For the Final word on this Weekend X Factor
-Live shows and Results...CATT Network Co-Mod Maria
***********What a weekend it was . Not only did Mr Barlow look super HOTTTTT!!! in X Factor but he has decided to join social networking in order to promote his acts. Whatever works lol!!!! Just think of the things you ca ask now . For instance please release a song in the US
and grace us with your hotness here
Anyway the 1st of the live shows were this weekend and it was good. I like how they put so much effort in their performance including a whole dance staff. I like the song choices did for the boys . They all did great. I can see the effort Gary puts in with them but at the end only Marcus , Craig and Frankie were left . Since there was not a phone vote this weekend ( a much hated twist I guess ) , the judges needed to boot one act from their groups .

Gary was at it once again with the one liners . A good one that seem to be retweeted was a comments on Fran kie's performance " Parents lock your daughters " There were also some nice snide remarks to Johnny and a few othes. They could be taken a little witchy but we were all thinking them .
Hope to look forward to many tweets from Gary from the studios .
On to next week


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