7lZ 51 minutes ago

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SUNDAY ratings round-up (Downton/Spooks/X Factor/Strictly):
http://bit.ly/pYztBW 53 minutes ago

----------------------------Telegraph_TV Telegraph TV & Radio Last night's ultra long, ultra emotional X Factor reviewed http://tgr.ph/pQYLtS #xfactor 1 hour ago

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Strictly Come Watching: X Factor loses viewers as SCD earns more
http://wp.me/pBBhi-1ij 1 hour ago

----UK Twitter record? RT @gugubird: Gary Barlow Joins Twitter Live On The X Factor, Gains 100,000 Followers In An Hour http://bit.ly/oNGLdI 1 hour ago

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Ok! Magazine X Factor 2011: Matt Cardle is baaaaack and showing the contestants how it's done
http://bit.ly/n61jsU 1 hour ago

----------------X Factor first live show: Gary Barlow's greatest lines: By Eleanor By Eleanor 110% pop – 12 hours ago The firs... http://bit.ly/rnpI5n

1 hour ago

Here are our top five favourite Gary quotes of the night:

1) To 2 Shoes: "that was like a karaoke night in Romford." MEOW

2) About Johnny's silver costume: "you look like you're about to go in the oven." SAUCER OF MILK

3) To Sami: "If you're not back next week, I'm leaving." DRAMA QUEEN

4) To Jonjo: "You stuck out like a sore thumb." OUCH

5) Re. Frankie: "Lock up your daughters." LOL

?!?------------------------X Factor 2011: Tulisa Contostavlos met The Risk’s Charlie Healy before: Another week, another X Factor scandal! ... http://bit.ly/qmVd7v 1 hour ago

-------------------------------CosmopolitanUK Cosmopolitan UK

The latest X Factor news after last night's twist:
http://bit.ly/o1Odkr 1 hour ago


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